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for sale huge joblot of coins 1800s-2000s there's over 2100 coins including a coin album with 120 coins there's a few large medals in there too the photos aren't great but most of these coins are in very good condition.
1914 Gold Half Sovereign for Sale - Very fine+. Minted in London. NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED Weight (grams): 3.99 Pure gold content (grams): 3.6575 Fineness: 916.7 Dimensions: 19.3mm No edge marks, never set in a ring or brooch PayPal fees (If A
2 each or make an offer for the 100 Europian, asian, african uncirculated notes
Uncirculated 24Kt Gold Plated USA Lincoln Cent Specially layered with 7 mils of Genuine Pure 24 Karat Gold In Excellent Conditon
Collectable coin Japan 5 Yen, in circulated but very good condition. Can post (at cost 1 for 4 coins) The front of the coin depicts a rice plant growing out of the water, with "five yen" written in kanji. The back is stamped with "Japan" and the y
Dublin Millennium 50p, very good condition
Czech Republic coin 1 Koruna, in circulated but very good condition
British Farthings, in used but good condition, 1 each Years are 1915, 1916, 1918, 1925, 1923, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1930, 1931, 1933, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1954
Collectable coin Taiwan 1 Yuan, in circulated but very good condition. Can post (at cost 1 for 4 coins) One one side of the coin Chinese Characters denote year and denomination. In the middle of the coin is a Plum Flower (Taiwan's National Flower) w
Rare maygay machines ltd 10p vending/amusement token (circa late 1970's early 1980's) Tokens for amusement arcades / slot machines / casinoes / vending etc were introduced in the early 1960s as the silver price rose and the casinoes in the usa parti
Rare coin 1944 Spanish 1 Peseta. Coins with this pattern were issued only in 1944. They are made of aluminum-bronze. Many of the coins were weakly struck, which means the details do not show sharply, even on fully uncirculated coins. The stronger th
Rare Old coins, in circulated but good condition, 2 each Czeckoslovakia 10 Haleru 1924 Czeckoslovakia 20 Haleru 1926 Czeckoslovakia 50 Haleru 1922 Czeckoslovakia 1 Koruna (Crown) 1924 British Carribean Territories 5 Cents 1962 British Carribean Terr
South Korea 10 Won coin (2001), in circulated but still excellent condition
1 oz GOLD PLATED BLACK CROSS NAZI COIN with black iron cross and eagle The Dimensions of the coin are 40 mm in diameter x 3 mm. This coin is layered in 24k pure gold and has perfect mirror finish. The coin come in an airtight plastic case It would
Malaysia 5 sen 1990, in circulated but good condition, 1
Collection of coins from Mexico, in circulated but very good condition, 1 each or the set for 5 1 Dollar 50 Centavos (2 versions) 20 Centavos 10 Centavos 5 Centavos (3 versions)
Post World War 2 - French 5 Francs (1946), aluminium coin minted after the end of the Second World War, in circulated but very good condition
I am selling a BU 5p coin 1980. Nice coin with Lustre. Check my other ads for more BU 5p coins. Buyer pays postage and sends PayPal payment as a gift or pays charges. LOT 80 T5
Condition: New
On offer is an Irish Penny Gold Pated. This coin was issued by The Central Bank or The Dublin Mint Office. Coin is in great condition.
I have 3 X George 3rd 1804 Bank of England Dollar copies 8 each o.v.n.o. Ideal filler coin for any collection.
Condition: New
I am selling a small lot of replica/fake George IV Hibernia half pennies 1823. Ideal filler coins for any collection. These coins are COPIES !
On offer is a small lot of old American coins. Included in this lot are 1965 Kennedy Half Dollar Quarter 1986 2005 1994 1967 2006 1995 1995 1986 1995 1987 1994 1979 1965 1987 Five Cent 1953 1998 1981 One Dime 1994 P 1996 D 1950 1979 D 2005 D 1
On offer is a nice irish sixpence from 1945. Very few sixpences were minted in 1945 compared to other years making it the scarcest year for sixpences. Good detail (see scans). Lot : 4 '45 6d......
I am selling an old British coin a Guernsey 4 Doubles 1920. These coins are scarce and hard to find. A rare and well detailed 1920 H Guernsey 4 Doubles.
I am selling a 1934 Irish Threepence coin. The coin is in nice condition. This is a low mintage year for the Threepence/ 3d hence the prices are a little higher. The threepence (3d) (Irish: leath reul) coin was a subdivision of the pre-decimal Irish

usa 94

usa world cup 1994 coins full set in perfect condition looking for 50 ono
Rare old Coin Austrian 2 Heller 1909, in circulated but good clear condition. A very nice coin from Austria to enhanceyour collection. This is a 1909 Two (2) Heller Austrian coin featuring the Double EagleandValue on Reverse. The coin is made of b
Rare Old coin - HOLLAND 1 CENT 1905, COPPER coin in circulated but good condition
Rare Old coin 5 Centavos Argentina 1924 in circulated but good clear condition One side of the coin shows the Value within a wreath. The other side shows Freedom head Oudine, wearing a Phrygian cap to the left, year and lettering REPUBLICA ARGENTI
2009 Eire 2 Euro commemorative coin Ireland Irish 2 (Stickman) in very good condition. On 5 January 2009 the Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland issued a new 2 commemorative coin to celebrate ten years of the euro and of economi

Coins & Notes (5,703)