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Breaking Volkswagen VW T4 2001

Breaking Volkswagen VW T4 2001
Asking price: €10withdrawn
oldguysrip 16 [16] gold A star This user is a verified user of Adverts.ie
Bandon, Cork
30/12/2012 10:16 am (2 years ago)
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Breaking Volkswagen VW T4 2001

Description (updated on 27/02/2013 at 08:24am):

breaking a 2001 vw transporter 800 special, 1.9td, engine had 140k and dropped a valve, otherwise it was perfect. some trim and window glass gone but most other parts available, good doors, lift up rear door very clean, 1 tiny dent. rear wiper motor, good turbo, gearbox etc


  • Collection: Yes
  • Delivery: No
  • Post/Courier: No
  • To be arranged: Yes

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eaglejonny placed offer 31/12/2012 3:01 pm (2 years ago):
eaglejonny asked a question 31/12/2012 3:02 pm (2 years ago):
sorry something wrong. driver mirror if electric, how much?
oldguysrip says 31/12/2012 6:03 pm (2 years ago):
@eaglejonny: sorry non electric and the spring in them has been over extended
oldguysrip says 15/01/2013 9:06 pm (2 years ago):
Steering rack, sliding door, rear wiper motor, door locks now gone. WIngs and doors in great condition, full front section grill etc very good. engine and gearbox removed ready to take away
d303 asked a question 15/01/2013 11:43 pm (2 years ago):
Nice surf board
alvis1971 asked a question 25/01/2013 9:20 pm (2 years ago):
how much for gearbox?
oldguysrip says 26/01/2013 10:44 am (2 years ago):
200, was running grand never abused, van was used twice a day in country roads so not much gear changing went on. engine code is ABL
j.j.84 asked a question 11/02/2013 5:11 pm (2 years ago):
hi. do u still have driver side brake light? how much+postage? regards.
oldguysrip says 13/02/2013 8:33 am (2 years ago):
sorry for the delay, just back from a trip yes i have the rear light units, €20 plus postage at an post rates, ill have to take it off and weight it but I would guess about €10
j.j.84 asked a question 13/02/2013 1:04 pm (2 years ago):
thats grand. can u p.m. me? to sort it out.
Marknrobbie1 asked a question 12/03/2013 9:41 pm (2 years ago):
Have u got side windows for the back, turning my t5 into crew cab
oldguysrip says 12/03/2013 10:00 pm (2 years ago):
sorru sold them alreadu.
daraghs14a asked a question 13/03/2013 11:03 am (2 years ago):
are the two windows still there for the side panels.
bobbyfarrell10 asked a question 20/03/2013 10:38 pm (2 years ago):
looking for center section of exaust is yours swb or lwb?
oldguysrip says 20/03/2013 11:24 pm (2 years ago):
Sorry already sold
bow wow asked a question 26/03/2013 11:52 pm (2 years ago):
how mush sliding side door would it fit 06 transporter
oldguysrip says 27/03/2013 7:56 am (2 years ago):
@bow wow: sliding door back door and passenger door all sold.
daraghs14a asked a question 07/04/2013 11:53 pm (2 years ago):
heater panel good ?
oldguysrip says 08/04/2013 9:48 am (2 years ago):
do you mean the heater panel on the dash. if so. thats ok
daraghs14a asked a question 08/04/2013 11:50 am (2 years ago):
pm sent so about it .
roybob asked a question 29/05/2013 9:09 am (1 year ago):
Hello, would you still have both sun visors?.
oldguysrip says 29/05/2013 9:15 am (1 year ago):
Yes, ill check their condition this evening
roybob asked a question 29/05/2013 9:19 am (1 year ago):
casher46 asked a question 29/05/2013 7:59 pm (1 year ago):
hi im looking for a servo unit mine is 2.4 model 97 year would servo be the same and how much you looking I can arrange for it to be picked up thanks
oldguysrip says 29/05/2013 10:20 pm (1 year ago):
@roybob: yes both perfect €20 pair
oldguysrip says 29/05/2013 10:21 pm (1 year ago):
@casher46: ive no idea if theyre the same, but if you want it let me know
roybob asked a question 30/05/2013 10:49 am (1 year ago):
Great. I am in Bandon myself so can collect them whenever suits you. If you can PM me your mobile number and I will give you a buzz later on.
stevire asked a question 30/05/2013 11:59 am (1 year ago):
Is that Short or Long Nose? Looking for the engine tray.

Also is there a trim strip in the headlining just behind the front seats?
casher46 asked a question 30/05/2013 1:53 pm (1 year ago):
hi can you let me know what price you have on the steering rack thanks
oldguysrip says 30/05/2013 6:59 pm (1 year ago):
@casher46: Sorry, steering rack gone
oldguysrip says 30/05/2013 7:33 pm (1 year ago):
@stevire: Its a short nose I have the tray and trim strip. There is 1 small aftermarket screw hole in the trim strip, €40 for the two
stevire asked a question 04/06/2013 3:04 pm (1 year ago):
Would you be able to deliver? Will be Aug before I could get down Cork direction, unless you're ever in NW area?
oldguysrip says 04/06/2013 3:21 pm (1 year ago):
@stevire pmd
Tipperary Iron asked a question 15/06/2013 5:28 pm (1 year ago):
Has this captains seats? Or at least single front seats? How much do you want for them? Cheers
oldguysrip says 15/06/2013 6:48 pm (1 year ago):
Nothing left but the engine, gearbox, turbo and complete front end, bonnet bumper etc
jhnnystwrt asked a question 15/07/2013 11:40 am (1 year ago):
hi there. does this have a tailgate up and over rear door and if so do you have the plastic trim threshold cover by any chance. also is this a crew cab with sliding windows? looking for a latch/handle for the passenger side sliding window in the crew cab. cheers.
oldguysrip says 16/07/2013 10:04 pm (1 year ago):
Sorry, no, no, no, and no.
jhnnystwrt asked a question 16/07/2013 10:26 pm (1 year ago):
grand.. cheers for the reply.. :)
daraghs14a asked a question 29/07/2013 12:23 am (1 year ago):
hi mate can remember if I asked you . rear mudflaps have you got ?
thesavage asked a question 04/10/2013 8:36 pm (1 year ago):
hi im looking for the oil pipe from the turbo and the engine block its about a metre in length. im in kilbritain
jhnnystwrt asked a question 06/10/2013 2:35 pm (1 year ago):
Hi there. Looking for a filter box and pipe if you have it. Cheers
oldguysrip says 07/10/2013 11:09 am (1 year ago):
@jhnnystwrt: Sorry its gone
oldguysrip says 07/10/2013 11:09 am (1 year ago):
@thesavage I'm not sure, Im near Kilbrittain, drop up and have a look, PM sent
mike7810 asked a question 10/10/2013 10:09 pm (1 year ago):
Do you have the fuel tank filler flap?
oldguysrip says 11/10/2013 7:47 am (1 year ago):
No Sorry.
dermo10 asked a question 11/10/2013 7:37 pm (1 year ago):
Hi do you have ECU...part number on ECU is 074906021L
oldguysrip says 12/10/2013 12:20 pm (1 year ago):
No sorry.