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Washburn N4 - Swamp Ash (1996)

Washburn N4 - Swamp Ash (1996)
Asking price: €1,200 sold
84 0
Mullingar, Westmeath
3 years ago
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Washburn N4 - Swamp Ash (1996)

Description (updated on 09/07/2012 at 12:21am):

I'm putting this up here to see what kind of offers, Trade wise, I can get for this beauty.. It's the least played of my N4 guitars and just thought maybe its time for this guitar to get regular play somewhere else.. She's in immaculate condition for a 15 year old guitar, mainly house played and well looked after! No dents, No scratches.. She spent most of her life in her case.. She has a nice "C" shaped neck and the tone is awesome! The ever reliant Bill Lawrence L500 and the Duncan 59' ensure tone heaven.. EVH D-Tuna fitted and a Trem lock (so I cant hit the D-tuna off the body!).. all easily adjustable/removed.. Now here's the gritty.. I'm only interested in either CHARVEL, selected Ibanez or possibly Kramer.. I'm an 80's man at heart.. ;) ... Please note that CHARVEL is in CAPS!! .. I LOVE MY CHARVELS!!!! .... I will post proper pictures soon as I don't really have photos of the guitar on its own.. Oh yeah, If your gonna ask me a cash price no problem, wont take anything less than E1200..

Short link: http://www.adverts.ie/1699095


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  • To be arranged: Yes

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AndyDriftwood 3 years ago
A few of my ads maybe?very nice guitar man
Buxcorp 3 years ago
@AndyDriftwood Thanks Andy but nothing there for me.
Buxcorp 3 years ago
Anyone out there got a nice USA Charvel their not using? Or maybe a nice Ibanez? A signature model maybe? Or a long lost Kramer? :) .. I'm sure there's a few out there!
martybuckets 3 years ago
Hi Buxcorp. I hope you're keeping well. This N4 a beauty! Can't believe the condition it's in for a 16 year old guitar!
Good to hear you're still liking your Charvel guitars. I kind of regret selling it lol.

Anyone looking at this guitar, I can vouch for this guy - brilliant to deal with and a real guitar connoisseur! Highly recommended.

I've recently traded my Schecter for an Ibanez JS1200ca which plays and sounds amazing but for some reason (possibly age related) i'm gravitating towards the likes of strats and Gibson's now.

Good luck with the sale dude. Martin
Buxcorp 3 years ago
@martybuckets: Hey Marty! Thanks so much for the comment! Yes this one is in fantastic condition, and very reluctantly have it up here.. I'm still out of work so the only way to get new ones is to move one on.. And I all too well know the sick feeling of having to sell one on.. only to regret it soon after..

That Charvel that I bought off you really knocked me for six and changed the way I was heading guitar wise!.. I just can't leave them down now!

Man that JS1200ca is a serious guitar!!, Good luck with the sale and really hope we can do business again down along the line!

martybuckets 3 years ago
You're welcome man. Having limited funds but also GAS is not a nice feeling lol. Yeah, it's a real gut wrenching feeling to realise you sold a guitar you should have kept - I done it with an Ibanez RG570, a 1975 Gibson Les Paul Custom which I sold back to my Brother in law for £600 quid - bloody idiot that I was! Then the Charvel of course. It's a real beauty and imho the slime green is the nicest most eye catching finish.
You know, if it wasn't for the fact that the JS1200 isn't in pristine condition unlike the Charvel, as it has some dents and scrapes, albeit purely aesthetic, i'd have offered you a trade. I used to have an alder N4 in 1993 as I hankered after one and it was a great guitar....another one I got rid of lol. They're really stripped down rock machines - pure tone and feel and the look, with the reverse stock and the stephens extended cutaway is pure class.
Good to hear from you. Good luck. Martin
Buxcorp 3 years ago
Amazingly enough, this guitar is not a 96 but a 95! I have a few of these so forgive me!.. :)
electors 3 years ago
absolutely savage guitar ,80's all the way,i'm definitely interested ,but would like to play before I purchase ,two questions, does the volume pot have the split coil function ? and are the other models up for negotiation ?
Buxcorp 3 years ago
@electors yeah trying it out is not a problem.. I didn't get this one coil tapped so it's in it's original condition.. By other models I take it you mean my other N4's? .. I'm happy enough with them at the moment so only looking to sell this one for now..
electors 3 years ago
excellent ,i did mean the other N4's nice collection ,monday or any day next week would be ideal for me ,flat out at the moment ,and obviously if someone else gets there first its my bad luck
Buxcorp 3 years ago
@electors Shouldn't be a problem, PM when you want to view..
electors 3 years ago
james, that swamp ash is a class guitar, but the more i look at that n4's ,its the alder body i'm after .would you consider selling that model ? negotiate on a different price maybe ?
Buxcorp 3 years ago
@electors: Sorry man, The alder N4 is one I got made for myself back in 2008 by Washburn's Custom shop, It's was fitted with an extra thin neck at my request back in the day.. Lets just say it cost me 3 times the price of the Swamp Ash one at the moment.. She's my Baby and my main guitar and don't think I could ever part with it! I'm sure you know what I mean! :) Sorry dude!

To be honest I'm reluctant to sell the Swamp Ash N4 too!, It's just I'm after something at the moment, I'm sure you know how it feels.. I will probably leave it up for about 2 weeks and see what happens, Will probably just keep it if there's no interest..
Buxcorp 3 years ago
One more week guys and gals.. Any interesting trades?
Buxcorp 3 years ago
I understand all too well that there is very little cash floating around out there these days.. I will drop the cash value on this to E1000.00.., trade value will stay the same as above obviously, that's the best I can do.