Unique Halloween Costumes (All available on Adverts.ie!)


Are you sick of dressing up in the same ‘aul boring morph suit or in that sexy nurse/slutty something every Halloween? Are you sick of each year meeting at least 78 people dressed in the exact same costume as you?!

Well we have the perfect solution, check out our favourite Unique Halloween Costumes for sale on Adverts.ie and be a bit different this year!

A giant weird mosquito


Actual Freddy Krugger 


Wicked Witches Guard from ‘The Wizard of Oz



Pretend you made this Legoman costume


Sister Act




Real deal Chewbacca


Hitchcocks ‘Birds’ costume


Man casually riding a dinosaur


Or you could just dress up as a complete tool


For thousands more costume ideas, be sure to check out our amazing Fancy dress category.

Happy Halloween!

Shoshannah x


Adverts.ie Q3 Sales Report

The first 3/4′s of 2014 saw Adverts.ie users selling 159 million euros worth of pre-loved stuff. This includes 4,000 prams, 10,000 phones and one million euros worth of furniture!


We don’t sell pets – We do sell cars!

Did you see our ‘we don’t sell pets, we do sell cars!’ campaign recently? We were throwing ideas around on how to get our Cars category a bit more exposure and found some great video clips of our furry friends having the craic in cars. We thought we would use this to reinforce the fact that we don’t allow animal sales on Adverts.ie but most certainly do allow the sale of cars – over 75 million euro’s worth of cars have sold this year so far!


There are already millions of animals (including 459 on Adverts) currently in shelters waiting to be brought to a loving home. If you are looking for a pet, check out all of the beautiful animals we have up for adoption now.

In contrast to that, what we most certainly do sell on Adverts.ie is Cars! There’s over 30,000 cars for sale and with over 1.2 million people visiting the site every month, that’s a lot of shoppers. It is free to list on Adverts.ie and you only pay €3 if you successfully sell your car on the site. So place your ad to sell your car today and buy yourself a shiny new one.

Due to the success of that last campaign, we’re currently running a few more versions with the videos of these little guys live on the site now.

little_dog_MPU snail_MPU turtle_MPUAnd yes, you can have a pet Snail.

Happy selling!



10 Kids Costumes Under €10


Parents have enough financial worries these days without having to spend a whack of cash on a the perfect Halloween costume for their little monsters.

So we’re here to help, we have over 500 superb kids costumes for under €10 and we have selected the top ten favourites!

1. Disney princess from €5

disney princess

Weather she (or he) wants to be Sleeping Beauty, ElsaRapunzel or Snow White, you can certainly find it on Adverts.ie for less.

2. Peppa pig for €5

peppa pig

3. A (not so scary) Dinosaur from €6


 4. Kung Fu Panda for €10


5. Spiderman from €2


6. Witchy poo from €3


7.  Cheeky Monkey from €5


8. Busy bumble bee from €4


9. Superman from €4


10. Or make your little pumpkin as unhappy as this one for only €3!


 Enjoy the trick or treating,

Happy Halloween!

Shoshannah x


Adverts.ie Half Year Sales Report, 2014

During the first half of this year, people in Ireland generated €112 Million by selling unwanted items from around their home. Check out the full press release here.



Press Release: How much money do fitness freaks, baby boomers and a cowboy make?

July 2014,  During the first half of this year, people in Ireland generated €112 Million by selling unwanted items from around their home, according to Ireland’s largest classifieds website Adverts.ie.

Sales of second hand items from the Home & Garden reached (€5.7 Million), Mobile Phones (€5.6 Million) and Sports & Fitness equipment (€2.5 million), while the baby boom has also continued to surge with (€1.1 million) in second hand prams, car seats and baby stuff making their way from one to another.

Commenting on the report, Ronan Lyons, Economist said “The latest Adverts.ie index gives us more fascinating insights into the heartbeat of the everyday economy in Ireland. As with everything over the last few months, Garth Brooks looms large, with a boom in concert tickets sales — up to a point! — between April and June, while the sale of mobile phones went through its usual post-Christmas quiet-time.”

He continued, “The adverts figures also point to longer-term trends worth watching in future reports. The volume of baby & nursery equipment is up €160,000, which suggests that Ireland’s baby boom continues, as do new Irish parents’ willingness to go online and looks for bargains in the second-hand economy.”

The top 6 categories by sales for the first half of 2014 are as follows:

1 Home & Garden €5.7 Million
2 Mobile phones €5.6 Million
3 Sports & Fitness €4.3 Million
4 Musical Instruments & Equipment €4.2 Million
5 Electronics €2.5 Million
6 Baby & Nursery – €2 Million

Included amongst the 1.2 million items listed for sale in the first half of 2014:

One handmade Vampire hunting kit with 3 stakes
One working French Guillotine 
One large 3 story fun factory
One too many very frightening Reborn dolls.  Eek.

