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To place an ad you need to log in to your account first.

The first time you place an ad on Adverts.ie, you will be asked to verify your account by SMS. Please read our Account Verification section for more information.

Fees to place your ad:

  Free Basic Priority Premium
General Items/Wanted/Swaps Free - €3 €5
Cars/Motorcycles* Free - €3 €5
Jobs** Free - €35 €65
Services** €5 - €8 €10
Photography Free €1 €3 €5
Music Free €1 €3 €5
Mobile Phones Free €1 €3 €5
Computers Free €1 €3 €5
Sports & Fitness Free €1 €3 €5
Electronics Free €1 €3 €5

Basic ads: your ad stays above all Free ads in your chosen category for 12 hours.
Priority ads: your ad stays above all Basic and Free ads in your chosen category for 24 hours.
Premium ads: your ad stays above all Basic and Priority ads in your chosen category for 48 hours and displays a Premium badge A premium badge.
* Car ads allow users to enter their phone numbers.
A Priority car ad stays on top of the listings for 4 days.
A Premium car ad stays on top of the listings for 7 days and displays a Premium badge A premium badge.
** Job and Service ads last for 30 days.

Set a minimum offer on your ad

This is the minimum offer you are willing to consider on your ad.

  • You are not obliged to accept offers at that price.
  • You will NOT receive any offers below this price.
  • You can edit this at anytime.
  • Although this will not be displayed on the ad, it will still be public.
  • If your minimum offer is the same as your asking price, your ad will appear as non–negotiable.

You can set a minimum offer when placing your ad: The minimum offer field in the ad placement process, beneath 'Asking price'

You can edit your minimum offer or set a minimum offer on your existing ad:
Click on “edit this ad” (as shown below) Click 'edit this ad' on the ad screen to edit your ad And tick “yes” to the option “set minimum offer”.
Add your minimum offer and click “save”. Setting a minimum offer, located below 'set minimum offer' when selected Please note: if your asking price and minimum offer are the same, your ad will show as non-negotiable.

Set a non-negotiable price on your ad

It is possible to set a non-negotiable price on your ad.
When placing your ad, enter your asking price and tick yes to the option "set minimum offer".
Enter the same value for "No offers below" as your asking price.
Your ad will appear as non-negotiable and buyers will not be able to place any offers below that price. Placing a non-negotiable ad Here is what your ad will look like to other users: Non negotiable ads will have 'price non-negotiable' displayed on the ad

Placing an ad

To go ahead and place your ad click on 'Place Advert' in the top right-hand corner of the page and select the type of ad you want to place: general items, free stuff, wanted, etc. Then select a category and a sub-category for your ad.

Example of selecting a category
  • Enter a title for your ad.
  • Add a description.
  • Tick the New Item box if applicable and choose shipping options.
  • Add an asking price (if applicable). Please only enter numbers (no letters or symbols).
  • Choose payment options.
  • Enter a location (County and area).
  • Upload photos of the item you are selling. We strongly advise uploading at least one photograph as it will hugely increase the response to your ad. Photos must be saved in JPEG format or else they will not upload.
  • Click on "Preview your ad".
  • If you need to make changes, click on "Go Back: Edit your ad", otherwise click on "Finish: Place your Ad".
  • Your ad will appear on Adverts.ie very shortly. If you receive an email saying that your ad is pending, it means that your ad needs to be checked by an admin before going live. This should take less than 1 hour.