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good gardener available

good gardener available
SERVICE withdrawn
blackharvester 50 [50] gold A star A star This user is a verified user of Adverts.ie
Dublin 1, Dublin
19/01/2013 12:43 pm (2 years ago)
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good gardener available

Description (updated on 19/01/2013 at 12:43pm):

Fully registered and insured gardener
all aspects of gardening and landscaping:

* grass cutting and strimming,
* hedge and shrubs trimming,
* trees prunning and cutting down,
* trees stumps poisoning
* flower beds weeding, flowers plantings, etc.
* power washing all kinds of patios
* weed control
* car parks, yards maintenance

* decking construction and staining
* patios construction
* raised flower beds
* fencing
* shed erecting- old sheds removing
* painting fences, gates,
* and many more

I am fully registred and insured (Public Liability Insurance) professional gardener I offer service with competitive prices.
All garden waste taken to recycling place.
All Dublin covered. References available.
if your garden need general tidy up, or just small job has to be done, feel free to ask. you will not be dissapointed.


Tips when choosing a service:

  • Contact a few companies and compare prices/quotes
  • Know exactly what you are getting for your money
  • Get quote in writing and ask for references
  • Know your rights, visit the NCA website
skatermom asked a question 19/02/2010 1:17 pm (5 years ago):
How mush do you charge for general tidying of a garden? Do you charge by the hour or day?
Many thanks
blackharvester says 19/02/2010 10:26 pm (5 years ago):
I am charging about 18e per hour, can be less if I dont have to take garden waste. i can came in some evening check your garden and then we can talk about the price. thanks
DublinJobs asked a question 27/02/2010 8:55 pm (5 years ago):
I can offer you part time or full time work. It is not as a Gardner but the pay is good.PM me for details.
blackharvester says 19/03/2010 11:26 pm (5 years ago):
I am able to work in all dublin. can work as a painter and handy man as well. 4 years experience
blackharvester says 30/03/2010 8:16 pm (5 years ago):
now you can get your lawn cut and trimmed for as little as 20e, check me
zz4762 asked a question 06/06/2010 11:28 pm (4 years ago):
do you happen to know anybody that would do gardening in the curragh im living in the tropics the weeds are growing as we speak and i hate gardening i am desprate
blackharvester says 08/06/2010 9:48 pm (4 years ago):
PM sent
verycrazy asked a question 30/06/2010 4:58 pm (4 years ago):
Hi was looking to have some work done on my garden,needs e tidy up,do you travel to clonee
blackharvester says 30/06/2010 6:15 pm (4 years ago):
I have never been there but i can travel no problem. PM sent
iubire77 asked a question 08/08/2010 1:56 pm (4 years ago):
hi,I need someone to call to Celbridge every 4 weeks to do my lawn and weeding,no lawn out the front only the back.
Garden is not too big,normal size.
Can you travel and could you give approx price,please?
blackharvester says 08/08/2010 5:54 pm (4 years ago):
thanks for asking, pm sent
Smoggy asked a question 15/08/2010 7:00 pm (4 years ago):
Can you give me a rough quote for leveling a garden (i guess 1.5 tonnes of top soil will be needed) and the lawn resown ?
blackharvester says 15/08/2010 7:09 pm (4 years ago):
hi I will send you PM in few mins.
chefie asked a question 15/08/2010 8:27 pm (4 years ago):
how much would you charge to top a tree in front garden in south dublin
blackharvester says 16/08/2010 5:02 pm (4 years ago):
hi Chefie PM will come to you in 4 mins
Pythia asked a question 21/08/2010 8:04 pm (4 years ago):

Would you come to Ballinteer? We have a front and back garden which need doing. Can you PM me please?
blackharvester says 21/08/2010 10:53 pm (4 years ago):
Pm will be sent
MissyM76 asked a question 03/09/2010 10:53 am (4 years ago):
Hi Marios,
I would be interested in getting my lawn cut on a regular basis in Carpenterstown, Dublin 15. Can you please send me your contact details so that we can discuss?
blackharvester says 04/09/2010 5:48 pm (4 years ago):
hi Marios i would like you to do my back garden its very big and nobody was doing anything in there for the last 25 years!its full of crap! I need you to bring all the CIOR with you! can you manage?Can you PM me!
with best greetings
ainom asked a question 05/09/2010 5:34 pm (4 years ago):

