Let’s Meet September’s User of the Month – Jobidoo


Adverts.ie is a great place for our users to buy and sell electronics. From speakers to TVs to the newest iPhones anything can be found on the site for the best prices. We spoke to one of our best sellers of Electronics and asked his advice on how to present your ads to optimise sales.

Hi Jobidoo, thanks so much for speaking with us. We know you’re a great seller but what type of items do you buy on the site?

I usually buy smartphones, computers, tablets etc. All tech really. Though I’ve bought all sorts over the years including DVD’s and HiFi equipment.

The majority of your Sold items are in the Electronics section. How do you value your items to stay competitive? 

Well my philosophy is to price items to be enticing whilst not being too cheap. With the view to getting a quick sale, which is always preferable to me. I often see others getting more for similar items but then that might be after a few days or so. Each to their own here I guess.

It is always nice to get a quick sale. What other advice would you give to sellers who want to shift their items quicker?

My advice would be to take some good quality photos of the item and describe them in detail and be honest. An ad described honestly makes potential buyers feel that the person is honest, and they are then more likely to buy from them. Obviously the price is key too. I think my way of pricing keenly while making it clear that no offers below will be accepted works well in conjunction with honest ads full of good pics. People often  buy my items pretty quickly.

That’s great to hear you’re so successful. You have 400 positive feedbacks. How can our other members best maintain a positive rating?

Well, what has worked for me is honesty, good communications and punctuality. I think if you stick to these principles you’re unlikely to cause a bad experience for another user, and likely to build positive feedback quickly. I know many folk that I’ve met via Adverts and they all stick to the same principles and all have excellent feedback, so there must be something to them.

This is all excellent advice. Any other suggestions for new users hoping to start trading in electronics?

Without wishing to sound boring I’d have to say again that good pics, properly and honestly described items and a realistic price is the way to go. Also, if new members are looking to get off the ground, so to speak, I suggest being flexible regarding meeting up. Maybe being willing to drive a bit to meet potential buyers. Once the positive feedback starts building up and a good reputation is earned then buyers might be more inclined to put in the extra bit of effort to meet. To summarise; good pics, well described items, honesty, good communications and punctuality are the way to go if one wants to successfully utilise Adverts.ie. And it’s a fantastic site for those that do!

 Thanks so much Jobidoo for talking with us today. 

To view jobidoo′s profile and a wide selection of Electronics on the site see Adverts.ie.

4 Tips to Ace That Job Interview!

Since the DoneDeal and  Adverts Jobs merge this month we have had a massive increase in the number of jobs ads placed and job seekers visiting our site.

The interview process can be gruelling so here are some helpful hints to help potential employees nail their interviews!

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1. Dress to Impress

The old saying “Dress for the job you want” seems to hold through, according to research. An article in Forbes magazine advises to “think about the image you want to project during your interview and then choose an outfit that will create a positive perception and is appropriate, given the time of year, your geographic location, and the job/company/industry.”

It has even been revealed the colour shoes or tie, or types of earrings worn can impact your chances of being successfully hired. So maybe leave the medallions and fedoras at home…

Check out The Journal’s article for more advice.

2. Don’t Be Late

Cardinal Rule Number One for job interviews is Arrive on Time. It is pretty difficult to recover from a late start and few excuses will be accepted. The rule of thumb is to get there 10-15 minutes before, in case any paperwork needs to be filled out and so you can get your bearings. Plan you route and transport well beforehand so you can avoid arriving sweaty, flustered and frantically apologising.

During your wait resist the urge to use your mobile. Best turn it off completely before entering the building. Instead use your wait to be friendly and receptive to everyone you meet. You never know, a good impression made to an employee could be passed along to the hiring manager.

3. Be Prepared

The days leading up to the face-to-face interview should be spent researching the company well. You should become familiar with their website, product and social media presence. Subscribe to the blog if the company has one. Have a look at the employees on LinkedIn. You may have a connection that may benefit your application.

