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Guitar Effects
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Guitar Effects

: All 74 listings in Dublin between €1.00 and €50.00
Asking price: €50

Mooer Shimverb

Good condition. Shimmer mode is a nice touch
Perfect condition...used once or twice! Behringer SF400, the Flanger delivers the whole history from vintage to modern flanging effects, Experience any sounds from classic analog flangers to super-thick and swirling flanging sounds plus a new Gate/P
Arion Guitar Distortion Pedal, works fine...
The IRig HD is a great little unit for connecting and recording your guitar to a iphone, ipad or mac. It interfaces with Amplitube on your device and allows you to record and emulate various amps + effects This video demo gives a good run through o
Asking price: €12

Planet Waves Patch Cables

Condition: New.
Planet Waves patch cables as pictured Brand new
Asking price: €25

Boss PSA power supply

Boss PSA ac adapter Never used, superb condition Boxed with instructions Will throw in daisy chain cables as shown
Boss BCB-60 Pedalboard: 80 SOLD Boss CH-1 Chorus Pedal: 60 Boss NS-2 Noise Surpressor: 60 SOLD Boss OD-20 Overdrive Twin Pedal: 80 Behringer TU-300 Tuner: 20 Everything is in perfect condition and working order. The pedalboard has all of the foam sl
Line 6 Crunchtone (boxed) level, bass, treble and drive controls; 3 position tone switch Blues, Pop, Crunch, and two position noise gate switch. Very versatile and great range of tones available Reviews here: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews
Asking price: €40

Marshall Reflector

Selling my Marshall reflector. Missing the Model selector Knob but the pot works perfectly Very good reverb pedal. A good few nice reverbs Springs, Rooms, Halls and a reverse reverb. Mainly looking for cash but interested in trades. Particularly
Amazing custom made pedal. It is a booster for Tube amps, similar to the TS9 but less noisy. It has a switch to increase the treble. Lead guitarist can switch it on to boost also the treble during solos. Rhythm guitarist can use it without the trebl
Asking price: €45

Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal

Perfect Condition.
Essentially Brand New. Used once and returned to its box. Great distortion but I've since changed pedals. I could be swayed into a trade on this if the right pedal comes along. Cash offers welcome. Will post at buyers' expense. Thanks for looking
Beautiful and much sought after original Cool Cat Stereo Chorus with box and manual.
Asking price: €25

GLX Distortion Pedal

Good condition, gigged twice but working fine with no cosmetic wear. Any questions just ask!
Ehoplex preamp/booster (similar to EP booster) - blue candy box SOLD bc109 fuzz face ( bc109 fuzz faces have creamier and darker tone) - gold paint 2knobs /SOLD/ Brian may treble booster with "fat" mode - the fruits big candy box /SOLD/ Big Muff Pi -
Asking price: €30

Biyang CH-8 Chorus

Lovely sounding chorus pedal with three controls and two speed modes. I recently bought a Nova Modulator, so this, along with many of my other modulation effects have become surplus to my requirements. Recently enough, Akai started to sell rebrand
Asking price: €50

Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor

Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor Pedal in great condition
Owned for a few years. European model so will need three prong adapter
Asking price: €50

Mooer rage machine

Great compact little pedal. Brand new only few months old. Can get a range of tones out of this from rock crunch to blistering metal tones
Asking price: €35

2 pedals OS2 EQ

Left only... Danelectro Fish & chips Equalizer - 35 E
Asking price: €30

ZOOM 505II guitar processing

Multiple effect pedal in good condition. Great tones and easy to use.
Good condition
Asking price: €50

Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator

Hi all, Selling my Boss AC-3 pedal as I need cash. Great pedal for that moment when you really wish you had an acoustic guitar for a song or two in a set but can't justify lugging a whole other guitar around with you. Nice acoustic sounds, especiall
Asking price: €30

Boss Overdrive OD-3

Boss Overdrive OD-3 Pedal for sale - been lying in my attic unused for a couple of years - working fine.
Asking price: €20


Home made pedalboard. In good condition. 77cm by 29cm Or in inches 30.3'' by 11.4'' 20euro
Asking price: €45

Crybaby GCB 95

Selling a surplus crybaby Missing feet but has Velcro. Also missing battery cover Open to trades for micro pedals Particularly mooer shimverb or reecho Open to all trades
Marshall overdrive/ distortion stomp box. Quite versatile, works on power supply or 9v battery. Would swap for a chorus pedal, otherwise selling only. Cheers
Asking price: €20

FAB Distortion and Chorus

Selling both together
Asking price: €35

Line 6 Fbv2

rarely used, has been lying around without any use for at least 2 years now because i sold my pod xt pro has been sold. Have the cable and everything.
Asking price: €25

Planet Waves Chromatic Tuner

Like new still has plastic on it... Barely used



Guitar Effects (74)