Inaugural Quarterly Sales Report, Q1 2014

In the first 3 months of 2014, members sold over €56 million worth of items – that’s a lot of stuff. Among that was 54,599 items from around the Home, 28,882 Mobile phones, 21,189 Computers and 13,647 Musical Instruments. On average sellers made €175 in the first quarter of the year. Read the full press release here.Ireland's-Second-Hand-Economy-worth-EURO-56-Million-in-Q1

Press Release: Ireland’s Second Hand Economy worth €56 Million in Q1

Ireland’s Second Hand Economy worth €56 Million in Q1

In the first three months of 2014 the total amount of sales of new and pre-owned items by private individuals around the country was €56 million, according to Ireland’s largest classifieds website Over 114,000 people successfully sold items on the website over this period, and the nationwide average asking price of general items for sale was €228.

Outside of the traditional verticals of property and cars, the top preforming categories for the quarter by revenue were Mobile phones (€3 Million), Home & Garden (€2.9 Million) and Musical Instruments (€2.1 Million).  The fastest selling items were Concert Tickets, iPads and Mobile phones which sell on average in 11 days.

‘This report really highlights how Ireland has changed over the past few years.  Until now, we have lagged behind other countries internationally when it comes to the buying and selling of second hand goods.  In the first three months of the year, our sellers on earned on average €175 per person by selling their unwanted goods”, said Odhran Ginnity, CEO of

“Electronic goods, clothes and items around the home are the most popular items that change hands.  People are selling everything from cars and businesses to handbags and shoes, using it as a way to earn extra income on a monthly basis” he said. currently has on average 1,000 new buyers and sellers joining every day.  Mr.Ginnity expects the growth in sales of second hand goods to continue; “Today we receive over 7,500 new items being advertised for sale on a daily basis.  Our emphasis on trust and transparency has led to that number doubling over the past 12 months and we see no reason why that wont continue.”

About is part of Ireland’s largest online publisher the Distilled Media Group, which includes,,,, and has over 630,000 registered members and over 660,000 concurrent live listings. The site receives 100 million page views every month.



Learn Github at the office


Did you know there are girls in the Techie community too? Well now you do, and lots of them. Bright minded intelligent coders that bring a feminine touch to the world of online development.  We encourage it too, so we’re hosting a ‘female friendly’ Github workshop for the nice people of Coding Grace here at the headquarters (which look like this).

Coding Grace are a group of developers based in Ireland who love to code and do other geeky and not necessarily crafty activities. Some code full-time, or just for fun (or both). They have people who are part of other technical user groups such as Dublin ALT.NET, GameCraft, Python Ireland, Ruby Ireland and more.

Details for the workshop are as follows:

When: Monday, 14 April 2014 from 18:30 to 21:00 (BST)

Where: Office, Dublin 2

What: A Github training session on the basics of using Git, the“fundamentals” of day-to-day Git and GitHub use cases. Coding Grace will also have a few volunteer mentors helping out and answering any questions arising from the workshop that evening.

Please note, if you are Male, you are welcome to join the workshop but only as a lady’s plus one. You can woo her with your technical skills. If you’re interested in attending see here for more info.

Thanks and happy coding!



The office make-over is complete!

Until recently, the team had been sharing an office with our pals over at, and but due to our ever growing team, we moved out and into an exciting new space.

Our new office sits on the top floor of a listed building in Dublin’s City Centre and resembles that of a New York loft; old in style with beautiful parquet flooring and large windows.


beforeandafter2.1 beforeandafter3.1Before the designing commenced, we agreed that everything bought to style the office was to be bought on, whether it be second hand or brand new. We wanted to show you that you can transform a room using things bought from Adverts, and with over 600,000 items for sale we knew it would be easy :)

One of the best things about buying a pre-loved item is getting your hands on something really unusual and unique. Some of the items we bought had been in families for decades; the Chesterfield sofa, record player and ‘chopper’ inspired bike that we hung on the wall were just a few. Not all of the items bought however were second hand – there’s over 200,000 brand new items for sale to browse through as well which is where we found the Eames inspired chairs, beanbagsblackboard paint, road signs and wall stickers. We even got the bespoke coffee table and lunch bench made by a carpenter we found!