Check out Glassdoor too, a site which provides user-generated reviews, salary reports and interview reviews on a growing number of Ireland-based companies.

4. Fitting In

After you’ve satisfied the interviewers requirements for experience and skills you may be assessed on whether you would be a good “cultural fit” in the company. This isn’t that straight-forward to prepare for but after researching the company well you should have a good idea what the core values and beliefs are. Culture Fit also depends on the role. HR would expect sales applicants to be monetarily motivated whereas tech roles would require a strong interest in technology and an ability to communicate ideas. Don’t forget to list your hobbies on your CV and be able to discuss them at interview as they may reveal values characteristics.

So, relax, stay upbeat and engaged and you’ll do great.

Best of Luck!

If you are looking for a new job, check out one of the thousands we now have listed on Adverts Jobs. If you are an employer looking to fill a position, email our team on jobs@adverts.ie to find out the best package for you.


Adverts Jobs and DoneDealJobs have Merged

We are excited to announce that DoneDealJobs and Adverts Jobs have joined forces to create one of the Ireland’s largest homegrown jobs boards. The newly merged site operates under the Adverts.ie brand and contains hundred of employers across all of Ireland who are looking to fill thousands of open positions in every sector.

With our customer’s support over the last few years, DoneDealJobs.ie and Adverts Jobs have grown to become thriving jobs boards which help to fill thousands of positions each year in Ireland. This latest change will allow our group to focus our efforts, continue to grow and in doing so offer you the best solution in the market.

If you are looking for a new job, check out one of the thousands we now have listed on Adverts Jobs. If you are an employer looking to fill a position, email our team on jobs@adverts.ie to find out the best package for you.

Adverts Jobs Mockup

Let’s Meet July’s User of the Month – Spocker

Displaying IMG_20160727_181138.jpgIMG_20160727_181138

Important members of the Adverts team are our moderators. They help us behind the scenes to ensure the site’s content is appropriate, and with each having their own areas of expertise they are invaluable to the smooth-running of the site. We had a chat with Spocker who has been with us since we were part of Boards.ie and asked him for advice on how best to use the site. 

Hi Spocker, thanks a million for chatting with us. Since joining Boards.ie in 2002 you have seen Adverts move from being a small section of one website to being its own stand-alone company. In your opinion what positive changes have been made to the site?

Whew! I hadn’t realised it had been that long since I had joined. The ability to add lots of pictures and locations were welcome additions to allow folks to easily find what they wanted and I’m always surprised at how deep the sub-categories can go. User feedback is very important for us, and the introduction of the reporting system allows myself and the other moderators and staff to handle things as the site and traffic grew. Other positives include Adverts.ie working with bodies such as the Irish Pet Advisory Group, to ensure pets and animals can be rehomed safely, and the introduction of Shop Accounts, where we help small business to promote their wares.

What made you decide to join our team and moderate the site?

I was initially approached on Boards.ie by Eddie, one of the moderators at the time there. I was quite active in the Consumer Issues and Help Desk forums, offering advice where I could, and generally trying to help other folks – I had gotten a lot of good information from Boards over the years, and that was my way of giving back. Software development and computers is my line of business, and Eddie asked me to help moderate the Computers For Sale Forums – “It won’t take much time” he said… That quickly transformed into all the For Sales, and when the Adverts.ie site was setup I was asked to help out there too.

What advice would you give to sellers who want to sell their items quicker?

Ah, this is an easy one, let me just give a few pointers, starting with the most important. Firstly, be realistic about your price; have a look at the price of similar items that have sold, either on Adverts or elsewhere, and price accordingly. Remember, the price you paid for the item originally, is usually not what it’s worth now. Be honest in the description and put your ad in the right category. Use the options such as Auto Bump or Premium listings to help shift your item quicker. Finally. be flexible. Making an item collection only dramatically reduces your market so consider postage/delivery options.

As you know an important part of the site is our feedback system. How can our members best maintain a positive rating?

