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Guitar Amps

: All 13 listings in Killarney, Kerry
Price now reduced for quick sale. Marshall JMD:1 100w Tube/Valve guitar head with PEDL-10048 footswitch for sale here, in almost-as-new condition. This is a great amp and is very versatile, read the online reviews......... With the footswitch you ha
Crate 2x12 speaker cab for sale in working condition. This was originally a combo amp but the amp got damaged, so selling the cab by itself. Two 12" speakers in good working order. Will courier at your cost for only 15. This is already priced to sell
Footswitch for Crate guitar amplifier, including cables. This was originally bought for use with a Crate GTX212 amplifier, but fits most similar Crate amps.that use a 3-button f/s. Good working condition. Will post at your cost.
Hi, im selling my Fame T120H Head. Reason for selling because Im after upgrading to a different amp to best suit my tastes. The amp is super versatile, it has a low output and high output input so you can get crisp to dark cleans, nice subtle crunc
Hi, im selling my Fame T120H Head and 4x12 cab. Reason for selling because Im after upgrading to a different amp so I have no use for this anymore.. The amp is super versatile, it has a low output and high output input so you can get crisp to dark
Peavey ValveKing 112 50w tube electric guitar amp with custom cover, in just about as-new condition. This is in perfect working order and cosmetically looks as-new. Got this recently from a friend who's babied it. This has recently had a new set of v
Only one speaker for sale here - not two. One Celestion V10-60 speaker for sale here, in perfect working order. Never gigged, just used at home in a guitar amp. These are the earlier versions of these: http://www.thomann.de/ie/celestion_g10_vintage
Final price drop for cash. Up for grabs here is a Trace Elliott Super tramp guitar amp with a Celestion V12-60 speaker in the cab. This was made in the UK rather than in China or wherever, and is a really good-sounding amp. This is a hybrid amp and
Line 6 FBV Longboard Foot Controller for sale here, with cable, for POD X3 HD VENDETTA SPIDER amplifier and more. This is in pretty much as-new condition, and comes complete with the cable. This was almost 300 new, asking a very reasonable 150 for i
Blackheart Handsome Devil 15x/7w Tube Valve guitar amplifier for sale here, in as-new condition, and in perfect working order. This is a great-sounding amp, boutique sound for a decent price. Has 12ax7's and EL84 tubes, can be switched between 15 an
!!!TRADE OFFERS ARE WELCOME!!! Very good condition, freshly retubed Laney IRT120H Ironheart guitar head 4x ECC83 and 4x EL34 tubes, class AB, 120 watt, 3 channel clean, rhythm & lead, control for bass, middle, treble with pull-push EQ shift on e
Blackheart "Little Giant" 5W Head with Blackheart "Killer Cab" 30W cabinet for sale. Little Giant 5W Head: -5 Watt Tube Amplifier, Class A, Boutique styling. -Volume with 3 Band EQ. -4, 8 and 16 Ohm speaker output. Killer Cab 30W cabinet: -BH 110
Condition: New.
Sold, out of stock. Please do not buy this.



Guitar Amps (13)