Shops can now accept card payments

Adverts Shops now have the ability to accept credit and debit card payments on their ads. By connecting a Stripe account, shops will be able to instantly start accepting card payments, and have the money transferred directly to their bank account.


For online retailers, a simple yet powerful checkout process is crucial to success, and as an Adverts Shop, we take care of that process for you. Today we are happy to announce a great enhancement of this process which will make it faster and easier for people to make purchases.

Many members have card details securely stored with Stripe which they use across for buying credits, bumps, or paying success fees. Now with that same payment infrastructure they can use their cards for purchasing from shops too. Any shop with a connected Stripe account will automatically have an option to ‘pay by card’ enabled on all their active ads.


5 Alternative Ways To Get Fit

Have you started your healthy buzz for your New Year resolutions? If you’re finding it a bit of a struggle trying to get to the gym, then try an alternative type of exercise – as long as you’re moving that’s good enough for us.

1. Hiking

There’s nothing more refreshing than a country walk, so step it up a notch and get ascending some bigger hills. Try the hike around Glendalough or there’s clubs such as the Irish Ramblers you can join if you need a little encouragement and guidance. From poles, boots and baby carriers, there’s plenty of stuff to get you started on the site.

MzkwODY1MWE5Mzg3ZTY4YzUwOWY1Yzk3OGY0MTc3ZjQYPEpdpUKI-ro46OScdcghaHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmFkc2ltZy5jb20vNjdkMDU2OWE0YTMyMmE2MThmZWNjZDkxOGU2YTQwYjVmY2I5NTc2OTAwNmNjYWU1MGJlNmEzYTQ4OWIxODE5Ny5qcGd8f (1)

2. Hula hooping

Yes, we’re talking good old fashioned, rotating hips, trying to keep the hoop spinning type of hula hooping. However, there’s so much more you can learn than that, and you’ll get abs of steel as well as having fun.


3. Skipping

Skipping is a great way to get your heart rate up and burning that unwanted fat. If you hate running this is the perfect alternative.


4. Rock climbing

This is an amazing type of exercise for an all over body work out. Women are also said to be the best type of rock climbers because they use skill over strength – so get to it ladies!


5. Boxing

Hang a punch bag in the garage and it’s there for whenever you want to work out (or take out some frustration!) It’s a great work out for your upper body and to get that heart rate up and burn fat. There’s 100′s of items on Adverts to start boxing now.


If they don’t float your boat, try cycling, tennis, or surfing if you’re able to brave the cold! Either way, there’s plenty for you to choose from with over 24,000 Sports equipment for sale on


5 Ways To Exercise At Home

January is a time for new beginnings and if one of yours is to get fit, then we’re here to help. There’s over 26,000 items in our Sport & Fitness category for you to choose from but if you’re looking to do your exercise in the comfort of your own home, check out these ideas to get you fitter faster!

1. Weights

Having a set of weights in the house is a good investment because you’ll always use them. Even if you’re short on time, a quick pump of the guns before you get ready for work will aid you on your journey to muscle town. They start from €4 on!

MjljODJjOTE1OTNkNzkyNjkwZWVhNmFiNWYxZmJlYzlXjF8aWOb0OKnfkaPun4g5aHR0cDovL21lZGlhLmFkc2ltZy5jb20vNDE4NzFjMWQyNWU4OTkxY2I4NmE5ZWFjYTVmMzAzOTY3MDlmYTdlMzc2MmNmODBlYzhkYjQ0ODUyNDJjMDQ2MC5qcGd8f (1)

2. Skipping

Skipping is a great way to get your heart rate up and burning that unwanted fat. If you hate running this is the perfect alternative.


3. Yoga/Pilates

Doing Yoga or Pilates at home is the best way to look after both your body and mind’s health. The best thing is, all you need is a mat (cheap and cheeful!) and your own body :)


4. Home Equipment

If you have the space in your home, then bringing the gym to you might be the best purchase you’ve ever made. From treadmills to bikes, we’ve got it all – some Adverts members are even giving them away!


