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GoSmart Ireland - Cheapest Android Smart Tv Box

GoSmart Ireland - Cheapest Android Smart Tv Box
€49.99 Buy Now
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GoSmart Ireland
105 0
Coolmine, Dublin
2 weeks ago
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GoSmart Ireland - Cheapest Android Smart Tv Box

Description (last update: 3 weeks ago)

Condition: New

**Biggest selling Android Tv Box on Adverts Pop in store today 104a coolmine ind est, next door to power city**

**new updated Mega Lite model available now with updated firmware - super charged ddr3 ram and overclocked quad core processor***

***Cheapest Smart Tv Box In ireland**

Quad core 2. 0ghz processor / 1gb ram / dual band wifi / 8gb internal memory / 3d video output / 1080p video output / optical digital audio out! **

We also have more advanced models available in store at suite 1, unit 104a coolmine industrial estate, dublin 15

***** due to the nature of this item, we are not responsible for the content accessed by the user and neither do we condone piracy so you must satisfy yourself that either you or the sites or applications accessed for streaming content have the copyright agreements in place and are legally entitled to access this content. *****

>>>>>>>>>we no responsibility for the use any of our products once they are purchased<<<<<<<<<


Google play store!

Thanks to the android operating system gives you access to the google play store! This gives you more than one million apps, including youtube, gmail, google+, firefox, chrome, picasa, mx player, and much more! Also, all games in the play store are great to play on the big screen. Through a flymouse you can easily play your favorite games from your couch.

Social media!

Stay connected with your family and friends through social media like facebook, skype, twitter, etc. Thanks to the many usb ports you can connect your webcam. As a result, you can even make video calls via skype, just as you are used to on your smartphone, but from your couch!


Netflix is a movie service that allows you unlimited movies and series watch for 7. 95 euros per month, the first month is free. If you like it, you can decide whether you want to exit. A subscription netflix is gaining prominence in the netherlands and their database continues to grow.


Both of which can be loaded onto the box in order to manage your local media library.


Android provides access to various music streaming services such as spotify, deezer, soundcloud, google music or youtube. You do not need to buy with built-in apps. No expensive equipment to the apps are available for free from the google play store! It is also possible to stream to your tv via a dlna android stick or androidbox thanks! Your music from your smartphone

We're very excited to introduce to ireland, the smart box dublin android tv box!

No need for a satellite dish, no need for cabletv connection - all you need for the smartbox - is internet access!

This exceptional device runs android 6 marshmallow comes equipped with a multi core amlogic processor, 1gb of ram and a quad core mali graphics processor.

We have you covered!

What this means is that our box runs in crystal clear high definition - and in 3d - where the source and tv set accommodates.

You can say goodbye to tv bills with the smartbox, but what does it do for you?

On demand movies

With the smartbox, you can access to an incredible library of on demand content through your television set. All you need is an internet connection and the relevant agreements in place with the content provider. Services such as netflix, amazon prime & hulu allow users to access a wealth of movie content in the comfort of their own home. Gone are the days where you were limited to what's on tv right now. With the smartbox, you are in charge of what you want to watch - and when!

On demand tv shows & boxsets

We’ve been blessed over the past 10 years with some fabulous tv shows from all over the world. Great comedy sitcoms, spectacular american dramas, and some of the best documentary and reality shows from across the globe. Everyone has their favourite tv series, and we all know how much it costs to go out and buy a a series boxset. Imagine having access to every boxset of not only your favourite shows, but so much more new tv shows to become loved too! All series, and episodes at your fingertips to choose when you want to watch them. Amazing right? With services such as netflix, amazon prime & hulu give you the ultimate choice in tv shows and boxsets.

So much sport!

Having access to sporting content is something that everyone wants. Football, golf, racing and action packed boxing, wrestling and martial arts are among the most popular sports in the world right now. The really great news is that you can access all your facvourite sports in the comfort of your own home without signing up to ridiculously overpriced premium tv providers. Now with the smartbox, you can view a wealth of sporting content via such applications as filmon, tvcatchup, sky sports news, wwe network, ufc fight pass and of course various catch up and highlights video services. You'll never be stuck for choice ever again – you will be able to access all your favourite sporting at the push of a button. That's an incredible thing for us sports fans!

Watch live tv

One of the coolest features of the smartbox is although it’s wonderful to have access to all this fantastic on demand content we’ve already talked about – sometimes we just love to browse some tv channels and see what’s on right? With the smartbox, you can browse quite literally hundreds of tv channels from all over the world. We have uk & irish channels, us channels, german channels, arabic channels, french channels, polish channels, romanian channels and so much more. Perfect for expats that miss the comfort of their tv channels from back home. These are accessible via the applications available in your georgraphic area, such as bbciplayer, filmom, tvcatchup, itv player, rte player and hulu to name but a few.