do you take waste away i have a job needs doin in clondalkin it will take bout 2 hrs PM me and i will call you for a price
blackharvester says 05/09/2010 10:01 pm (4 years ago):
PM to MissyM76 is sent,
to ainom - yes, i am taking garden waste away, and i will send you pm shortly. thanks
iubire77 asked a question 24/09/2010 7:32 pm (4 years ago):
hi could you do a back garden cut the grass every 3 weeks i live in celbridge and how much,please?
blackharvester says 24/09/2010 9:03 pm (4 years ago):
hi, you were asking me few weeks ago about your garden.i will send you PM soon
Forest Master asked a question 19/10/2010 11:18 am (4 years ago):
Hi - PM me - need some Ivy cut down, and some grass cut. Located in Baldoyle!
blackharvester says 20/10/2010 6:52 pm (4 years ago):
I am quite busy at the moment, PM sent
JAKEYCAKEY asked a question 18/01/2011 10:58 am (4 years ago):
hi I have a job that need to be done , I need all the grass sod dug and taken away .
and also some bushes removed

if you you would like to contact me to come and have a look to price the job . there is probaby 3-4 hours work
blackharvester says 18/01/2011 6:21 pm (4 years ago):
thanks, will send you PM soon
digipath asked a question 29/01/2011 4:11 pm (4 years ago):
Hi, I have a garden in Swords that needs some Hedge Trimming and Tidying, It would also need regular lawn maintenance etc PM me if interested
blackharvester says 29/01/2011 9:46 pm (4 years ago):
thanks. i am intrested, will send you PM
cullenscorner asked a question 29/01/2011 10:01 pm (4 years ago):
Hi blackharvester,

Needs some clearing up in Lucan, standard garden..

blackharvester says 30/01/2011 10:28 am (4 years ago):
PM sent
Bulmers asked a question 14/03/2011 11:41 am (4 years ago):
Hi Marios,

Are you still available to do this type of work? We have a row of trees beside our house in an ajoining field that i'd like thinned out and also a few feet taken off the top of them ( some of them are approx 20-30 feet ) Is this something you could do, if so what sort of prices do you charge

blackharvester says 14/03/2011 8:39 pm (4 years ago):
pm sent
lulu asked a question 04/04/2011 11:29 am (4 years ago):
hi i would need my back garden done there a few bushes at the back that needs to be taking up and a tidying up could you give me a rough price please thank you
blackharvester says 04/04/2011 4:08 pm (4 years ago):
pm sent
RickyRoma1 asked a question 05/04/2011 7:43 pm (4 years ago):
Hi looking for same type of work as bulmers trees and hedges trimmed and thinned while still keeping shape can you pm me if you're available soon I live in Dublin 7 do you charge by hour ?
blackharvester says 05/04/2011 8:18 pm (4 years ago):
thanks for asking. pm sent
Smoggy asked a question 05/04/2011 10:18 pm (4 years ago):

Can you quote me for digging up lawn in the front garden, so I can lay down stones for a new drive,

blackharvester says 05/04/2011 11:06 pm (4 years ago):
hi smoggy. can you tellme what size have your lawn please. sorry but i dont remember
lud asked a question 19/04/2011 9:24 am (4 years ago):
I have two 6m tall trees in the back yard to cut down, Dublin 22. How much would it cost to remove them ?
blackharvester says 19/04/2011 6:56 pm (4 years ago):
hi Lud. will send you pm with info
bluebluefox asked a question 21/04/2011 6:13 pm (4 years ago):
Hi, am looking for some general cleanup work done in garden in North County Dublin at a reasonable price - prices I have received to date have been off the wall. Would you be able to have a look and give me a qoute.
blackharvester says 21/04/2011 6:59 pm (4 years ago):
thx. Pm sent
Green10 asked a question 24/04/2011 7:14 pm (4 years ago):
I live in Stillorgan and would like a garden clean up and then regular grass cutting. The grass has not been cut yet this year. Had two 50 year old hedges removed this winter so a bit of a clean up is needed. Could you give me a price?
blackharvester says 24/04/2011 7:33 pm (4 years ago):
pm on the way
Scorrigan asked a question 24/04/2011 8:16 pm (4 years ago):
Hi live in Artane and looking to get a quote on removal of a lot of hedging, can email pictures, at the back wall they are 6ft deep
blackharvester says 24/04/2011 8:40 pm (4 years ago):
pm sent
Emerald12345 asked a question 26/04/2011 4:44 pm (4 years ago):
Can I get your number please.
blackharvester says 26/04/2011 7:17 pm (4 years ago):
yes, you can. pm sent
banchang asked a question 28/04/2011 5:38 pm (3 years ago):
Hi I have hedging to be trimmed & grass to be cut - Drumcondra area - can you PM me pls ?
blackharvester says 28/04/2011 10:49 pm (3 years ago):
pm sent
fair city asked a question 01/05/2011 12:46 pm (3 years ago):
i need my gargen cut and cleaned up . will you have a look please, im in north dublin. thanks. pm details.
blackharvester says 01/05/2011 9:54 pm (3 years ago):
thx. pm sent
curadh asked a question 04/05/2011 1:43 pm (3 years ago):
Hi I need a hedge trimmed and back garden mowed in Ballinteer over the next few days. The hedge is the length of the garden which is about 10m. How much do you think this would cost and how soon can it be done?
blackharvester says 04/05/2011 7:13 pm (3 years ago):
thx, pm sent
davier asked a question 06/05/2011 10:19 am (3 years ago):
Hi, looking to get a quote to get a hedge removed in Artane, i can email you pictures,
blackharvester says 06/05/2011 8:47 pm (3 years ago):
thanks for asking. will send you pm with my adress email,
rp79 asked a question 16/05/2011 3:49 pm (3 years ago):
I need general tidying of front and back garden mainly trimming of bushes . im based in raheny. can you let me know whn you might be available.
blackharvester says 16/05/2011 7:18 pm (3 years ago):
hi rp79. will send you pm soon
eljino asked a question 18/05/2011 8:10 pm (3 years ago):
Hi, we just got to the new house and the garden needs cleaning and styling. we live in dublin 15 near blancherstown shoping centre. is it possible for you to do the job this week end and how much would you charge for a day? if we get happy then we need you once a month to keep it nice.
blackharvester says 18/05/2011 8:54 pm (3 years ago):
thx. pm on the way
curadh asked a question 19/05/2011 12:08 pm (3 years ago):
Thanks Marios for a superb job, really cleaned up the back garden, went out of his way to do all aspects like bushes, decking, lawn, hedges and a decent price for a skilled worker you can leave to work on his own. Recommended.
Ben911 asked a question 21/05/2011 8:57 pm (3 years ago):
Hi there,
would you know someone who might be able to help me with my garden in Castledermot/Baltinglass?

