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Beautifull cased P&O commemorative coin/ medal Made of bronze The peninsular and oriental steam navigation company 1837-1987
Condition: New.
Excellent condition.
Condition: New.
New in case pele sliver coin the front is a photo of the man himself and engraved the years he won the World Cup and the 2 clubs he played for!
Condition: New.
For sale the first 8 coins issued by Malta in 2008. All coins are uncirculated.
Condition: New.
I have for sale the first 8 coins issued by Estonia in 2011. All coins are uncirculated.
Three Canadian coins One Dollar-1987 x 1 2 Dollar 1996 x 1 2 Dollar 1952-2002 (Jubilee year-50th anniversary of the accession of Queen Elizabeth 11) Goodcondition
City Danzig 1923-1939 10 Pfennig 1923 Mintage: 5,000,000 Diameter (mm): 21.50 Weight (g): 4.00 Comp.: CuNi
Jan Olbracht 1492-1501 Denar Eagle / crown - o Really little coin diameter -/+12mm
1 Grosz 1811 Grand Duchy of Warsaw 1810-1815 Diameter (mm): 21.00 Weight (g): 2.70
10 Groszy 1840 Russian Possession 1832-1864 (Polish-Russian) 10 Groszy Diameter (mm): 19.00 Weight (g): 2.80
Nice coin album, would make a nice present for someone who wants to collect coins. Near complete set of all denominations , only 5 halfcrowns. About 180 coins in total. From halfpennies to crowns, 5 half crowns 1962, 1963 1964 1966 1967 24 florins
10 Groszy 1840 Russian Possession 1832-1864 (Polish-Russian) 10 Groszy Diameter (mm): 19.00 Weight (g): 2.80
The 1 Grosz 1840 Russian annexation 1832-1864 (Coins Polish-Russian) 1 penny Mintage: 242,820 Diameter (mm): 19.00 Weight (g): 2.86
A selection of british half-pennies from Victoria- 1887,1889 Geogre v- 1927 Geogre vi- 1940s Elizabeth ll- 50s, 60s Coins have been untouched All inspecions welcome
A selection of british pennies Edward Vll- 1908 Geogre V- One 1912 . 1914, one 1919 but can't see if it has 'N' or 'KN' stamp,1920. Geogre Vl- 2x 1937 Elizabeth ll- all 60s All coins untouched All inspections welcome, best offer secures
Condition: New.
A replica of the 1966 Pearse 10 Shilling Coin. Indistinguishable from the real thing by a layperson. Your chance to own a piece of history without paying over the odds
19 coin for sale,post extra 3,60
15 one pound coins 1990 pristine condition milled edge
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Dates wrote down .Five cents 22 coins One dimes 20 coins Quarter dollars 28 coins. . You can see the dates and. Condition of coins . Lovely coins
Condition: New.
48 coins from around the world Beautiful coins Clean .types of coins wrote down Years of thw coins wrote down Pics taken of coins Cheap for the price 6 to post
32 pingn coins Good condition You can see dates by pic Havent got time to sell them separate
Vintage token New York transit authority token Good for one fare Pics uploaded for more information
Ireland Lady Lavery 1 pound & 10 shillings Both notes in great condition, offers are welcome, Thanx for looking
1939 English three pence coin in great condition,

Coins & Notes (5,203)