Even Better PM Notifications!

We’ve been busy here working on improving the functionality and layout of the private messages you get on your mobile, and we have some exciting news for our users! 🤗 We have just released new app updates that allow you to reply to private messages directly from the notification. 🙌

One of the big changes we have made is that the text of the private message is now included in the notification.📲 All Android users will be able to see these changes and if you have Android Nougat you will also see our new chat style notification for private messages. iOS 10 users will be able to take advantage of our new push notifications too.

Hope you enjoy the update! 😀


If you have any thoughts on how we can improve Adverts for you please drop us a mail at suggestions@adverts.ie – we’d love to hear your ideas!

Let’s Meet December’s User of the Month – markmark


Earlier this month we introduced the Top Seller Badge.  This is given to our users that have great feedback and that list items which sell really well. It appears under their profile and on their ads so that buyers can easily know they are trustworthy sellers. This month we spoke to one of Top Sellers, markmark, about the new feature and how other users can earn it too.

Hi markmark, thanks so much for having a chat with us and congratulations on earning the new badge. You’ve been with us since 2011. Have you noticed any big changes that you’ve liked on the site?

The best feature has to be the TopSeller badge, which helps identify a credible seller. The design is now also the most comfortable compared to the other apps offering buy/sell/trade items.

We’re delighted you’re happy with the new badge. You have mostly sold furniture on the site. How do you value your items and stay competitive?

I value my items basing on it’s market price and the time I’ve spent working on it. I try not to list my items out in either lowest or highest price, so I can stay competitive and attract more attention.

Do you also buy on Adverts?

I buy a variety of thing on your site. However, furniture stands for the most of my purchases.

You’ve sold a lot on the site. What advice would you give to sellers who want to sell their items quicker?

Keep the price reasonable, take good quality pictures and make sure you give a good description of you item. Paying for priority is a great way to shift your items quicker too.

You have recently been awarded a Top Seller badge? What advice would you have for new members who want to get to that level?

If you want to receive a TopSeller batch make sure all details in the description match your item so the buyer will leave positive feedback to you. Be trustworthy and communicate with people a lot to avoid them leaving you bad feedback and don’t forget to mark your ads as sold.

That’s all great. Thanks a million for talking with us and Merry Christmas.

To view markmark′s profile and a wide selection of items on the site see Adverts.ie.

Last Minute Christmas Gifts!!!


Getting gifts can be hard. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of ideas that your family and friends would love. There are plenty more perfect gifts available in your area so check out the site and save a fortune this Christmas!!! 

1. For the adventurous:




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11. For the candle lover:


12. And for the person who has everything:



On Wednesday 7th of December, we introduced the “Top Seller” badge.  This will work in addition to the positive and negative feedback system which is already used by our buyers and sellers to deal with confidence.

Throughout Adverts, you will see a subtle badge on a Top Seller’s profile and alongside their ads. A ‘Top Seller’ is an Adverts user who has lots of positive feedback, has not received any recent negative feedback and who lists quality items which they sell.

Our goal with this is to reward our great, regular sellers by highlighting their ads so buyers will know they can buy from them with confidence. Top Seller is based  on a number of factors, not just good feedback, but also how well your items sell.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 16.11.47

To get a Top Seller badge on a listing, the seller must match the following criteria:

1: A feedback score of 50 or more

The positive feedback minus negative feedback must be at least 50.

e.g. If I have 53 positive feedback and 2 negative feedback, that will be a score of 51.

2: No recent negative feedback

A user can not have received any negative feedback in the last 90 days. This ensures that users maintain a good feedback score, but doesn’t punish them forever for one slip.

e.g. If a person is a Top Seller and they receive negative feedback, they will lose their Top Seller badge for 3 months. It will be automatically reinstated after this period.

3: 50% of all items must be sold

This accomplishes two things. Firstly, it ensures that most of the items a seller is listing are good items which people are interested in. Secondly, it ensures that no one who intentionally avoids paying success fees by not marking items as sold, is awarded a Top Seller badge.

e.g. If you have 10 live items, 30 withdrawn items and 60 sold items, 60% of your total will be marked as sold.

You can find out more about Top Seller or contact us from our Help Centre here.