I have 5 Lleylandi that need cutting down.
sydney101 asked a question 22/05/2011 6:22 pm (3 years ago):
Hi there

We have approx 30 Fir trees around our back garden that need to be trimmed back and about 6th taken off the top of them, they're probably about 25ft tall, do you have cutting equipment to do this?
blackharvester says 22/05/2011 7:57 pm (3 years ago):
PM sent to Ben911 and Sydney101
pepperds asked a question 29/05/2011 8:34 pm (3 years ago):
would you be willing to come up to Dublin 5 (Coolock). I've two bushes and a small tree to get rid off, some general tidying of the garden perimeter and the lawn could probably be moan at the same time. if you are, pm me your email address and I can send you a couple of pics so you can get an idea of what's needed.

blackharvester says 30/05/2011 8:21 am (3 years ago):
thx. i am intrested, so will send you PM
Dani6 asked a question 04/06/2011 11:12 am (3 years ago):
Hi there,

I need to be quoted on removing bushes from the side of my garden. I live in Crumlin; would you be able to come out to me?


blackharvester says 04/06/2011 6:37 pm (3 years ago):
thanks Dani.
PM sent
devdev88 asked a question 14/06/2011 4:16 pm (3 years ago):
hi i am looking for rough quote for 15ft x 20ft decking plz inc handrail and spindles.asap cheers
blackharvester says 14/06/2011 5:29 pm (3 years ago):
PM sent
Beatle79 asked a question 23/06/2011 9:21 pm (3 years ago):
Can you travel to Naas to cut grass front anbd back and do a general tidy up and removal of waste please.. PM if possible..
blackharvester says 23/06/2011 11:18 pm (3 years ago):
Pm on the way
bauer asked a question 29/06/2011 10:35 am (3 years ago):
Hi, can you give me an approx. price to get 3 trees cut down and removed from garden, trees approx. 15ft, house does not have a side entrance. Thanks, Bauer.
blackharvester says 29/06/2011 9:45 pm (3 years ago):
Pm sent
pfitzy asked a question 04/07/2011 10:26 pm (3 years ago):
hi, just looking to get a quote on taming my garden. Can send photo if helps.
blackharvester says 04/07/2011 10:56 pm (3 years ago):
thx. will send you PM
polly1 asked a question 06/07/2011 9:13 pm (3 years ago):
Hi, I need some low hedge trimming done.
blackharvester says 07/07/2011 9:28 pm (3 years ago):
thx. pm on the way
K8te asked a question 11/07/2011 2:23 pm (3 years ago):
Hi, I'm interested how much it would cost to remove dried branches to a recycling place in Dublin. Thanks
blackharvester says 11/07/2011 5:14 pm (3 years ago):
PM on the way
Van The Man asked a question 13/07/2011 6:52 pm (3 years ago):
Hiya. Have a shop in Ashbourne ... Large grass area outside needs cutting and strimming but need it done b4 fri... How much and what's chances of b4 fri?
blackharvester says 13/07/2011 10:58 pm (3 years ago):
thx for asking, will send you PM
rainiesomers asked a question 24/07/2011 3:51 pm (3 years ago):
Hi, can you give me a rough quote on getting overgrown garden grass cut and weeded, front and back approx 18x12 and 18x30, dublin 11. Time and budget permitting I would like it to be child and pet friendly. This job is needed urgently, thanks for your time
blackharvester says 24/07/2011 7:47 pm (3 years ago):
PM on the way
thomad asked a question 01/08/2011 10:27 pm (3 years ago):
I am looking for a quote for 8ft x 12ft decking, including handrail/spindles etc.Thanks
blackharvester says 02/08/2011 7:09 pm (3 years ago):
thanks for asking. will send you PM
anji asked a question 13/08/2011 12:05 pm (3 years ago):
Hi blackharvester