Notes to the editor:
Adverts.ie is Ireland’s largest new & second hand marketplace.  There are over 757,000 items available for sale today with on average 7,500 new listings being added each day.  As of July 24th 2014, the site has over 702,300 registered members.

About the Adverts.ie index:
The Adverts.ie index, is based on an analysis of the full database of items listed on the website up to the end of July 2014. This figure represents the largest percentage of the second hand marketplace being advertised online in Ireland and therefore gives a very accurate overview of Ireland’s second-hand economy.



Talks @ Adverts: Mark Pollock

Hi all,

We’ve started ‘Talks @ Adverts’ here at the Adverts.ie HQ, where we invite guest speakers to share their stories of personal and professional development. As our little company grows, we feel it’s important to continue to improve, both as individuals and as a team, to help make our business a success. We will be blogging about our experiences and sharing the knowledge and wisdom we have learnt.

Mark Pollock: Problems vs Possibilities

At the age of 22, Mark Pollock lost his sight. At the age of 34, he became paralysed from the waist down. He is a man who has encountered many problems in life but has focused far more on solutions.  After becoming blind, his determination to over come his biggest challenge in life, brought him to compete in the North Pole Arctic Marathon, the Everest Marathon, run 6 marathons in 7 days in the Gobi desert, and become the first blind man to reach the South Pole – just to name a few of his achievements.

In 2010 Mark fell from a second story window, 4 weeks before he was due to get married, which started a new challenging chapter in his life. A pioneer now, he is exploring the frontiers of spinal cord injury recovery through aggressive physical therapy and robotic technology. He became the first person in the world to own a personal set of robotic legs made by Ekso Bionics.

Mark was invited to speak at the Tedx Hollywood conference in Los Angeles in June and popped into the Adverts office to give us a little preview. The focal point of the talk was whilst being aware of your problems, focus more on exploring the possibilities to overcome them. Check out the full version of the very inspirational talk at Tedx below:

“Sometimes the challenge chooses you. It’s what you do about it that counts.” Mark Pollock.

Watch out for more great talks soon!



Adverts in the News – The Irish Times

Hi all,

From time to time Adverts.ie is featured in publications around Ireland, both online and in print. Going forward we’ll be starting ‘Adverts in the News’ where we’ll be sharing the stories, reviews and ads that have gotten their 5 minutes of fame.

Yesterday the Irish Times featured an article about a man on the hunt for treasure…




If you ever come across an article about Adverts.ie, whether in a national newspaper or on a personal blog, Tweet us or send it on to support@adverts.ie. We’d love to share the stories!

Happy reading,


Get a friend a job – Get yourself €3000


Adverts.ie is currently looking for a Software Developer and a Front-End Developer to join our team (we work here). The best news is, if you refer your friend and they get the position, you get €3000 from us to say thank you (check out the terms below).

All you have to do is send an email to jobs@adverts.ie with your friends contact name, the position you are referring them for, and their Linkdin profile – then leave the rest up to us.

So, get referring your pals – it’s a win win!


Our terms:

You can’t refer yourself.

The person you refer must know you.

You’ll receive €1500 once your friend is hired, and €1500 6 months later once they’ve past their probation. 

You must be the first person to refer the candidate.

We can’t have recieved the application prior to this offer.



Saved searches & Search alerts: v1.17 of the Adverts app

We are excited to let you know about the latest updates to our Android and iOS apps. Both updates are available now, and include some great new additions.


Blog Android saved searches2

With version 1.17, we are introducing the ability to save a search for quick access again at another time. When in a search, you can just tap the star icon in the top action bar to save that search. This will save all the search criteria that you have already entered, and add that search to your list of saved searches. This list is then accessible from the navigation drawer on android, or from the main search screen on iOS. So next time you open up the app, rather than having to enter in all the same search refinements again, you can just open your saved searches, and quickly tap through to an updated results list for that search.



Blog iPhone saved searches2

When saving a search, you also have the option to receive notifications when new items become available in that search.  This is particularly useful when you are looking for things that are in high demand and you want to be first to the draw, or alternatively when you are looking for something rare that might not come up for a long time. Rather than constantly checking back to see if anything new has been listed, you can just relax and let us keep you informed as soon as something is added to the site that matches your saved search criteria. Alerts are optional of course, and can be toggled on/off at anytime from your saved searches list by tapping the bell.

We think these are going to save everybody a lot of time when browsing through the app, and ensure you never a miss a deal for whatever is on your list.

As always, please let us know how you are finding these latest additions to the app. We hope you enjoy!


Download the Adverts app from the Apple App Store Download the Adverts app from Google Play