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Android Media Player - 1080P Full HD, 8GB Flash Memory, Built-in WiFi, AV, HDMI, LAN, SD, Android 4.0 ICS

Android Media Player - 1080P Full HD, 8GB Flash Memory, Built-in WiFi, AV, HDMI, LAN, SD, Android 4.0 ICS
€110 Buy Now
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2 Available
c-tech 56 [56] gold A star A star A star This user runs an Adverts.ie shop
08/04/2015 2:43 pm (1 week ago)
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Android Media Player - 1080P Full HD, 8GB Flash Memory, Built-in WiFi, AV, HDMI, LAN, SD, Android 4.0 ICS

Description (updated on 07/04/2014 at 07:51pm):

Condition: New


Are you still paying for sky ??

With this box there are NO yearly subscriptions everything FREE FOR LIFE...

All our boxes come Pre loaded with

XBMC Software & Navi-X (Media Centre) and lots of addo ns for movies, Tv Shows & Live TV for all your local Saorview and UK TV channels, all sports channels & any other (payed for channels) also Adult channels.. Basically every channel you can think of can be streamed via Navi-X from 150 countries.
So just plug and play.....

Also Ideal For

Surfing the net.
Online gaming
Social networking
All sorts of music + lots lots more
All downloadable from the google play store...

***beware of other sellers on here that let you get caught for duties, taxes & customs charges***

All of our items are stocked & shipped from here in ireland so the price you pay is the price you pay no hidden extras or courier charges when they deliver the item to your door !!


Android 4.0 Media Player & SMART TV Box fully packed with advanced features: 1080P Full HD playback, built-in WiFi, AV and HDMI output, LAN port connection, SD card reader, and best of all, the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS for intuitive navigation and easy operation!

Latest Android on your television! Experience your favorite smartphone and operating system on bigger screen. This Android TV box supports USB mouse for you to easily navigate through all the delightful functions of android system. Watch Youtube video, browse internet, share photos with friends, chat on skype: everything you do with your phone and tablet can now be done on your TV!

Something for every family member, and every guest: with this TV box, entertaining guest and family members is made easier. Copy your entire movie collection to an external hard drive and play on this media player through USB connection, enjoy thousands of FREE videos, movies, TV, and radio on the internet, play android games - there is much much more you can do. This android media box will bring your tv’s multimedia capabilities up to a whole new level.

At a Glance...
Built-in Wifi - no dongle or software needed
Easy plug and play
Support USB wired mouse
RCA and HDMI output
1080P Full HD playback
Support Adobe Flash 10.3 playback
Support 3D movie playback
SD/MMC card reader
8GB built-in flash memory
Support external HDD drive (not included) up to 2TB

Short link: http://www.adverts.ie/1829767

Shipping & Collection options

  • Within Ireland:
  • €10.00
  • European countries:
  • €20.00
  • Rest of world:
  • €30.00
  • Collection:
  • Collection not allowed
Android Media Player - 1080P Full HD, 8GB Flash Memory, Built-in WiFi, AV, HDMI, LAN, SD, Android 4.0 ICS

Android Media Player - 1080P Full HD, 8GB Flash Memory, Built-in WiFi, AV, HDMI, LAN, SD, Android 4.0 ICS

€110.00 Buy Now
2 Available
  • Cash
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Paypal
  • 3V
veramick asked a question 21/10/2012 7:08 pm (2 years ago):
would be interested but your postage is way tohigh for the sameprice it could be bought from ashopwithout the hassle of waiting for a delivery
c-tech says 21/10/2012 7:20 pm (2 years ago):
@veramick: If you want to buy ill do the postage for €10 if you pay with paypal or credit card you will have it delivered straight to your door where is the hassle in that ? :-)
mayomac asked a question 07/01/2013 6:56 pm (2 years ago):
hi buddy, do these boxes come rooted. what would be your best price for a wireless keypad with this. and when will you have the mini pc sticks back in stock.
c-tech says 07/01/2013 7:56 pm (2 years ago):
@mayomac: Hi no these are not rooted but you can do so at your own risk.
The best i could do for this unit & th wireless controller would be €180 delivered or €170 collected we have them in stock & it would go out first thing tomorrow morning if you were to order tonight.
We also have a couple of the Android mini pc sticks in stock we have the newer dual core running 4.1 jellybean & also another dual core running Android 4.0.4 please see our other advertisements on here for full specs.

Kind regards,

c-tech says 08/01/2013 9:54 pm (2 years ago):
@mayomac: Hi you were enquiring about our smart tv dongles here is our newest version running Android 4.1 OS if you want to check out full specs by following shortlink below.

Kind regards,

c-tech says 08/01/2013 9:54 pm (2 years ago):
@mayomac: http://www.adverts.ie/2401354
bebot asked a question 27/01/2013 2:20 pm (2 years ago):
hi.. do you have a all share cast dongle??
c-tech says 27/01/2013 7:29 pm (2 years ago):
@bebot: Hi no we dont stock the samsung all share as most of these smart tv boxes pretty much do the same thing they basically turn your tv into an Android PC & if you install XBMC you can pretty much stream anything you want via WI-FI etc..


toffo asked a question 27/05/2013 10:06 pm (1 year ago):
I have a 500gb external hard drive USB could I connect this to it and watch movies on my tv? How much to deliver in dublin ?
c-tech says 27/05/2013 10:21 pm (1 year ago):
@toffo: Hi yes absolutely they are perfect for this as they have 2 USB ports built in & support external usb HDD up to 2 TB.
Delivery to Dublin is just €10 & we have them in stock here in wexford ready for next day shipping.


toffo asked a question 27/05/2013 10:27 pm (1 year ago):
@c-tech cheers thanks for getting back
c-tech says 27/05/2013 10:35 pm (1 year ago):
@toffo: No problem & just to make you aware they are shipped from Ireland & not overseas so you will not be left having to pay import charges unlike other sellers on here our price is the total price you pay.