5. Aerobics 

Jumping jacks in-front of the telly? Easy peasy. There’s plenty of fitness DVDs for sale on the site to give you that Mr. Motivator push you might need.


We wish you luck and encouragement on your mission to muscles!


10 things you need to pack when going Skiing

If you’re lucky enough to be going skiing this season, then you’ll need all the right gear to keep you happy on the slopes. We’re currently offering FREE LISTINGS in the Ski & Snowboard category all this week so you can sell your old stuff to buy some new gear for your next trip. Here’s our essential guide to packing for that snowy get away!

1. Jacket

It’s always better to invest in a good jacket and it’ll last you for years to come. Get one with good number of pockets for ease of access to your phone/music/gloves etc.


2. Salopettes

Salopettes or ski pants are what’s going to keep your derrière dry if you fall, so buy a waterproof pair. You can wear leggings/long johns underneath for extra warmth.


3. Thermals

Thermals are a must when going skiing, it’s all about layering. Get yourself some good base layers and a couple of jumper/fleeces for extra warmth.


4. Goggles

Good goggles will help you see clearly without the wind or sun reflecting off the snow and blinding you. Get ones with a polarised lens so you’ll be able to see definition in the snow better.


5. Helmet

A very important part of your kit is a helmet. If you fall and someone comes flying towards you, it’ll protect you from getting a ski in the head.


6. Snow Boots

Great for comfort and ease of trudging around in the snow when you remove your uncomfortable ski boots.


7. Boots & Board/Skis

These aren’t a necessity if you’re just starting out but if you’re planning to make ski trips a regular occurrence then it’s worth the investment.


8. Rucksack

Great for carrying some water, sun cream, camera, extra thermals – anything you need for a day on the mountain.


9. Gloves

Having a decent pair of gloves is a must – your hands are the first thing to get cold so you need them insulated well.


10. Socks

Keep your piggies extra warm with thick ski socks – there’s nothing worse when your toes hurt that they’re so cold!



So that’s it, bring all of the above with you and you’ll be comfortable and able for the mountain all day long.



Introducing the Adverts Cars app


Today we are excited to announce the release of our brand new Adverts Cars app for both Android and iOS.

android_cars_blog2 has one of Ireland’s biggest collection of new and used cars for sale, and now we have created a separate app for just that. By stripping out all the rest of the categories, Adverts Cars provides a fast and easy way to place an ad, or to browse our huge database of cars, from both dealers and private sellers.


Price Guide (iOS)

Some features include…

Price Guide
Using the Adverts Cars app, you can search for up to date information and price history on any make or model in our database. This information can be used to help evaluate purchase options, or to price your own car for sale.

Search alerts
You can set up search alerts to notify you as soon as any particular car that you are interested in is listed. Do you have your heart set on a Bentley Continental, with less than 30,000 kms, and for under €5,000? Set up an alert! If one ever shows up, you’ll be the first to know.

Saved searches
Engine size, year, mileage, price, location, even colour. Refine a search to be however detailed you want, and then save it for quick access again later.

Buying from strangers shouldn’t have to be scary. Buyers and sellers on Adverts Cars have profiles with history and feedback ratings from other users on previous transactions across

See a car you like? Add it to your watchlist, where you can get quick access to it again, and be notified of any price changes or updates to the ad.

Place an ad
The fastest way to place a car ad is using the Adverts Cars app. Take photos, auto-populate all your car details by using our registration look-up, and have your ad live in no time. You can also use the Price Guide to help you settle on an asking price, and if you don’t sell it, we won’t even charge you for the ad.

Quick communication
Sellers interested in your ad have the option to phone you directly from the app, or by sending you a private message, which makes it easy to have quick communication with any interested parties.