We’re Partners with Android Pay!!!


Today, Android Pay was launched in Ireland. This means Android users now have the option to pay in-app or in stores, where contactless payments are accepted, by just using an app on their phones. We’re delighted to be one of  Google’s official launch partners in Ireland and we can now offer Android Pay to our users on the site.

Seems to good to be true?

It’s really that simple. Just download the app, enter your card details once and you’re good to go. Payments are processed through Stripe, a secure tool, which transfers your funds from your credit/debit card to the shops or sites.

What does this mean for Adverts?

Our users can now pay fees or bump their ads using the Android App on their phone. They can also instantly pay for goods on our Shop accounts, making the whole process even easier.

placeit (35)


Please see our Help Centre article for more information and how you can get set with Android Pay.

Introducing… New Adverts Messenger

If you have ever used Adverts.ie to private message another buyer or seller, you’ll know what a bad experience it was.

We used a system, similar to that of SMS on a Nokia 3210 from the year 2000, where you had an “inbox” and a “sent” folder. This meant trying to keep track of any long conversation was a nightmare. In fact, lots of people told us that when they are at their desktop on Adverts.ie and receive a message, they’d open their phone to reply on the app.

Well, all of that is no more. Today, we finalised the release of a new private messenger layout on Adverts.ie.

PM on Web

As you can see, we’ve gone with a Facebook Messenger/Whats App Web style layout so that most people will already be familiar with how to use it, but if not, it’s very quick to learn!

We’ve been testing this for almost a month now with customers, so a lot of people would have already seen and tried it and we have already made lots of changes based on their feedback, but we’re still not done. We’ve got lots of other improvements planned and next year we will continue to update and improve private messages.

Just click on “inbox” while on Adverts.ie to see the new layout. If you have any feedback at all, we would love to hear from you. Just send us an email to feedback@adverts.ie.

Hope you enjoy the update!



The Safe Buyer’s Guide to Adverts.ie


CaptureAny other questions? Feel free to email us on support@adverts.ie for any queries or advice! 

Let’s Meet November’s User of the Month – Whelanv


Many people come to Adverts to find new cars and their parts at rock bottom prices. We spoke with Whelanv this month who trades in classic cars and asked his advice on best to trade motors on the site.

Thanks so much for speaking to us today. You have mostly sold car items on the site. How do you value your items to stay competitive?

By looking at other people’s ads and going to car shows it gives you a general idea! But the key is bundling items or gaining a contact who will keep your number and buy off you so it’s not worth over charging in the short term as it will all work out good in the end.

What advice would you give to sellers who want to sell their items quicker?

Research how much items are going for before you post them! And be willing to accept less than what you put your item up for. Also, the premium ad really helps sell your item as it’s catches buyer’s eyes.

An important part of the site is our feedback system. How can our members best maintain a positive rating?

The key to positive feedback is a good positive attitude and being able to make the deal possible for the buyer and seller. You should be flexible with arranging times, being able to hold the item, meeting them in places and keeping in contact. Being honest and truthful with your description is best as you don’t want an argument to occur on the site or anything to throw off fellow buyers and sellers from dealing with you in the future.

What advice would you have for new members joining the site who wish to sell car parts?

I would suggest taking good close photos of the parts. A good description assures the buyer they are in working condition. The key is to be flexible on price and willing to bundle to give a good deal or buyers will go elsewhere. Also, having positive feedback and having a good reputation on adverts always helps.

Thanks again so much for talking with us. This is all good advice that I’m sure our users will find useful.

To view whelanv′s profile and a wide selection of Electronics on the site see Adverts.ie.

Let’s Meet September’s User of the Month – Jobidoo


Adverts.ie is a great place for our users to buy and sell electronics. From speakers to TVs to the newest iPhones anything can be found on the site for the best prices. We spoke to one of our best sellers of Electronics and asked his advice on how to present your ads to optimise sales.

Hi Jobidoo, thanks so much for speaking with us. We know you’re a great seller but what type of items do you buy on the site?

I usually buy smartphones, computers, tablets etc. All tech really. Though I’ve bought all sorts over the years including DVD’s and HiFi equipment.

The majority of your Sold items are in the Electronics section. How do you value your items to stay competitive? 