Maintaining a positive rating is a good benefit on Adverts.ie. As a general guide, try not to mess other people around, and be upfront about being delayed, or if something crops up that means you can’t go ahead with a deal. The most frequent word I see in Negative feedback is ‘timewaster’, meaning one person has been jerked around by the other – if you keep in touch, then that doesn’t happen.

From moderating the site I’m sure you have come across various weird and wonderful ads. What’s the funniest thing you have seen being sold on the site?

There have been a few funny ones alright, some of which I couldn’t possibly speak of… :) We had a guy try to sell an Air Guitar once, and we regularly see ads for Coffins. Phones with Flappy Birds installed were going for big money at the time, as the app had been removed from the various App Stores. The best one though was the antique, collectable ‘Rare Quinnsworth Plastic Bag’: http://www.adverts.ie/other-antiques-collectables/rare-quinnsworth-plastic-bag/2566560 - we all had a good laugh at that one.

As one of our longest members what advice would you give to new members joining the site?

Our Help Section has lots of good information to assist new users. I would suggest linking your social media accounts, and give a general location. Cross-posting your Adverts.ie ad to your Twitter or Facebook accounts can get your item in front of more buyers. Be safe, and think things through – if a stranger wants to meet you in an unfamiliar place where there may not be many people, and you’re bringing some valuables, then it might not be a good idea. Try and change the arrangements to somewhere you feel safe. The Adverts support team are available to give help and guidance if and when you need it.
Finally, have some fun. There are a lot of people buying and selling a huge amount of things, and there’s something in there for everybody, even if you don’t know it yet! Have a browse around categories you may not have looked in before (my current favourite is Men’s Watches – lots of expensive timepieces!), you’ll never know what you might find.
Thanks so much for chatting with this. These are all excellent suggestions!
To view Spocker’s profile see Adverts.ie.

Let’s Meet June’s User of the Month – Buttonsmc



This month we had a chat with Buttonsmc. A user since 2012 she has steadily sold more than 2000 items and with over 1000 positive feedbacks she is an excellent member of the community. We asked her advice on how best to sell your unused household items and what it takes to earn the Ruby Star Rating for feedback.

Hi Buttonsmc, thanks a million for having a chat with us. Firstly, we’d like to ask you, are you an app or desktop user?

I normally use the app on my Ipad. It’s so much easier and quicker plus I find the messages are stored better. It’s easier to look through photos as well and just basically quicker to launch.

That’s great. Do you know many people that also use the site like you do?

I have some friends that use adverts and I have made quite a lot of friends here also that I still keep in contact with. I don’t think this would happen on any other site. There are so many kind and generous people here and  most people are so friendly on Adverts. I love the interaction with people on here it can be great fun and very addictive. I love when positive and nice feedback is left when you sell an items it makes you feel great and that you have a job well done.

That’s wonderful that you have made good friends on the site.  You mostly sell household items on the site. What are the benefits of selling such things?

People are always on the lookout for household items, you get a wider audience when selling on Adverts. Also, I try to make my items very affordable, some used some new, its a great way to sell items I don’t need, require or use any more. I always advertise honestly and try to help out with shipping costs if I can as I find shipping costs in this country are so expensive so every little bit helps. It’s great also for larger items if people want to collect as they will know your location when looking up the add.  I always answer any queries honestly and swiftly, ensure I have good quality photos up and keep in contact with the buyer from the first point of sale until they receive their item and are happy with it. For me communication is so important.

Communication is key it’s true, especially for feedback. Regarding that you have earned over 1000 positive feedbacks. How important do you think it is to maintain good feedback? 

Feedback is very important. It’s the first thing I check when I’m looking to buy from someone or if someone makes an offer on one of my adds. It gives you some sort of idea what the person is like, which can make all the difference. It’s so important to have good communication with the buyer  or seller. Feedback shows your reputation and it gives people a good idea of what to expect when dealing with you.

Would you consider yourself more a seller or buyer?