While we are excited to see this first version of Adverts Cars be released, we are already looking forward to v2, and will continue to improve the experience of buying or selling a car. Please send any feedback into



Download the Adverts Cars app from the Apple App Store Download the Adverts Cars app from Google Play

10 Best Christmas Jumpers On

Tis the season of Christmas jumpers with 12 pubs mania kicking off this weekend! There are almost 300 for sale on but we’ve picked out our top 10 favourite ones on sale right now. Let the tacky fun begin!

1. It’s a little bit vintage and we kinda love it.



2. That is one sad looking reindeer



3. Teeny tiny elf man


4. For the Grinch


5. Naughty or Nice?


6. This Sam Faiers inspired one




8. I moustache you a question Santa


9. Yes, yes we do Olaf


10. It’s a Christmas JERSEY – brilliant


If you got your Christmas jumper on then do Tweet us a picture of you looking festive to @adverts_ie.

Happy hunting!



Win a prize every week in December!

Welcome everyone to the Christmas competition!

We have 4 great prizes to give away every Monday in December. There are some great prizes to give away this year, all kindly sponsored by 4 of our lovely Shops.So here’s how it works:

  1. At 10am every Monday from December 1st – 22nd, a new prize will be put up onto and will run for one week
  2. We’ll share the link of the item on our FacebookTwitter and Blog pages
  3. You just have to comment on the item to be in the chance to win
  4. A winner will be chosen at random and announced at 10am the following Monday, so you have 1 week to enter each prize

If you’re not already a member then Sign Up here to get involved – it’s free, and you can also use your account to buy stuff and sell your unwanted Christmas presents ;)

So, drum roll please… here’s our first prize…

Week 1 – ‘Frozen’ Wall Stickers & Bed Set worth €75

competition_frozen1 (1)

Winner is Elliee

You can still purchase the wall mural here!

Week 2 – Pocket Rocket Mini Moto 50cc Kawasaki Ninja Bike worth €179


 Winner is Adrian Hebal

Week 3 – Any Size Memory Foam Mattress worth up to €289


Winner is irishspur

Week 4 – Family Portrait Shoot & Make Over For Mum Worth €450


Winner Gilroy787

Thank you to everyone who entered our Christmas competition and we hope that you all had a lovely Christmas. Until next time!



market_email (1)



Scariest Items Sold on

We have seen some weird and wonderful things for sale over the last few years but we’ve also seen some pretty creepy things. Here are just a select few that have given us the heebie jeebies this Halloween….

Living dead dolls – like why, just why

Untitled design

Old Irish Teddy - ‘Growls when moved’


Ouija Board – this is NOT a game!


Headstone - Ideal for anyone called Martin Imler who died on 10th October 1867


Reborn Baby Dolls – They look so real, it’s terrifying

Untitled design (2)

Coffins - second hand coffin… no ta


Guillotinewould be handy for chopping up the veg


Vampire Hunting Kit - similar to that of Sarah Michelle Gellars

Untitled design (3)

If you see any other spooktacular ads, tweet them to us @Adverts_ie.

Happy Halloween!

Shoshannah x

Unique Halloween Costumes (All available on!)


Are you sick of dressing up in the same ‘aul boring morph suit or in that sexy nurse/slutty something every Halloween? Are you sick of each year meeting at least 78 people dressed in the exact same costume as you?!

Well we have the perfect solution, check out our favourite Unique Halloween Costumes for sale on and be a bit different this year!

A giant weird mosquito


Actual Freddy Krugger 


Wicked Witches Guard from ‘The Wizard of Oz



Pretend you made this Legoman costume


Sister Act




Real deal Chewbacca


Hitchcocks ‘Birds’ costume


Man casually riding a dinosaur


Or you could just dress up as a complete tool


For thousands more costume ideas, be sure to check out our amazing Fancy dress category.

Happy Halloween!

Shoshannah x

halloween_email Q3 Sales Report

The first 3/4′s of 2014 saw users selling 159 million euros worth of pre-loved stuff. This includes 4,000 prams, 10,000 phones and one million euros worth of furniture!