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Guitar Effects

: All 72 listings in Dublin between €1 and €50
Condition: New.
Wide threshold range noise suppressor 100% attenuation when gated utilizes ultra-high speed circuitry to completely eliminate unwanted noise from signal path Mute and effect indicator lights Threshold Control Excellent dynamic response Simple, ea
Condition: New.
Rechargeable Lithium battery Chromatic tuning mode True bypass Mutes output signal when tuning Pitch Control Button Flat Button (For down-tuned guitars and bass) Reset button A4 = 436-445Hz Tuning Range: B0-B7 Accuracy: +/- 1 cent Dimensions: 46 mm (
Condition: New.
Ultilising ultra-pure, oxygen-free copper conductors for low capacitance and pure tone. Length: 0.2m Structure: 20x0.12 oxygen-free copper cores. Shielding layer: 64x0.12 oxygen free copper . Insulating layer: PE environmental protection material p
Condition: New.
Based upon the Xotic RC Booster the CP-25 is a booster/overdrive offering a transparent 20db+ 20db+ clean boost and a +/- 15db 2 band active equaliser which does not colour the original tone in any way. Limited 2 year warranty True Bypass design.
Condition: New.
The Caline CP-21 'Rock Face' creates a medium timbre distortion similar to the sound from the classic JTM Marshall amplifier head. Providing excellent dynamic range this pedal offers sensitive control in the low to high gain range. With two types of
Condition: New.
True bypass design. This pedal provides a pure and transparent overdrive which sustains the original timbre from the amplifier. It can be used as a clean boost with high quality sound and lots of
Condition: New.
This is a really simple guitar or bass compressor pedal that reduces your overall dynamics by reducing the louder parts of your playing and boosting the quiet parts. This is perfect for Funk, Country, or added sustain on your solo tones. Just two co
PRICE DROP 50 Successor to the HM-2 and older brother to the metal zone, a fine box for ,making disgusting noise with!
Perfect working condition, decent aesthetic condition apart from a missing battery door. Can be collected in Cork or Dublin or posted anywhere in the country.
Really good pedal for any kind of metal sounds. Just doesn't get much use these days.
For sale is a Zoom 509 'Compact Multi Effects Processor'. Works perfectly and sounds incredible. Box and all manuals/paperwork included. Pedal is in immaculate condition, however the box is a little tatty. Uses 9v battery or any standard 9v powe
Hi, nice little distortion pedal by Mooer. In perfect working order. Small chip of paint missing off the corner. Ultra Drive MK II: Controls for: Level, Tone and Distortion. Three modes: Original - strong and hard distortion, Extra - tube-like high
Perfect working order. But rough cosmetic condition, battery door gone, battery clip non functioning- I will provide proper boss to 9v adaptor cable. nice low gain or has a boost function for over the top overdrive. very underrated pedal. not boss zv
Condition: New.
Inspired by Xotic Effects BB Preamp the Caline CP-18 is a Boost/Transparent Overdrive which offers similar functionality as the BB but for a fraction of the cost. A 30dB+ clean boost with an adjustable 15dB, two band active EQ which adds a wide range
Condition: New.
Inspired by the MXR 10 band EQ, the Caline CP-24 10 Band EQ, gives players huge amounts of tone shaping and level control. Sculpt your tone with precise control and cut over 10 guitar-centric frequencies. Need more treble, punch up the mids or add mo
Condition: New.
The Caline CP-15 is a saturated distortion stomp with a scooped midrange which makes it ideal for extreme metal and perfect for crunchy palm muting riffage la 'Master of Puppets, And Justice For All, Far Beyond Driven etc. At lower distortion a clas
*Like New* With its extreme gain, the ML-2 is the most potent and heavy distortion pedal ever created by BOSS. It easily delivers massive distortion and gain with heavy lows for playing Nu Metal, Grind Core, Industrial, Hard Core, or any genre that
Condition: New.
Natural sounding analog delay with analog direct signal path. Warm sound, with no colouring of your clean guitar tone. The Blue ocean delay has about the same bandwidth as the classic tape echo units. "LEVEL" knob: sets the level of delayed signal
Condition: New.
Un-Opened FAB Overdrive by Danelectro Perfect beginer or amateur pedal, brand new and un-used!
Condition: New.
I have some brand-new on used high quality on/off foot switches for guitar pedals. Switches are only sold in pairs 10 for about p&p extra 2
Behringer DD600 Digital Delay Behringer SO400 Super Octaver 2 pedals for sale. 35 each. Only got these on here a few weeks back and they just don't suit what I'm playing at the moment, so I'm sticking with a DD3 and Pitch Shifter. If someone buys b
Boss ds-1 distortion pedal, perfect working order, used a few times, never gigged. Open to offers
This pedal is a overdrive on the style of the classic DOD 250, it has been modded to truebypass (using a DPTD) and added a led indicator (no tonesucking...). Very useful to get a bit more of volume in solos or drive a chrunch ,or pushing a dirty ch
Mooer Cruncher distortion pedal, good pedal just looking to try something else. Based in Dublin
Mxr super comp. No box. Generally very good condition and operates fine, but it started to make a bit of noise (over and above the usual expected noise any compression pedal naturally adds) hence the super low price. Maybe someone with some elect
Condition: New.
Behringer Acoustic Modeller AM100. Brand new in unopened box. Please see my other ads too as I am selling a number of unused Behringer Pedals
Made in the USA in 1995, back then Digitech made decent effects units with usable tones. These multi effects units are becoming rare. Easy to operate. Power supply included. Features: S-Disc Processing Compressor Distortion Silencer Equalizer Spea
Vox Satchurator distortion pedal. Joe Satriani pedal for sale. The pedal is in very good condition and has its original box. These distortion pedals are not being built anymore and are unavailable new.
This came with a Hot Rod Deluxe I bought on adverts, but I have no real use for it. It has 2 buttons, 3 functions (clean, drive and more drive). Slightly scratched and dinged, but in perfect working order.
*PRICE DROP* Very versatile and easy to use multi fx. It's in excellent condition apart from some minor cosmetic scuffs but everything works perfectly. It can run on a 9V battery but I also have the power supply. The G1x pedal provides a total of eig



Guitar Effects (72)