I use Adverts for both, but more for selling. When I started on Adverts I was initially a buyer then when I became more familiar with the site and how easy it was to use, and in particular how easy it was to place an ad, I started to sell.  It was only a very small number of ads at first then built it up after seeing how successful I was at selling. I have bid and purchased a lot of beauty and fragrance items and also some Apple products, the prices are always very reasonable and affordable on Adverts which is a great help when looking to buy. I have found it very helpful for selling all kinds of items and great for finding items you may not find elsewhere.

Finally, what advice do you have for new members?

My advice would be when starting off take your time, get familiar with the site. When placing ads make sure you take good accurate photos, and describe your items accurately and honestly. Look at what other people are selling and their prices to try to be competitive and make your items affordable. It’s also very important to respond to any questions quickly as people don’t like to be kept waiting and I think nowadays most people have notifications on their portable devices so just try to make sure you have your notification set up correctly for Adverts. That way you can keep yourself up to date.

All excellent advice. Thank you so much for speaking with us!

To view buttonsmc’s profile or the extensive range of musical equipment available on the site see Adverts.ie.





Let’s meet May’s User of the Month – Janbo


What makes Adverts unique as a classified site is our feedback system. Building up solid feedback increases your chance of sales as buyers will trust you to be a credible seller. Considering how important this is we decided to have a chat with one of our champions of positive feedback, Janbo. She has managed to accumulate an impressive 2,225 positive feedbacks since joining us. We asked her advice on how other members of the community could follow her strong lead.

Hi Janbo, Thanks for chatting with us. First off, are you more a buyers or seller on the site?

I use adverts for both buying and selling. I have bid on nearly anything at this stage. I’m a big Disney fan so always on the lookout.
Adverts is the best site as you can interact with other people and get a sense of them, see their comments and when they have been on line and obviously their feedback which just makes everything easier and safer. You get a sense of who you are dealing with and not some stranger you know nothing about that’s just going to mess you around.

You joined us in 2012. Do you also have family or friends that use the site?

I have both family and friends that use adverts and have also made friends through adverts which is something you could never do on another site.

That’s great you have made friends through the site. We are delighted to hear that. I can see from your profile that you have over 4200 Sold items. As many of these were given away for Free can you tell us a little about how useful you find the FREE section on the site?

The free section is great. Although after dealing with a lot of people on here I’m glad you don’t have to give to first in line any more as I prefer to give to people who actually want the item and not to people wishing to resell it. I just want some child or whoever would genuinely like the item to get it.

It is really admirable that you have given so many items away. I’m sure this has made a huge difference to many of our users. Do you prefer the Adverts app or the desktop version?

I use the app more as you can upload pics straight away with this where you can’t with the other version.

With over 2200 positive feedbacks you must obviously feel good customer service is vital. Do you agree with this? 

I think it’s very important to have good feedback as it shows others that you’re trustworthy and that if there were a problem with anything I would do everything I could to resolve it.

It certainly is an impressive amount you have. I’m sure you would have no issue finding buyers for your items. Last question, what advice would you give to new members wishing to start selling on the site?

For new members starting off I definitely recommend putting your location first off. Put up a profile picture too as it immediately gives you some character. Basically, be polite and stick to the rules. There is no reason for anyone to get bad feedback, manners are free. Last of all, just enjoy it. There can be a lot of fun on here you won’t get that on the other classified sites.

To view janbo′s profile on the site see Adverts.ie.

Adverts Services Update

Did you know you can use Adverts to find a plumber, photographer, hairdresser, dog groomer or a whole range of other professional service providers? If not, now is a great time to check our our Services page because we’ve just released a great new update.

Along with a brand new page design you’ll be greeted with beautiful, high quality pictures and easy to find service provider feedback.

We’ve also made it much easier to contact the service provider as you no longer need to comment first. Just message them directly with your query and they can reply to you without going through public comments.

You can check out our sample ad here and browse other services.