i have a tree stump in my back garden that i need removed. its been there for the last 4 years. its approx 1 foot in diameter. can u quote me please
blackharvester says 16/08/2011 3:02 pm (3 years ago):
PM sent
benny_blanco asked a question 25/08/2011 5:14 pm (3 years ago):
Hi blackharvester-

I've a front and back garden that needs some work. neither garden is very big- but hedges and bushes need to be cut back and grass to be cut. also have a bush that may need removing. Can send you pictures if its a help to quote.....i'm located in Drumcondra area. Many thanks...
blackharvester says 25/08/2011 5:48 pm (3 years ago):
thanks for asking. Pm sent
deeg asked a question 30/08/2011 4:35 pm (3 years ago):
Hi there, looking to have front side hedge trimmed and possibly about 10 small (2/3ft)dead hedges removed, an approximate quote would be great, thanks. I'm in Clonsilla, Dublin 15.
blackharvester says 30/08/2011 7:00 pm (3 years ago):
will PM you shortly
RobAMerc asked a question 02/09/2011 11:47 am (3 years ago):
I have a front and back garden that needs to be cut.
It normally takes me about 40 mins to do both ( with an elec mower ) - but I don't have the time at the moment.
Can you quote me to cut them pls - it will also need a bit of a tidy up for the first time but just general trim in future.
I am in D14 - thanks
blackharvester says 02/09/2011 7:27 pm (3 years ago):
Pm sent
shielser1 asked a question 07/09/2011 11:34 pm (3 years ago):
could you remove 40ft tree can i get a quote?
RobAMerc asked a question 08/09/2011 9:37 am (3 years ago):

Marios did our garden yesterday. I am just putting a quick note up to thank him for such a good job.
Marios is very professional and does very good work.

blackharvester says 08/09/2011 6:24 pm (3 years ago):
shielser1 thanks for asking, PM sent
Thanks Rob for good feedback.
shanemort asked a question 25/09/2011 8:22 pm (3 years ago):
Hi i have a large tree i would like removed and also a Path layed at the front of house and a general clean up, Im in Dundrum Dub 14, Can you call out and give a price please ?
blackharvester says 25/09/2011 10:24 pm (3 years ago):
hi. thanks for asking, will send you PM shortly
dkeego asked a question 21/10/2011 11:28 pm (3 years ago):
Do you have a tractor lawn mower? Would you be able to cut grass on reasonably large area in Clondalkin area. probably take a couple of hours or so.
blackharvester says 22/10/2011 11:21 am (3 years ago):
hi. sorry, but I dont have tractor mower, thanks for asking anyway
1916 asked a question 10/11/2011 8:53 pm (3 years ago):
How much to clear/bag leaves from front drive (its about the size of the driveway part of the picture of the garden on your profile), so its small + in front of house on roadway swept for about 30 metres of leaves, these don't have to be bagged, just swept clear

Its no more than a 15 min job, but looking to get in today either Sat or Sun 12/13th

Based near Rathmines, D6
blackharvester says 10/11/2011 10:36 pm (3 years ago):
thanks for asking. PM sent
aolk16 asked a question 23/11/2011 12:26 pm (3 years ago):
I have a a lot jobs that need to be done, handyman and gardening can you pm me your daily rate please? Thanks..
blackharvester says 24/11/2011 1:49 pm (3 years ago):
Hi, thanks for asking, PM on the way
Smoggy asked a question 08/01/2012 8:16 pm (3 years ago):
Thanks for the garden ! Looking great a few weeks after the work is done, can't wait to see it when the shurbs grow and fill out the front.
ashbyrne2011 asked a question 09/01/2012 11:11 am (3 years ago):
Just looking for a quote (Hopefully nice and cheap because bugdet is quite low) to get backgarden levelled and grass put down. I'm in Skerries...
I'm going to guess and say that our garden is about 25ft x 35ft...
banchang asked a question 09/01/2012 12:18 pm (3 years ago):
Marios has both done my garden & hung curtain poles for me. In both cases the work was excellent & reasonably priced. Highly efficient & reliable. Would recommend.
blackharvester says 09/01/2012 11:50 pm (3 years ago):
Thanks ashbyrne2011.
need know more details about your garden,
PM sent
Tabitharose asked a question 14/01/2012 12:11 pm (3 years ago):
Hi I have some bushes & trellis that need to be cut down & removed in Dublin 14. If you could please pm an email address to me I could send you some photos so that you could send a quote to me. Thanks in advance....
blackharvester says 14/01/2012 12:21 pm (3 years ago):
Thx, PM sent
wolfieb asked a question 22/01/2012 11:00 pm (3 years ago):
Hi there, just wondering if you service Maynooth area? Looking for a price for a garden tidy up to include cutting shrubs back, pruning two trees, taking up a small tree & taking the green waste away? Thank you.
blackharvester says 23/01/2012 9:25 pm (3 years ago):
Thanks for asking, PM sent
vanzzo asked a question 16/02/2012 12:02 pm (3 years ago):

How are you?