Well my philosophy is to price items to be enticing whilst not being too cheap. With the view to getting a quick sale, which is always preferable to me. I often see others getting more for similar items but then that might be after a few days or so. Each to their own here I guess.

It is always nice to get a quick sale. What other advice would you give to sellers who want to shift their items quicker?

My advice would be to take some good quality photos of the item and describe them in detail and be honest. An ad described honestly makes potential buyers feel that the person is honest, and they are then more likely to buy from them. Obviously the price is key too. I think my way of pricing keenly while making it clear that no offers below will be accepted works well in conjunction with honest ads full of good pics. People often  buy my items pretty quickly.

That’s great to hear you’re so successful. You have 400 positive feedbacks. How can our other members best maintain a positive rating?

Well, what has worked for me is honesty, good communications and punctuality. I think if you stick to these principles you’re unlikely to cause a bad experience for another user, and likely to build positive feedback quickly. I know many folk that I’ve met via Adverts and they all stick to the same principles and all have excellent feedback, so there must be something to them.

This is all excellent advice. Any other suggestions for new users hoping to start trading in electronics?

Without wishing to sound boring I’d have to say again that good pics, properly and honestly described items and a realistic price is the way to go. Also, if new members are looking to get off the ground, so to speak, I suggest being flexible regarding meeting up. Maybe being willing to drive a bit to meet potential buyers. Once the positive feedback starts building up and a good reputation is earned then buyers might be more inclined to put in the extra bit of effort to meet. To summarise; good pics, well described items, honesty, good communications and punctuality are the way to go if one wants to successfully utilise Adverts.ie. And it’s a fantastic site for those that do!

 Thanks so much Jobidoo for talking with us today. 

To view jobidoo′s profile and a wide selection of Electronics on the site see Adverts.ie.

4 Tips to Ace That Job Interview!

Since the DoneDeal and  Adverts Jobs merge this month we have had a massive increase in the number of jobs ads placed and job seekers visiting our site.

The interview process can be gruelling so here are some helpful hints to help potential employees nail their interviews!

Image result

1. Dress to Impress

The old saying “Dress for the job you want” seems to hold through, according to research. An article in Forbes magazine advises to “think about the image you want to project during your interview and then choose an outfit that will create a positive perception and is appropriate, given the time of year, your geographic location, and the job/company/industry.”

It has even been revealed the colour shoes or tie, or types of earrings worn can impact your chances of being successfully hired. So maybe leave the medallions and fedoras at home…

Check out The Journal’s article for more advice.

2. Don’t Be Late

Cardinal Rule Number One for job interviews is Arrive on Time. It is pretty difficult to recover from a late start and few excuses will be accepted. The rule of thumb is to get there 10-15 minutes before, in case any paperwork needs to be filled out and so you can get your bearings. Plan you route and transport well beforehand so you can avoid arriving sweaty, flustered and frantically apologising.

During your wait resist the urge to use your mobile. Best turn it off completely before entering the building. Instead use your wait to be friendly and receptive to everyone you meet. You never know, a good impression made to an employee could be passed along to the hiring manager.

3. Be Prepared

The days leading up to the face-to-face interview should be spent researching the company well. You should become familiar with their website, product and social media presence. Subscribe to the blog if the company has one. Have a look at the employees on LinkedIn. You may have a connection that may benefit your application.

Check out Glassdoor too, a site which provides user-generated reviews, salary reports and interview reviews on a growing number of Ireland-based companies.

4. Fitting In

After you’ve satisfied the interviewers requirements for experience and skills you may be assessed on whether you would be a good “cultural fit” in the company. This isn’t that straight-forward to prepare for but after researching the company well you should have a good idea what the core values and beliefs are. Culture Fit also depends on the role. HR would expect sales applicants to be monetarily motivated whereas tech roles would require a strong interest in technology and an ability to communicate ideas. Don’t forget to list your hobbies on your CV and be able to discuss them at interview as they may reveal values characteristics.

So, relax, stay upbeat and engaged and you’ll do great.

Best of Luck!

If you are looking for a new job, check out one of the thousands we now have listed on Adverts Jobs. If you are an employer looking to fill a position, email our team on jobs@adverts.ie to find out the best package for you.