This is the biggest update we have ever made to Adverts Services and we are very excited about it. We love hearing from you, so if you have any feedback on the new Adverts Services or just want to give us some suggestions, drop us an email to feedback@adverts.ie.

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Let’s meet April’s User of the Month – Pamplemousse11


As most parents know the expense of children’s clothes, furniture and baby accessories can put serious pressure on a household budget. This is why thousands of people have turned to Adverts.ie to buy second hand. From buggies to bibs to bottle warmers our users can chose from a wide range of necessities at a fraction of the cost in the shop. We turned to one user, pamplemousse11, who has successfully sold many items in the Baby&Nursery section and asked her for some advice on how best to utilise the site.

Hi pamplemousse11, thanks so much for speaking with us. First of all, do you consider yourself more a buyer or a seller on the site?

I would say both. I find it very helpful for buying second hand childrens clothes. I mostly bid on children’s clothes and toys. Adverts is very helpful to be able to get everything you need without having to spend so much money like you would in the shop and the products are just as good.

It’s true that prices in shops can sometimes be over-whelming. Can you tell us how you first started trading on Adverts.ie?

At first I bought a few things now and again for my daughter, but as she grew out of her clothes and toys, I found myself having more and more spare clothes and toys and thought I’d use the website to resell them to other mothers like myself who were looking for good bargains.

How do you decide how much to sell your items for?

I mostly base my prices on the quality and amount of clothes in the advert.  As a rule, I make sure all the clothes that I post in ads are in good condition. I also make sure the prices are affordable as like myself I’m sure some mums cannot afford to spend lots of money on clothes or toys or bits and bobs for their kids.

That’s good advice. It’s great there’s a place for parents to buy high quality items at such reduced prices. How do you find using a classified site, like Adverts to buy and sell?

I think using a classified site such as Adverts is very good. I also like the fact you can earn feedback from buyers and through your sales build up an excellent seller reputation.

Having good feedback is essential for being a successful seller on the site. We can see that you have built up an impressive amount of positive feedbacks. Do you consider this important for your profile?

I think to maintain good feedback is very important. When I myself am looking to buy, the first thing I look for is the seller’s feedback to see if they’re a reputable seller, and to see if anyone has had any trouble with purchases from them before.  Also from a seller’s perspective, you might lose a sale if a less reputable person puts in a bid and you chose them over others. Often it has happened that the sales falls through, and you’re left starting from scratch again.

How do you find our app?

I find it very easy to use the app on the phone when I’m at work or on the go as I can follow either the product I’m watching or if I sell anything I can respond within minutes.

The best sellers on the site are the ones that respond quickly to any queries. Finally, do you have any advice for new members who wish to start selling their baby items on the site?

For new members I think I would tell them to make it affordable to most of the people. Like me, I’m sure lots of people don’t have much money left over at the end of the month to be able to afford to go to the shop to buy expensive brands such as ‘Marks & Spencers’ or ‘Next’ or ‘Mothercare’ first hand.  A lot of the stuff I have purchased since I began dealing was often worn only once or twice by the previous owners and so it’s like buying brand new for half the price.

This is all great advice and we are delighted you have bought and sold so much on the site. It really is great to see our users benefit so much for the Nursery section. Congrats on being April’s User and thanks for speaking with us.

To view pamplemousse11′s profile or the extensive range of Baby&Nursery items available on the site see Adverts.ie.

Dogs Must Now Be Microchipped


As of April of this year a new law exists which means all dogs in Ireland must be microchipped and registered by the time they are 12 weeks old. If this is not done owners could face a fine of up to €5,000 and/or 6 months in jail and it will no longer be legal to rehome or adopt any dog that has not been officially registered. Dogs should be chipped by vets and can then be registered on four authorised databases; the Irish Kennel Club, the Irish Coursing ClubAnimark and Fido.

In accordance with this new law Adverts.ie is currently working on a compulsory box where owners must enter their dog’s unique 15-digit registered microchip ID when placing an ad. We ask all users who are looking to adopt to request the certificate of registration from the dog’s owner so that the new owner’s information can be added to the database.

