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Guitar Effects
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Guitar Effects

: All 108 listings in Dublin between €1.00 and €50.00
Asking price: €30

Power supply / Daisy Chain

Boss PSA-230es boxed, used once 30 Boss/Ibanez power supply 18 daisy chain 8 connections 15 daisy chain 6 connections 10 5 Various patch Cables 5
Asking price: €5

Chorus ensemble BOX ONLY

Box only
Asking price: €50

Seymour Duncan pickup

Condition: New.
Seymour Duncan pickup used just once. Hum cancelling. .turns any acoustic guitar into a semi acoustic enabling you to run through an amp. .90 euro in x music.
Asking price: €40

DOD Stereo Chorus GFX 64

In impeccable condition, hardly ever used. Lovely sound from it, great stereo effect. Sold with original box and manuals, warranties, etc.
Asking price: €30

Vox V845 Wah Pedal

Works perfectly. I cut the little rubber stoppers so that it switches on/off easily (you had to lean all of your weight on it to turn it on/off before). It's all in perfect condition, except for the back. The paint is stripped from the back. I have t
Asking price: €50

Vox Satchurator

For Sale in Perfect condition A Vox Satchurator Pedal ...First 50 euro Secures will not go lower a great pedal for that price ...
Ehoplex preamp/booster (similar to EP booster) - blue candy box bc109 fuzz face ( bc109 fuzz faces have creamier and darker tone) - gold paint 2knobs Brian may treble booster with "fat" mode - the fruits big candy box Big Muff Pi - civil war version
Bos GE-7. 7 Band EQ guitar pedal in Very Good condition. No Trades at all please. Cash Only.
Marshall Echohead EH1 Digital Stereo Delay with 6 Modes. In very good condition. No Trades Please. Looking for Cash Only
Asking price: €50

Dunlop Cry Baby 535 Wah

Dunlop Cry Baby 535 Has a control for wah range and a boost switch. Has a few scratches here and there but works fine. Just been sitting in my cupboard for years so I'm getting rid of it. I'd be interested in a trade for a reverb or delay also.
Asking price: €40

Fender Micro DI box for sale

Condition: New.
Fender Micro DI box for sale Never used, still boxed, bought a few weeks ago on a whim and then decided I don't need it. Handy device though. Goes at the end of your signal chain and outputs your signal to a mixing desk via an XLR output. Has (opti
Selling perfect condition BOSS CS-3 pedal.
Digitech RP100 multi-effects pedal. Pristine condition. Loads of cool sounds and effects. Comes with manual and power supply. Bargain at this price.
Asking price: €40

Zoom 606

In very good condition. A few small scratches around the pedals. Can meet in city centre.
Asking price: €40

Fuzz Face Clone

Fuzz Face Clone 40 Collection City Centre or Dun Laoghaire area
Boss CH-1 Super Chorus for sale Cash only, See other ads for offers for more than one items
Boss PH-3 Phase Shifter For Sale used but in great condition Cash only, See other ads for offers for more than one items
Asking price: €50

Boss BF-2 Flanger for sale

Boss BF-2 Flanger for sale used, vintage & working perfectly. cash only, See other ads for offers for more than one items
Asking price: €15

Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus

Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus Cash only, See other ads for offers for more than one items
Arion Stereo Phaser SPH-1 vintage Cash only, See other ads for offers for more than one items
Asking price: €50

big muff made in u.s.a

big muff usa made good condition
Asking price: €30

Boss Mega Distortion Pedal

Boss Mega Distortion MD Great Condition
Asking price: €40

Mooer flex boost

Mooer flex boost. From clean boost with eq to a nice amp style overdrive. Great pedal just don't need it right now. Cash only after something else.
Arion Guitar Distortion Pedal, works fine...
Asking price: €40

Marshal Guv'nor overdrive

Great overdrive sound. It has been used but works perfectly. No trades please
Asking price: €40

Joyo British Sound

Great overdrive sound, the pedal is also true bypass. No trades please
HoTone Skyline Komp, compact opto compressor pedal for electric guitar, comp control, volume control, tone control, spark switch thomann (add brightness), LED-status, true bypass, jack input & output, DC input (center negative, 19Ma consumption)
Asking price: €40

boss SD-1

Condition: New.
Unwanted gift, new condition but no box. No trades thanks. Collection from D7 or city centre. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6ZXwXII7v0
Asking price: €25

Zoom 505 Multi Effects Pedal

Zoom Multi effects guitar pedal, including chorus, overdrive, flanger, delay, distortion, tremolo etc. also includes guitar tuner and memory banks for creating and mixing your own effects.
Have an FX Loop Bypass pedal going spare. Great for removing a noisy pedal from your signal chain. Passive or active. The power is only to activate the LED. Works a charm.



Guitar Effects (108)