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Condition: New.
Hardback edition like new. No marks or folds on pages or cover. Includes postage
James Bond Books Various prices starting from 4 euro Collection only May be posted ask for postage rates
Elvis presley Books Various prices starting from 10 euro Collection only May be posted ask for postage rates
In December 1920 the Carnegie Free Library on Anglesea Street in Cork was destroyed by a fire lit by members of the British Crown Forces along with the adjoining City Hall, and large swathes of the city centre. Librarian and poet Thomas McCarthy
DAYS OF FEAR - A DIARY OF A HUNGER STRIKE - BY FRANK GALLAGHER (MERCIER PRESS PUBLICATION 1967) During the War of Independence Frank Gallagher was interned in Mountjoy where he took part in a mass hunger-strike of Republican prisoners demanding polit
The psychology of criminal conduct - theory research and practice. By ronald blackburn. C. S. I. Related book. Wiley and sons published. Very expensive new at 51. 45. Collection available. Postage is 7 extra.
A great and extremely funny book by joseph o'connor. Over 420 pages. Collection available. Postage available. Postage extra 4 as a heavy book.
Tales from limerick - a great read. Great pictures also. Collection available, postage is extra 3.
Q: What happens to a boy when he reaches puberty? A: He says goodbye to childhood and enters adultery. Q: How can you prevent milk turning sour? A: Keep it in the cow. We ve all been there. You ve been studying hard, the day of the BIG test arrives,
An excellen hardback book, full of witty anecdotes. From bud abbott to zog of albania and everyone else in between. No idea how many pages, it approx 1 and 1/2 inches thick. Collection preferred. Postage would be 7. 50. I would accept an sae.
Emergency - what to do in an emergency (reader's digest). Hardback. Excellent and informative book. Everything you need to know. Ideal for home or office. Collection preferred. Postage would be 8. 50
Maeve binchy - my first book - first edition 1970 - in immaculate condition - very rare. Condition is excellent. Postage is free.
Dictionary of cynical quotations. A very funny book on cynical quotations. From sport to law. Ober 300 pages of quotations. Collection available. Postage would be 7.
CORK CITY Published 1999 by the heritage council and northside folklore project (cork). In great condition, out of print. A new book of popular folklore has been published by the northside folklore project, in collaboration with the heritage coun
Virgin records - 40 years of disruption - hardback edition, in great condition. Over 26o pages, glossy, - the first 40 years of virgin records, featuring the sex pistols, oldfield, simple minds etc. Collection preferredas this is a very large boo
As new, in immaculate condition. First edition 2001 - published by aer rianta. Brilliant read. Very hard to get these days. Postage is available, postage is 6. Collection available also.
The archive - issue 19 (2015) journal of the cork folklore project. Postage is 1. 30
A sequel to "a spot so fair" book. Great read, excellent condition. Great stories from Limerick. Collection preferred. Postage would be extra 3
In immaculate condition with dust jacket, published in 1967 by hallmark in u. S. A. Any questions, just ask. Collection available, postage is 2. 25 if required.
A terrible beauty is born - the irish troubles 1912 - 1922 - ulick o'connor (first edition) - an excllent read and a great book. A look at the turbulent events from 1912 to 1922. In excellent condition with dust jacket. This book is long out of prin


An excellent hardback with dust jacket book. Over 250 pages, fully illustrated. Covers, the geology, geography, history, arts, food and much more. Postage 7. 00 extra. Collection available.
Lovely and hard to get hardback , complete with dust jacket, published by eason & sons in 1976. In immaculate condition. Packed with photographs of ireland taken in the mid 1970's. Text written by harold clarke. Postage would be 7.05 extra as it
Cork - corcaigh - published by cork corporation. Published in 1996. In immaculate condition. Text by mary leland. Stunning pictures of cork and its environs. This is out of print. Collection available. Postage is 7.
Ideal for kids to explain the story of the titanic. In good condition, some biro marks but nothing too distract from the book. Relected in price. This is the tragic story of the titanic, the biggest and most luxurious ocean liner the world had ever
Area 51 - uncensored history of america's top secret military base. Brilliant read, nearly 500 pages with excellent photos. Collection is preferred. Postage would be expensive as is a large heavy book. I estimate postage at 6. I will accept an
Military blunders - the guinness book of military blunders. Brilliant read - the complete history of mistakes, and errors. Illustrated. Collection preferred. Postage is 7.
Family health - the a-z of first aid and family health. An excellent reference guide to family health. Covers everything. Nearly 400 pages crammed with information, diagrams, drawing and pictures. Collection preferred. Postage would be 10 as is
Rare book in immaculate condition. SIGNED EDITION. This edition 1978 - signed - see photographs attached. FREE POSTAGE. COLLECTION AVAILABLE.
EXCELLENT BOOK , GREAT PICTURES AND CONCISE INFORMATION. Pictorial Cover A selection of some of the most beautiful and common butterflies and moths, colour pix and facts about habitat range and behavioural characteristics for each species. POSTAG
Very interesting if you are from limerick. This manuscript has plenty of information on the king's island area of limerick and many many interesting maps. Collection available. Postage available. P & p will be 6. 00 if posted.

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