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Ibanez Jem Copy

Ibanez Jem Copy
Asking price: €220 sold
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5 years ago
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Ibanez Jem Copy


Copy of Steve Vai ibanez jem.

Visually this is a perfect copy.The level of detail is excellent.Ibanez is written on the headstock and team j craft is even printed in the back along with a serial number.
The neck is very playable,comparable to any mid prided ibanez.The finish on the tree of life inlay is very impressive and the top frets are even scalloped.

This is a excellent guitar for the money.Very nice finish and a very playable neck.
The floyd rose stays in tune very well.

Reasons for selling is I'm doing a clearout as I've too many guitars at the moment.

Will try to get some pics of the actual guitar up soon

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Shipping: Collection
Payment: Cash
r1scooby 5 years ago
Hey I'd be interested in seeing your jem copy but to be honest Im only really after the neck, building my own jem replica. If I was to offer you 150 cash this weekend how does that sound?
mjmc 5 years ago
hey,yeah if you'd like to view the guitar thats grand.Although I'm looking to get back what I paid for the guitar which is the asking price. I don't want to break it up either because its just going to be harder to sell. If you want to view it this weekend let me know,but i don't realy want to let it go for less than the asking.
SeanL95 5 years ago
Still for sale?
mjmc 5 years ago
yep still for sale
SeanL95 5 years ago
I dont know yet but would you be intrested in an ibanez grg170dx white?
mjmc 5 years ago
thanks for the offer but im not really looking for a trade as im trying to cut down on guitars at the moment
mjmc 5 years ago
bigjohn1471 5 years ago
hi there! could you describe the guitar in a bit more detail?

the body wood?
the neck wood?
the fretboard wood?
the hardware quality?
is the trem an edge trem copy, or like a licensed floyd copy?
even though the PUs couldnt possibly contend with evolutions, how do they sound anyway?
is it active or passive?
is the construction quality good? and how is the action?

i realise that this is a lot to take in lol take your time!

would it be possible for you to email me some more photos from different angles? ill PM you my email adress!

thanks! :)
mjmc 5 years ago
As I picked this up here a few months ago I've really no idea what kind of wood its made of. The neck looks like its malple witha rosewood fretboard.

The bridge is a licensed floyd rose copy and the gold hardware seems pretty good.The attention to detail is nice,the bridge and tuners have ibanez engraved into them,the tree of life inlays are particulary nice and the top 4 frets are scalloped.The neck is very nice to play,very thin and very smooth.The action is pretty low in it too.The electrics are all working fine.The pickups are pretty decent,They sound nice clean and have a decent output.il post some more pics up soon
bigjohn1471 5 years ago
would you swap for the aria pro ii in my ads? +40e?
mjmc 5 years ago
thanks for the offer,but iv already got an aria and a few other superstrats i'm trying to sell
bigjohn1471 5 years ago
how bout a 50W amp? its a bentley
bigjohn1471 5 years ago
+ 40e of course!
mjmc 5 years ago
sorry bigjohn,the only amps im interested at the moment are low wattage tube amps
tigerbalm321 5 years ago
hi my name is andy and i want this guitar but i live in the uk can we sort a deal so it can be shiped to me
thanks my email address is patnjohn@talktalk.net or call me on 07972777097 thanks andrew phelps
mjmc 5 years ago
sorry,but i dont really want the hassle of shipping this guitar
mjmc 5 years ago