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Guitar Effects

: All 88 listings in Dublin between €1 and €50
Works Perfectly. Includes box and manual. The SD-1 Super OverDrive pedal produces the warm, natural distortion of an overdriven tube amplifier while maintaining the subtle nuances of a player's picking technique. This is one of BOSS' more subtle and
Electro Harmonix fuzz pedal, never been gigged with and is in perfect working order. No power supply or box but if you're using a daisy chain with other effects then Diago have you covered http://www.xmusic.ie/Diago-Ps04-Blue-Power-Adaptor.html
Practically brand new Repaired and works perfect Will swap for other pedals
Pedal works perfect the pots are all clean with no crackles etc . Little or no wear and tear . No silly offers or swaps please . Thanks
Boss TU-3 Chromatic Floor Tuner - cent mode (like a classical tuner) or Stream mode, Accu Pitch, high thomann brightness mode, flat tuning, mute/bypass, C0-C8 range (16.35Hz-4.186kHz), also for 7-string guitar and 6 string bass, +/- 1 cent accuracy,
Perfect condition...used once or twice! Behringer SF400, the Flanger delivers the whole history from vintage to modern flanging effects, Experience any sounds from classic analog flangers to super-thick and swirling flanging sounds plus a new Gate/P
Condition: New.
Behringer chorus pedal for sale, brand new in box.
From crystal-clear echoes to hypnotic reverse delays via the vintage whir of a retro tape machine, the Echohead recreates six different delay FX for you to explore. Create pulsing tones and add dense rhythmic textures to your sound. The EH-1 features
Optical wah pedal with an additional switch which alters the frequency of the effect. This makes it suitable for use with both guitars and bass. Switch is a bit fiddly but works. These retail for approx 200 new. This one is old but hadn't had heavy u
Lovely simple low gain overdrive. Great for gritty jangly type sounds!! In excellent condition. *****NO TRADES*****
Selling my boss md2. Not interested in trades so please dont offer. Cash only
Classic clean boost pedal. Sounds great at the end of your signal chain for extra volume of in front of drive pedals for extra gain. ***NO TRADES***
Condition: New.
Bought this a while back and never used it. Box ain't even opened. *****NO TRADES*****
As good as brand new!! Boxed and barely ever used. You can see from the photo just how clean this pedal is. *****NO TRADES*****
Multiple effect pedal in good condition. Great tones and easy to use.
The Boss NS-2 is a great pedal to have in your chain when you need to eliminate hissing or unwanted noise at certain levels. The threshold knob allows you to dial in at what level of input you want the NS-2 to start working. The Decay knob gives yo
Got this is a swap recently and have no need for it. It's a nicely made boost pedal based around a germanium transistor. Would suit someone after and MXR Micro Amp or Zvex Super Hard On. At 12 o clock(ish) the eq is pretty flat, turn Body up for more
Great Guitar Effect in perfect condition!! Sounds great, with no sign of use. Absolutely spotless!!! with original packing
Great tremolo pedal https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ujbP3dYYsaw
For sale is a Zoom 509 'Compact Multi Effects Processor'. Works perfectly and sounds incredible. Box and all manuals/paperwork included. Pedal is in immaculate condition, however the box is a little tatty. Uses 9v battery or any standard 9v powe
Home made pedalboard. In good condition. 77cm by 29cm Or in inches 30.3'' by 11.4'' 20euro
25 versatile built-in individual effects. Up to six effects can be combined in a patch, and up to 42 patches (12 user memory patches and 30 preset patches) are available, offering extraordinary flexibility. Integrated auto-chromatic guitar tuner. Int
Brilliant chorus pedal, in extremely good condition. Sounds great.
Great condition tube driver bad monkey
Classic boss distortion great condition
Tube-screameresque overdrive. Real nasal tone. Boxed, no power supply. Sadly, again, no photos of the actual pedal. Virtually brand new.
Boss OD3. Very little use. Great condition.
30 Made this bad boy myself. Strong and sturdy and fits a ton of pedals. Only used for about a week (In the rehearsal room, no gigging) and had to get a bigger one. As you can see the wood panels are spaced apart to hide cabling and there is enoug
Multi-effects unit with a total of 69 on board and customisable effects. Unit also has a tuner function and built in expression pedal or volume/wah. Hairline crack on pedal (outlined in picture) and price reflects this. Unit operates off 9V power su



Guitar Effects (88)