I arrive in Dublin a 1 month ago, i'm brazilian and when i lived in Brazil i working the gardener. Can i help you? i'll very interesting this job, i love this. If you want my help, call me 0 8 7 2 1 8 6 5 5 0.

Thank you
blackharvester says 16/02/2012 7:12 pm (3 years ago):
thanks, but I have helper already, dont need more helpers. good luck any way
pepperds asked a question 04/03/2012 3:48 pm (3 years ago):

Hope that you're well. Would you be available to do a spring clean on our garden. Mow front and back lawn, weed and clean driveway (some stubborn moss), some weeding on the lawns... A general tidy ready for the summer.

blackharvester says 04/03/2012 9:05 pm (3 years ago):
Pm sent
just-plain-sam asked a question 09/03/2012 9:57 am (3 years ago):
Need grass cut! Would be able to have you back every couple of weeks too!
blackharvester says 09/03/2012 8:03 pm (3 years ago):
pm sent
D7Phiborough asked a question 21/03/2012 11:43 am (3 years ago):
Hi there,

We were looking to get a quote for soeme gardening work.
I will pm you my details along with details of the gardens and the work required.

Many thanks
NasrBa asked a question 21/03/2012 12:23 pm (3 years ago):
I need someone to do general garden work for me every few weeks in Sutton, Garden not to big. Can you give quote please?
blackharvester says 21/03/2012 8:13 pm (3 years ago):
PMs sent
smelltheglove asked a question 24/03/2012 2:55 pm (3 years ago):
Hiya I am in Lucan and have a bush that needs some cutting and some small trees in the back that I would like cut down. Could you get in touch?
blackharvester says 24/03/2012 9:06 pm (3 years ago):
hi, I will send you PM
rdrr asked a question 24/03/2012 10:43 pm (3 years ago):
Hi, looking for quote for quick job (15 mins) - small front lawn cut approx 25x10 - In D6 and could be done any day of week
blackharvester says 25/03/2012 8:14 pm (3 years ago):
PM on the way
izyroo asked a question 27/03/2012 11:45 pm (3 years ago):
Hi There,

Please PM me. I am looking for some help in the next few days ideally - I can give you more details then and get a quote.
blackharvester says 28/03/2012 7:17 pm (3 years ago):
PM sent
traydub asked a question 29/03/2012 12:00 pm (3 years ago):
how much to do bk garden turn the grass over.
Wolfus asked a question 30/03/2012 1:04 pm (3 years ago):
looking to get a small tree trimmed down and shredded. tnx
blackharvester says 30/03/2012 8:34 pm (3 years ago):
traydub and Wolfus PMs sent
Broadsword67 asked a question 01/04/2012 9:50 pm (3 years ago):
Hi, I live in Howth and have a large back garden that is completely overgrown and needs to be deweeded and resown if your interested I would like to hear back regarding a quote.
blackharvester says 06/04/2012 9:50 am (3 years ago):
PM sent
drumcong asked a question 11/04/2012 9:14 pm (3 years ago):
Hi , we have a 3 bed house, can you give me a price on the following:

Standard size Frontgarden:

grass cutting and strimming,
removal of dead bushes
weed control
Small fencing to be erected between houses

Large Backgarden:

grass cutting and strimming
hedge and shrubs trimming
painting fences

Look forward to hearing from you.

blackharvester says 12/04/2012 8:19 pm (3 years ago):
PM sent
Ravenh0lm asked a question 20/04/2012 1:43 pm (3 years ago):
Hi, Can you quote me to remove 2 tree stumps from garden, prune a tree, remove some shrubs. Possibly relay new grass as the existing garden is being taken over by weeds. Standard front garden for semi-detached house. Living in Palmerstown.

blackharvester says 21/04/2012 12:30 pm (3 years ago):
PM sent
yoc asked a question 01/05/2012 11:23 am (2 years ago):
Hi can you give me a quote for pruning/ cutting off the top of 7 trees, please? They are as tall as a house. I am living in Donabate.

