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Feedback helps you build a reputation as a seller/buyer on Adverts.ie.

Whenever you buy or sell something on Adverts, you will be asked to leave feedback about your experience with the seller/buyer.

Leaving feedback is not compulsory, but we strongly recommend it as it helps create a safe and friendly online market place.

You can only leave feedback for another user once there has been an accepted offer between the two parties. For general items being sold, if a buyer unofficially makes an offer in the comments, they will still need to make an actual offer, and have the seller accept it, before either person can leave feedback for each-other.

For services, swap, free, wanted, and pet adoption/lost ads, because there are no offers, leaving feedback is still permitted when the exchange has been agreed within comments.

Feedback is limited to one per ad and can only be left within 45 days of your last interaction with the seller/buyer.

Rating system:
Each time feedback is left on your account, you will be awarded the following points:

  • +1 point for positive feedback
  • -1 point for negative feedback

(Neutral feedback does not affect your score)

The more positive feedback you receive, the more stars are added to your profile:

How do I leave feedback?
You need to be logged in to leave fedback. Go to the Seller/Buyer's profile and click on "Leave Feedback".
You can choose between Positive, Neutral and Negative feedback. Please note that any abusive feedback will be removed and your account may be suspended.

Can I respond to feedback left on my profile?
Yes you can. Once someone leaves feedback on your account, you have the choice to add a response. This response will not be posted on the other user's profile but it will appear on your profile for all users to see.

I have received unfair negative feedback. What should I do?

  1. You should first contact the user who left feedback and try to resolve the issue. Most users will accept to remove negative feedback once you have contacted them.
  2. You can also respond to the feedback left on your account and explain your side of the story. Please do not leave retaliating feedback as it is against our rules and you may receive a warning for doing so.
  3. We do not remove feedback as a rule unless it is deemed abusive or inappropriate. Please report any abusive feedback by clicking on the “Report Feedback” button (on the right-hand side of the feedback) and explain the situation in a few words. We will deal with it as soon as we can.

Abuse of feedback is against our rules, and may result in a range of actions, including:

  • Warning notification
  • Account suspension
If you need help regarding your feedback on Adverts.ie, please contact us at support@adverts.ie