collage officecollage2The design concept for the office was to be quirky, fun, relaxed and to reflect our company’s brand. We wanted it to be a space  for creating a brilliant product, have open discussions, and be a place where people want to come and work. The 3 meeting rooms were transformed into spaces that reflected just that. One became the ‘Ideas Room’ with only white boards for brain storming and high stools to perch on (bought from a pub doing a clear out!). Another became the ‘Polka Dot Room’ with plants and artificial grass on the floor to bring the outdoors in. Then the third (which is loved by all) is the ‘Bean Bag Room’; created for lazy lunches and FIFA championships.



Over all, using a mix of vintage and retro inspired items and mixing them with modern features, allowed us to create an eclectic and expressive space that we’re all very happy to call our office. If anyone wants to come and join the team (and challenge the others in FIFA) then apply here!





Upgrading? Make the most money from your old phone


Getting a new phone is exciting isn’t it? Yes, yes it is. But what’s even more exciting is selling your old phone and getting lots of cash to buy shiny new accessories for said new phone…or go away for the weekend, pay a bill, buy a round of drinks for your pals…the possibilities are endless.

Preparing your phone for sale is important as it increases the value of it and put more money in your pocket. Here’s some steps to follow before placing your ad:

  1. Locate the original box if you have it – this will add around €20 to your sale price.
  2. Selling the charger lead with the phone will make it more appealing so pop that in the box if you have it.
  3. Unlock the phone when your contract ends. It’s different for every network so contact your network provider to find out how.
  4. Erase all information from the phone. Make sure no important data remains.
  5. Remove the old sim card.
  6. Take clear photos of the phone and of the box/accessories you’re including. Take close ups of any scratches/dents as it’s important to note for your buyer.
  7. If you’re unsure of what price to sell at, look around the Mobile Phones category for the same model for a guideline.
  8. Place your ad!

If you’re not due an upgrade, hunt around the house and see if you have any old phones you could sell. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean someone won’t want it – everyone loves a Nokia 3310′s to play Snake!

Happy selling!


Private Messaging & Feedback now only available after an offer has been accepted

With, you have always had the ability to send a private message to someone in order to, as it says in our support section, “facilitate the safe exchange of personal details between users once a deal is agreed”. It goes on to say that “it is against our rules to send a private message to a user before a deal is agreed. All offers and questions must appear on the ad.”

This is part of our house rules because we believe that keeping all dealings, bargaining, offers, and comments on the thread of the ad itself is better for both the buyers and the sellers. Like many of our rules, this was encouraged rather than enforced however, and as our community has grown, it has became  harder to control. There were an increasing number of offers being made through the private messages (off-thread dealing as we call it) much to the annoyance of both the seller, and the other potential buyers watching the ad. Recently we ran a customer survey across the site, and stopping off-thread dealing was one of the top requests we heard from everyone.

So today we are making some changes behind the scenes so that you will now only be able to send a private message to someone once there has been an accepted offer on one of your/their ads. This way you can still exchange information and arrange a meet-up through private messages once an offer is agreed, but that all questions and offers before can be seen by everyone interested in the ad.

If you have previously exchanged private messages with a user, you will still be able to do so. Also, if you have a second offer on an ad, which you want to accept, you will have to cancel the previous offer in order to be able to message that user, as only one offer can be accepted at a time.

Similarly with feedback, you can now only leave feedback for someone once there has been an accepted offer between you both. We are also extending the window of time for leaving feedback  from 30 days to 45.

Swap, free, wanted, service, and pet adoption ads are all unaffected by this change because there are no offers placed. Cars, jobs and property also are excluded from this change.

We hope you find these changes helpful. As always, please drop us a line and let us know your thoughts.