blackharvester says 01/05/2012 7:41 pm (2 years ago):
PM sent
peterjmaxwell asked a question 03/05/2012 10:46 am (2 years ago):
How much would you charge to cut grass in garden 15ft x 35ft, grass is over grown (approx 4-5 inches tall)
blackharvester says 04/05/2012 7:18 pm (2 years ago):
PM sent
Lindax asked a question 09/05/2012 11:34 am (2 years ago):
Hi looking to get my grass cut lots of over sized weeds
Lindax asked a question 09/05/2012 11:39 am (2 years ago):
Can send you a picture for a price if you can pm me your email address
blackharvester says 10/05/2012 7:05 pm (2 years ago):
PM sent
Ryle asked a question 15/05/2012 5:28 pm (2 years ago):
I have a small terraced garden which is paved with patio stones. However it has been a while since it has been looked at and is very overgrown with weeds and grass between the stones. I would just need a full tidy up of it really and would like to price it if possible. And to take away the cuttings
Thanks a lot
acmcnulty asked a question 24/05/2012 3:41 pm (2 years ago):
Grass is over grown and need to be cut. Also waste to be removed-old clothes lines, kitchen press doors, bike etc. could you contact me re: price. Thanks
blackharvester says 25/05/2012 6:32 pm (2 years ago):
PM sent
shabbyalonso asked a question 25/05/2012 11:21 pm (2 years ago):
Hi there, looking to have overgrown grass cut in a reasonable small garden. If you could send me your e-mail by PM, I could send a pic to you? Thanks a mill
blackharvester says 26/05/2012 6:10 pm (2 years ago):
PM sent
CiaraF1234 asked a question 27/05/2012 11:44 am (2 years ago):
Hi, I am living in Balbriggan, do you cover this area? I have a small overgrown lawn at the min and was wondering how much would it cost to have the grass but and strimmed round the edges?
Many thanks,
blackharvester says 27/05/2012 7:29 pm (2 years ago):
PM sent
LittleWhiteDog asked a question 28/05/2012 8:44 pm (2 years ago):
Hi, I have a medium sized back garden in Dublin 3 which we have allowed to become quite overgrown and I am looking for a quote to have it cleared with the possibility of removing some large shrubs.
blackharvester says 30/05/2012 8:36 pm (2 years ago):
PM sent
Moscow24 asked a question 01/06/2012 3:21 pm (2 years ago):
Hi Blackharvester

Recently moved to a new house and Garden needs a bit of a tidy up.

Can you PM me how much to cut small front garden and about 20ft back garden

We may also need bushes/tree removed and general tidy up depending on the price

Retrovertigo asked a question 02/06/2012 2:55 pm (2 years ago):
Hi Blackharvester,

I have a pretty small front lawn that needs to be cut, should only be a five minute job. Based in Rathmines. IF you could PM a quote it would be appreciated.

