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Asking price: €450withdrawn
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Dublin 7, Dublin
4 years ago
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Description (last update: 4 years ago)

*Price Drop 25st June 480 > 450*

Cost 639new (it's actually going up in price in shops)

Bought from Xmusic, Boxed, mint condition, never gigged, never left bedroom. I recorded 3 songs with this for a project I had and not longer work on that project. barely used. Now I need money for a new guitar synthesizer. More practical for me.

Can meet anywhere in Dublin City Centre for collection.


3 Complete Virtual Analog Synths
64 Note Polyphony
3 Oscillators
3 Multi-Mode Resonant Filters, LFO’s and Amplifiers, Plus 9 Envelope Generators
D-Beam Sensor
Combined Pitch Bender and Modulation Controller
Comprehensive Selection of Effects Including: Reverb, Distortion, Fuzz, Bit Crash, Flanger, Phaser, Pitch Shifter, Low Boost, and Delay with Panning and Tempo Sync.
Up to 5 Simultaneous Effects
Experession Pedal Input on 1/4″ Jack
Full USB DAW Compatibility for Midi Data, and Storing Patches and Phrases To USB Flash Drive
External Input for Playback of External Sources
With three complete synths, 64-note polyphony, three oscillators per voice, 9 envelope generators + effects, the Roland GAIA has some serious brains to go along with its knobtacular body.

Shipping: Collection
Payment: CashBank Transfer
thered 4 years ago
any interest in the hk pa in my adds
Redegg 4 years ago
@thered: I really don't have room for any more gear other than what I mentioned! cash only I'm afraid., no trades.
thered 4 years ago
no bother just hard to sell anything at the min ill get back to you if i sell the hk thanks,GLWS
Redegg 4 years ago
Price dropped
Redegg 4 years ago
Still available.
various_a 4 years ago
whats your lowest?
Redegg 4 years ago
What's on offer? Try me.
barry711 4 years ago
€150 and I'll beat up or menace whoever gets smart with ya for an entire year haha :p
Redegg 4 years ago
Ha! No thanks Barry.

This is still available.. Did I mention it's in MINT condition?
barry711 4 years ago

I'm saving for one of these, I've only 150 so far but I'll see if its still around in a few weeks time :) Hows it sound any way mate? whats it feel like, as in does it feel solid or flimsy and cheap?
hankarlo 4 years ago
Hi, is it still available? how old is it?
Redegg 4 years ago
About a year old. but used honestly for about 10 hours max and never gigged or left bedroom!

can't go to 300 or near that sorry.
lionelcollins 4 years ago
Hey Redegg, Would you take €350? I can collect today..
Redegg 4 years ago
Can you go any higher??
lionelcollins 4 years ago
About a tenner but that's all I have.
AfroSonic 4 years ago
Howdy, if this is still available. I'll offer 380 and can collect today?
Redegg 4 years ago
This is the best offer yet at least!. 400 hundred anyone? Live in Smithfield city centre. The thing is in mint condition, boxed, never gigged.
AfroSonic 4 years ago
I can drop over this afternoon with the cash if you are interested. Also looking at other options so let me know asap please.
Redegg 4 years ago
What's you're final price?
barry711 4 years ago
AfroSonic 4 years ago
Im out. Bought from another source.
barry711 4 years ago
Redegg 4 years ago
Barry pm me.
barry711 4 years ago
Its OK mate, I got one for €450 yesterday and I was extremely disappointed with it, I have it up for sale already.
Redegg 4 years ago
Really? What is wrong with it?

barry711 4 years ago
Yeah man. The machine is perfect itself but I really didn't care for the filter on it
Redegg 4 years ago
Still going.. I'm in no rush to shift this so I will wait till I get the very reasonable price I have listed and it's in mint condition.
SoulRock 4 years ago
anything in my adds?
Zeadwing 4 years ago
Interested in a left handed Jackson ( DK2L ). Check my ads.
G2daT 4 years ago
is this still for sale
Orishbass 4 years ago
have a new Boss dr880 drum machine from Xmusic, looking to trade for a synthesizer.
deansherry 4 years ago
350 offered
deansherry 4 years ago
Sorry should've been €380 cash
Redegg 4 years ago
Ad relisted:
I now want to buy a guitar synthesizer. Need to save space too.
deansherry 4 years ago
380 cash offer
Redegg 4 years ago
Can anyone go any higher? Its seriously in mint condition. No dust and box even in perfect condition!

deansherry 4 years ago
Cash & collect - offer still stands
CiALiN 4 years ago
What is the story with this? Still Available? What kind of nick is it in? Useage? Box and manual or anything?

deansherry 4 years ago
Final offer
Redegg 4 years ago
Anyone able to beat 400? Want to sell this this week.
deansherry 4 years ago
Cash & collect tomorrow
deansherry 4 years ago
Redegg 4 years ago
I'll reply to you shortly
deansherry 4 years ago
410 cash/collect
doylerrr 4 years ago
Offered and can collect as soon as you reply
kevmck 4 years ago
Still for sale?