*Updated Monday, 10/02/14:
Thank you all for your comments, and for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. For anyone trying to leave feedback for a transaction that had already taken place when the change came in, but now can’t because it was agreed within the comments, you will have to re-list the ad, have an offer placed and accepted, and then mark the ad as sold again. This will allow you to leave feedback for each-other again.

While we are confident this is an improvement for most ads, we also realise that for certain ads, like those selling multiple items in one ad, it gets trickier and that is why there should only be one item per ad.  A reminder also that free, swap, wanted and service ads are all unaffected by this change.

It is worth remembering, that this is not actually a change to the rules, as sending a PM before an offer is agreed has always been against the rules since the very start of Adverts, the only change is that we are making an extra effort to help reduce it now. We have had a lot of good comments here, but the comments section of the blog is not really set up for conversation like this, so we have created a forum on specifically for this topic and will try move the conversation there where it can continue. All comments below however have been well received, thanks again for taking the time to let us know your thoughts, positive or otherwise!


Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

It is that time of year again, love is in the air and everyone is feeling all rosemantic….. more like everyone is panicking trying to think of what thoughtful gift to get their significant other. Well not to fret, we are here to help. We have some lovely Valentines gift ideas that won’t break the bank (€20 & under) that are full of sentiment.

1) Fill a cute box with her favourite treats & sweets. (€6 – €20).

valentines 2Untitled design

2) Write a love note on this adorable chalk board (€7.50).


3) Bake her something from the heart or buy her stuff to bake you something in a heart!heart baking

4) Get a beautiful portrait of her hand drawn (and pretend you drew it ;-) ) (from €10).


5) Give her a key to your place… or just a really nice key ring!


6) Run a bath and fill it with heart bath bombs. (€3)


7) Get creative and make something from the arts and crafts category. (from €1)


8) Order him/her a case with your face! (from €12)


9) Get a personalised print made of all your favourite memories together. (€10)


10) Or just go to town on it, sure you only live once! (Slightly more than €20)


Happy Valentines Day!

Shoshannah x



The Top 20 Funniest Ads Placed on users are great sellers we’ll give them that, but they also happen to be a bunch of comedians. Check out our top 20 funniest ads of all time.

20. Protection from zombies and TV licence inspectors  - We all need protection from one or the other.No 20

19. The woman who swapped her engagement ring for the picnic - He understood how important it was to her No 19

18. ‘Don’t miss any lovely ladies behind you’ - an essential when on the scoreNo 18

17. Hi5′s and Handshakes  – Worth every penny!No 17

16. There was war over who got this one!
No 16

15. Sex Pantherif it works for Paul Rudd! No 15

14. Flying Saucer No 14

13. Passionate about Paddle Sport - The perfect work outNo 13

12. Single axel trailer - with a roofNo 12

11. Virginity tradingto any person or animal No 11

10. Freedom Flask - Let the juice looseNo 10

9. Size 7 Loafers - quite multifunctional
No 9

8. Bargain husband – with a lovely bumNo 8

7. 50 Shades of grey No 7

6. Excuses, Excuses, Excuses - make sure to check his office hours in advanceNo 6

5. Quinnsworth Plastic bag - the bidding war for this caused the rubber bandits to fall outNo 5

4. Perfect for “reclusive perverts” – WTF No 4

3. 1- 2 person swimming pool - easy to storeNo 3

2. Pure Luxury - saturated in history No 2

1.  Man sells his wife Evelyn - He put her under too much pressureNo 1



Have a great weekend everyone!

Shoshannah x










Be the next Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen!

Is 2014 your year to redecorate? Why not start with your bedroom and try out a pallet of white, black and grey. Monochrome will always be current and the grey tones will soften the two contrasts. There’s an abundance of furniture and accessories, both pre-loved and brand new, for sale on to suit this look. Here are some of our favourites:






























If however you are a lover of colour, swap the grey for a brighter tone. Pretty much all colours compliment black and white so choose your favourite and go with it!

Have you bought any black, white or grey furniture from Tweet us a picture and tell us about it!

Happy decorating,


A Little Bit On Stuff Sold On in 2013!