hohojojo asked a question 03/06/2012 9:02 pm (2 years ago):
hey there i have back garden that needs a good tidying and i was wondering if i emailed you pics could you give me a price to remove most of the bushes and tidy up the garden
blackharvester says 05/06/2012 11:31 pm (2 years ago):
PMs sent
Arsenal50 asked a question 08/06/2012 3:35 pm (2 years ago):
Hi, I am interested in getting a quote for someone to cut down and remove a hedge in the front garden and a row of bushes across the back garden.
mikesoftwiz asked a question 09/06/2012 10:18 am (2 years ago):
Pm Sent
keyi asked a question 10/06/2012 1:51 pm (2 years ago):
Hi we have a standard garden In Raheny that is a bit overgrown. Can you give us a quote to have it cleaned? Thanks
blackharvester says 13/06/2012 10:36 pm (2 years ago):
PMs sent
gally14 asked a question 16/06/2012 9:22 pm (2 years ago):
hi can you pm number few of my clients are looking for gardener..i bought multi tool from you which is work fantastic..derek
Bernkat asked a question 18/06/2012 7:44 pm (2 years ago):
I have several leylandii trees which need cutting for now and I will be looking to remove a couple of them in the future. They are approx 15ft tall at the moment. Can you advise what you charge for this please?
blackharvester says 18/06/2012 9:14 pm (2 years ago):
PM sent
mumx3 asked a question 20/06/2012 11:01 am (2 years ago):
Hi, we've a small back garden and are looking to get a large metal shed removed and replaced with a small garden shed and also get artificial grass laid and some stone borders removed. We're based in Dublin 3. Would you be interested in giving us a quote for this work?
blackharvester says 24/06/2012 12:17 pm (2 years ago):
PM sent
Anono2012 asked a question 26/06/2012 11:48 am (2 years ago):
Hi, we're looking to get our front and back garden cleared, trees cut down/ dug up etc. We're in Clondalkin and the gardens are big. Could you please give us a price for this. Thanks.
cs asked a question 26/06/2012 1:14 pm (2 years ago):
Looking for price for 2 trees to be chopped plus another stump to be removed and general clean up in garden in D9. Thanks C.
hacks asked a question 26/06/2012 3:11 pm (2 years ago):
looking for a price on removing of weeds thanks
Tulip321 asked a question 30/06/2012 10:41 am (2 years ago):
Hi there, could you give me a quote on getting my hedge trimmed L shape, and also small lawn to the front of the garden thanks...
edanto asked a question 30/06/2012 4:39 pm (2 years ago):
Hi, please send PM with your number to discuss tree & stump removal in sth Dublin. thx
GoosieHughes asked a question 02/07/2012 7:56 pm (2 years ago):
Hi Hi
I'm looking for a price for a garden tidy, hard prune / cut back of trees and shrubs, front and back garden. Grass cut, weeding and green waste taken away. In the Lucan area
4321 asked a question 02/07/2012 9:19 pm (2 years ago):
Hi i was just wondering how much it would cost to get rid of ivy overtaking back garden walls in the raheny area.
blackharvester says 08/07/2012 10:44 pm (2 years ago):
sorry for delay with replays, we are very busy at the moment
Cizzylou asked a question 12/07/2012 8:50 am (2 years ago):
Hi there, do you still remove garden waste? It's just shrubs from garden?
Psygnosis asked a question 12/07/2012 4:06 pm (2 years ago):
I have a house in ravenswood in castaheney in Dublin 15 that I will be renting soon. I need to get a small shed cleared out. Also the front and back garden need to be cut and the hedge cut back as well. The house is similar to this one. Can you drop me a pm and I'll contact you.
STEPH30 asked a question 17/07/2012 10:55 am (2 years ago):
Hi I have a property in tallaght i am about to rent. the last tennant let the grass grow over and i need someone to cut and clear the front and back. Standard 3 bed semi with side entrance. i would also be looking for a maintainance program maybe a cut every 3 weeks in the summer and some weed control etc during the winter. can you come back to me on prices for each. thanks
philip85 asked a question 26/07/2012 12:01 pm (2 years ago):
House in Milltown, small front garden, long (but narrow) back garden. Both in need of cutting/strimming grass and back needs bushes cut back etc. Could you PM me a quote please? Thanks!
Glen31 asked a question 30/07/2012 11:16 am (2 years ago):
Hi, I have a garden in cabra that needs to be cleaned up, it is a corner house, I did it myself for years, it takes no more than 2 hours to cut the grass, strim the edges and weed the path edges etc. i was looking for a price. if you can get back to me i would appreciate it.
lepri13 asked a question 03/08/2012 5:29 pm (2 years ago):
Looking for a quote on the garden in terenure can you pm some details
ladylouth asked a question 08/08/2012 4:01 pm (2 years ago):
We need two large conifer trees taken out of garden in Maynooth. They have to be taken through the house and taken away. Can you give a price?
django100 asked a question 08/08/2012 5:08 pm (2 years ago):
I need some overgrown hedge and a shrub cut down and removed. I also need a load of garden waste (shrubs etc that I have already cut down) removed too. I need the job done asap. A price & time frame would be great. Thanks.
Annaglennongroup asked a question 13/08/2012 7:50 am (2 years ago):
I need grass cut in Clonsilla, Dublin 15? It's a standard size back yard? When could you call over?
judyb asked a question 01/09/2012 8:37 pm (2 years ago):
Hi, my brother recommended u to me for gardening work, u recently done his garden in Palmerstown manor. U also bought a chest of drawers off me last year from oak court in Palmerstown. I'm looking for my back garden to be tidied and some grass layed instead of the weeds and bushes that are there now. Would u give me a quote If possible. Thanks Judy.
nellucd asked a question 02/09/2012 1:51 pm (2 years ago):
Hi, I was looking to get a front and back garden tidied and waste taken away. Also, if you do painting work, I'd like a quote for the front and back of a terrace house and small garden wall. I was wondering if you had a flat rate for a days work perhaps? You can PM me and let me know when you'd be available? Thanks!
iphone168 asked a question 05/09/2012 4:12 pm (2 years ago):
Can u PM ur number? I need some work done for my garden in Raheny tomorrow
Wallyb asked a question 07/09/2012 5:14 pm (2 years ago):
Looking to get my back garden in Glasnevin cleaned up.Please let me know how I can contact you. Thanks
mobyrne2 asked a question 07/09/2012 5:33 pm (2 years ago):
Hi Marios,

I was wondering if you could have a look at my back garden in Churchtown, Dublin 14. How can I contact you?