The DSPCA will microchip a dog and register its owner’s details for €15 and vet charges may vary. This new procedure should weed out illegal puppy farms and also help reunite lost pets with their owners so its good news for dog-lovers!

Here’s a link to more information;


Let’s Meet March’s User of the Month – Helen Mathews

Recently we noticed that a small area of the site has begun to thrive, the Arts & Crafts section. With more and more artists using the site to sell their work Adverts.ie is becoming a popular space for buyers to find unique and special pieces to add to their collections, while having the opportunity to converse directly with the artists. This month we spoke to Helen Mathews (username: Hele) who has been trading her paintings successfully on the site for the last three years. We asked her advice on how best to utilise the site and how Adverts.ie has helped her establish herself as an artist.

Hi Helen, thanks so much for speaking with us? First off do you use Adverts more for buying or selling? 

I would normally use Adverts for selling as I am an artist and it is great for selling my paintings. However, any time I am looking for something second-hand I will go to Adverts first before any other website. For example something specific like a bed-frame, mirror, or even a Wendy House. All of which I have bought in the past.

We had a look at your work for sale on the site and the pieces are really beautiful. Could you tell us a little about your career as an artist and how you got started?

I have been selling my paintings for the past 11 years. I went to Ballyfermot Art College where I studied art, animation & graphics. I first started painting canvases when I moved to Sydney back in 2004 where I sold mostly to private buyers. When I returned to Ireland in 2008 I kept the painting up and decided to try and see if there is a market for my art here. With the help of a couple of art auctions and Adverts.ie my career here as an artist has taken off and (I’m glad to say) now it is my main income.

Congratulations! We’re so glad the site has been able to help you with your career. A lot of your work features Dublin’s coastline. Do you find it particularly inspirational for your art?

Yes, we live in a beautiful country with a stunning coastline. I like to paint areas of Ireland that people relate to and can connect with. Having lived abroad for several years, I appreciate the importance of Dublin Bay and it’s impact when you see it from the plane after been away for a long time… when you are about to land in Dublin Airport, and you see the Poolbeg Chimneys you know you are home! With all these beautiful sea scenes there is a lot of blue tones in my art, I find this colour very calming, soothing and inspirational, especially in my large canvases – and my buyers seem to think so also when they hang their new painting in their home. This is very pleasing.

Poolbeg, a view from Dun Laoghaire. Painting by artist Helen Mathews


That’s true. All Dubliners love those chimneys. How do you find using a classified site to sell your work? 

I find selling online works well for me, it not only sells my art but advertises it also. It also directs my art to a target audience, for example, if someone wants a painting for their house they go straight to art/paintings section. My ads in Adverts also appear in Google searches – this is great! Each of my paintings have a set price (mostly depending on the size of the canvas and the amount of work that goes in to them). Like selling anything online one has to be aware of security and feeling safe, so I use my intuition here when dealing with people. People can put in an offer and if I accept it they need to meet me in person and see the painting before I will take their money. As the value of my art is important to me (and to previous buyers) I will not accept much lower than asking price.

Adverts.ie has become a great platform for a wide variety of sellers to trade easily with other users. What advice would you give to new members wishing to start selling their work on the site?

Always put up a good description and plenty of photos. Dimensions also, if it applies. Be quick to respond to any enquiries so the potential purchaser does not lose interest. Check the potential buyer’s feedback history and comments from previous purchases/sales. Always get a telephone number of someone you are going to meet; and make sure it works by talking to them first before you give out your full address, etc. If possible, have someone with you if meeting someone for the first time in a private place.

This has all been such great information. Thanks so much for speaking with us and congratulations on being our March User. We will certainly be keeping an eye out for your next Helen Mathews original pieces.

Dublin Cityscape, painting by artist Helen Mathews

To view Hele’s profile or the extensive range of original Artwork available on the site see Adverts.ie.