Kind regards.


toffo asked a question 28/05/2013 6:00 pm (1 year ago):
@c-tech ill take one Off you ok I've no time till tomorrow to do the transaction is that ok
c-tech says 28/05/2013 11:18 pm (1 year ago):
@toffo: Ya no worries we have a couple of them in stock so shouldn't be a problem if you have any problems give me a quick buzz.



toffo asked a question 29/05/2013 7:46 am (1 year ago):
@c-tech ok that's great hold on to one for me ill put this order in as soon as I'm working thanks
c-tech says 29/05/2013 8:27 am (1 year ago):
@toffo: No problem cheers
toffo asked a question 25/07/2013 2:32 pm (1 year ago):
Still available?
c-tech says 25/07/2013 4:03 pm (1 year ago):
@toffo: Hi yes we still have a couple of these in stock if you order today it will go out tomorrow morning.


toffo asked a question 25/07/2013 11:32 pm (1 year ago):
That's sent to you ok thanks
c-tech says 26/07/2013 7:48 am (1 year ago):
@toffo: Payment received that will go out this morning you should receive mon/tue next week

Many thanks,

mccoyjay50 asked a question 26/07/2013 3:21 pm (1 year ago):
Is there any reset button on this device
mccoyjay50 asked a question 27/07/2013 4:55 pm (1 year ago):
I would like to buy one of these but want to know if it has a hard rest button
c-tech says 27/07/2013 9:51 pm (1 year ago):
@mccoyjay50: Hi sorry i missed your previous comment i just checked that there now & no hard re set button on these units but we have sold a good few without any problems it comes with a 1 year warranty.
If you want to see a demo we have a shop in wellingtonbridge co. wex.


Stevo2209 asked a question 25/10/2013 8:30 pm (1 year ago):
Hi, do these support a wireless air mouse? Thanks.
c-tech says 25/10/2013 8:53 pm (1 year ago):
@Stevo2209: Hi yes they do we also stock a few different types of the air mouses & android smart tv boxes.


eamok06 asked a question 30/10/2013 6:49 pm (1 year ago):
can you download any app for free on these.
c-tech says 30/10/2013 9:01 pm (1 year ago):
@eamok06: Hi yes there are over 700,000 apps available from the google play store if you would like to see a demo we have a shop in wexford.


ciaralil asked a question 11/11/2013 9:52 am (1 year ago):
hey does this work on old tellys, do you need to have keyboard with it
c-tech says 11/11/2013 11:15 pm (1 year ago):
@ciaralil: Hi no not this particular box but we have the next model up from this that can plug into an older tv via the included AV cable & it also comes with its own remote control if you want to check out the short link below.



hart92 asked a question 19/03/2014 9:01 pm (1 year ago):
Will ya b gettin more in?
c-tech says 19/03/2014 10:48 pm (1 year ago):
@hart92: Hi i have one of this particular box left in stock.

peterisiekwe asked a question 20/04/2014 10:17 pm (1 year ago):
Will I get all the sky sports and movie channels wit this box??
c-tech says 21/04/2014 11:02 am (1 year ago):
@peterisiekwe: Hi you can get many sports & movies on these using XBMC software & APPS etc. all via live streaming but it is not like your standard sky box you will need pretty fast broadband speeds of 6 - 8 mbs & ideally unlimited to get the most out of these they also turn your tv into an Android computer & smart tv etc..


c-tech says 19/06/2014 8:50 am (10 months ago):
@Deisewd: Hi no thanks only interested in cash sale on these.

slbirdie asked a question 09/09/2014 4:11 pm (7 months ago):
Hi, I am interested in this box to watch sky sports. Will sky sports have the ability to block this box in the near future? Thanks
c-tech says 09/09/2014 7:45 pm (7 months ago):
@slbirdie: Hi this box is not powerfull enough to run sports streams smoothly if you are looking for best box for that they are €180 inc delivery fully set up just plug & play.

andy.elliott.148 asked a question 05/02/2015 10:24 pm (2 months ago):
Well man.if u still have one them left il take 1.how easy are they to install? And can u record things like on sky or upc? ? Hates wathing adds I has to record everything....
c-tech says 05/02/2015 11:37 pm (2 months ago):
@andy.elliott.148: Hi yes I have one of these left in stock they are plug & play as we set them up so all you have to do is plug it in & connect it to your internet & that's it. There is no need to record on this as its all streaming & on demand so you just watch what you want to watch when you want to watch it.


andy.elliott.148 asked a question 05/02/2015 11:52 pm (2 months ago):
Ok cool.do I need an account for netflix or anything? ?no hidden charges or anything to use some of the services? ?and it has all the movie channels.and discovery, history all the stuff u get on sky?? Do u deliver over the weekend I'm only in waterford.pay u for it tomorrow evening
c-tech says 06/02/2015 10:36 pm (2 months ago):
@andy.elliott.148: Hi all services are free no hidden charges & no I don't deliver over the weekend but you can collect from the shop.


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