olifka asked a question 07/09/2012 9:12 pm (2 years ago):
Could u pls cut d grass in our garden tomorrow? It's Dublin 15
Mizzie asked a question 08/09/2012 1:19 pm (2 years ago):
Hi would you be able to come and have a look at my garden and then give me a quote? We have just moved in and hedges around it are pretty over grown, we dont have any equipment to maintain this or get rid of the waste.
SomeUnusedName asked a question 08/09/2012 6:39 pm (2 years ago):
Have a garden that needs looking after in Leopardstown, (front garden 15 x 20 feet back garden: 30 by 30 feet approximate) can you give me an idea of the price? PM is ok
bubz32 asked a question 15/11/2012 7:15 pm (2 years ago):
Hi, looking for a tidy up of my back garden in south tallaght, its not a big garden but we let it grow and our electric mowers useless , theres some kind of mossy stuff growing on the cement part too ! could you give me a qoute or could you call out and look first and give me a qoute then ?
Gub asked a question 16/11/2012 9:33 am (2 years ago):
Hi, looking for a quote to tidy up and clear out a big back garden, shrubs, hedges and tree stumps removed, pruning of fruit trees, removal of flower beds and levelling approx 40 square metres of over grown a veg patch. Ideally wud like fruit trees cared for soon... Thanks!
blackharvester says 19/11/2012 11:08 pm (2 years ago):
PMs sent
bauhaus asked a question 21/11/2012 1:45 pm (2 years ago):
Hi there. My backgarden is 5x4m and there are currently only low weeds growing in it after a build. How much would it be to get it tidied up + topsoil, ready for planting? Possibly a small raised bed and lawn. Thanks.
bauhaus asked a question 21/11/2012 1:47 pm (2 years ago):
Hi there. My backgarden is 5x4m and there are currently only low weeds growing in it after a build. How much would it be to get it tidied up + topsoil, ready for planting? Possibly a small raised bed and lawn. Thanks.
Akj777 asked a question 21/11/2012 9:42 pm (2 years ago):
We moving into a mid terrace house in ongar and the garden is in similar condition to the garden you have in picture 7 of 8. Can you send me a quote to clean it up like the picture 8 of 8.
blackharvester says 28/11/2012 9:16 pm (2 years ago):
PMs sent
cfitzgeraldster asked a question 30/11/2012 4:35 pm (2 years ago):
Hi. I need to get 2 eucalyptus trees cut down/back in my garden, trellis replaced that they have damaged, and depending on quote, some power washing, general tidyng up. I live in Lucan. Perhaps you would be able to visit to give a quote?
blackharvester says 01/12/2012 12:37 pm (2 years ago):
PM sent
abis asked a question 04/12/2012 10:36 am (2 years ago):
Looking for a tidy up of a backyard + front of the house, located in Rathgar.
blackharvester says 07/12/2012 9:34 pm (2 years ago):
PM sent
hempessy asked a question 02/01/2013 4:27 am (2 years ago):
do you work in the portlaoise area.
blackharvester says 02/01/2013 9:07 pm (2 years ago):
no. i am only working in dublin
Miss Stanley asked a question 06/01/2013 12:30 am (2 years ago):
Do you take away the waste ? How much do you charge per day ?
ADAMJAMES asked a question 06/01/2013 12:34 am (2 years ago):
Hi have a garden that's needs to be slabbed it's about 20 by 20 I'm in Lucan if I could get a price thanks
blackharvester says 06/01/2013 9:29 pm (2 years ago):
PMs sent
JILLYG558 asked a question 11/01/2013 12:36 pm (2 years ago):
hi from the clonshuagh area just bought a house and have a over grown back garden looking for a price please if you can come see it thanks
blackharvester says 14/01/2013 9:59 pm (2 years ago):
Pm sent
FOUNDHOME asked a question 22/01/2013 11:55 pm (2 years ago):
Could you contact me about tidying up our back garden? Pruning plants and shrubs
blackharvester says 23/01/2013 9:16 pm (2 years ago):
Mothy asked a question 27/01/2013 10:17 am (2 years ago):
Hi, What would be the chance of removal of some garden waste (left from summer cleanup) and an old shed remains; already dismantled; possibly even today or tomorrow afternoon? Need to make space.

Mothy asked a question 27/01/2013 12:20 pm (2 years ago):
Actually, it's ok. We have managed to sort something.
MXB asked a question 28/01/2013 1:22 pm (2 years ago):
I need hedge trimming and trees cut in North County Dublin. Initial work and maintenance thereafter. MXB
derravaragh asked a question 29/01/2013 9:53 am (2 years ago):
hi there, I need my back garden totally sorted out, its a mess! also need to get paving put down as there is just concrete outside back door, can you do this? we live in terenure...would love to get it sorted before the summer
jackbenny asked a question 03/02/2013 10:06 pm (2 years ago):
hi looking for my back garden done had a lawn put down 18 months ago but it grew up with big nettles and weeds and also patchy parts could you call out and have a look and give me a quote thank you
sylvd1984 asked a question 04/02/2013 8:39 pm (2 years ago):
pm sent
Adamstown asked a question 15/02/2013 4:53 pm (2 years ago):
Hi There, I would like to get the old turf removed from the backgarden and tidy-up the raised bed for new plants. The house is a terraced house in Adamstown. Wondering if we could schedule a meeting? Thanks A