Turn your tv into a smart tv today

The smartbox android tv box is powered by the most famous operating system in the world today, google’s android. This gives you the opportunity to turn your tv instantly into a smart tv! You can browse the internet on your tv via the browser, or install google chrome if you’d prefer, you can access your facebook, twitter and linkedin apps direct from your tv. You can use the very best music apps like soundcloud and tunein radio – view your personal media library in the cloud with dropbox or even plan your next journey with google maps. Like games? Good, there are thousands of games for android that you can download to play on your tv set too! Google’s play store comes pre-installed for all your apps and gaming needs!

The smartbox has the most robust android firmware in the market.

The smartbox provides you with live freeview tv including:

Rte1, rte2, rte newsnow, rte junior

Uk freeview: bbc, itv, dave, ch4, ch5, e4, bbc news etc

Canadian tv
German tv
French tv
Russian tv
Italian tv
Australian tv
Kazakh tv
African tv
Asian tv

The smartbox provides you with access to the world's largest karaoke library! That's right! The smartbox is a karaoke player too!

This little box does everything!

Get in touch today!

*please note that access to live sports and on demand event replays require active and valid ownership of accessibility to said content. We cannot be held responsible for unauthorized access to any media*

Do not be fooled by cheap imitations of the smartbox - buy from an adverts veteran of several years with 100% feedback across multiple transactions with absolute confidence.

Why pay €100 per month on premium television packages when the smartbox puts you in charge of what you want to watch and when you want to watch it?

We give one box away for free every month on fb - make sure you keep your eye out for that!

We work with all major box suppliers bringing the best to you. We have starbox - we have dreambox - we have minix

Shipping: Collection: FreeIreland: €9.99Europe: €14.99Rest of world: €19.99
Payment: PaypalCash
GoSmart Ireland - Cheapest Android Smart Tv Box

GoSmart Ireland - Cheapest Android Smart Tv Box

€49.99 Buy Now
88 Available
  • Paypal
  • Cash
LDP 1 year ago
Where is the box I left on for repair two weeks ago. It was less than 8 weeks old. Droidstar is not replying to me. I have heard nothing since Monday.
GoSmart Ireland 1 year ago
@LDP: Hi there, I can't private message you on this - can you send a message through to the facebook page on facebook.com/StarBoxMx with your email address and I'll get this looked into for you immediately.
GoSmart Ireland 10 months ago
*** Huge Announcement ***

Please make sure you read all of the below.

Some of you may have noticed that we've received around 70 fake one star reviews on our Facebook page these last few days. It's somewhat sad but not surprising that our competitors are attempting to sabotage our good name, we find it all rather amusing - everyone wants to be us. :)

We are not going to take our reviews down and give these creatures the satisfaction, instead - we're just going to use the power of being BY FAR the biggest retailer in the country - both online via Droidstar.com & StarBox.ie and offline via our retail shop in Blanchadstown, Dublin - to hurt them where it matters most, in their pockets. So we're going to make an incredible announcement..

We are going to give you, the Irish consumer, the bargain of the century. You want a cheap Android Smart TV Box? Maybe you'd prefer a cheap Linux Smart TV Box? No problem.

Introducing the StarBox WoW TV Box, available in both Android or Linux. You decide.

How cheap is cheap? How about the cheapest priced Smart TV Box ever?
€35. Thirty Five Euros. Less than the price of an Under Armour T-Shirt. That's not a typo. 35 quid. WoW!

Within 5 minutes of it arriving, you'll be watching Live Tv, Sports, Movies and Shows 'til your heart's content.

Happy Summertime Everyone!

We will, of course, continue to stock our awesome Titan, Mega, Cobra and Cube product ranges for those who want a bit of an extra bite.

This offer is available online only at present as we manufacture 1000 pieces of this product. Pre Order right here on adverts.

Please allow 21 days for delivery. Limited to 5 boxes per customer - limited to 1000 boxes total.
eamok06 10 months ago
I have a m8 box can you update it for me as shoebox and kodi not running good
herbie1 10 months ago
Is that the box in the photo
herbie1 10 months ago
It's ok no need to answer
GoSmart Ireland 10 months ago
@eamok06: HI there, visit tvninja.is for instructions on how to add third party apps, that's not something we do I'm afraid.

@herbie1: We have various different boxes and models, visit droidstar.com and view our comparison page for additional info.
blanchbuyier 10 months ago
Are yous open today
blanchbuyier 10 months ago
Very bad service they show u in the shop make it look easy but it's not anything like the way they show bought 1 today done everything I was shown and nothing works no live TV no movies nothing and the so called tec support don't even get back to you stay well away all lies
GoSmart Ireland 10 months ago
@blanchbuyier: HI there, I understand you're having some issues with the initial up and running stage but 'm not entirely sure how we provide a bad service, it sounds as though you're just having some difficulty with initial setup. The team can help with that.

The guys in the shop are very good at demonstrations but obviously the onus is on the customer to digest what they're shown and utilise the support channels where needed.

Droidstar.com/support is the best way to contact the support team.

Please note that we have sold nearly 240,000 of these products in the last 3 years so it's not always possible to get an instantaneous response. I spoke to support and they have all cases up to date as of 5:30pm today. When did you contact them?

Also, it's worth joining the facebook group on TvNinja.is which has thousands of our users in it discussing all items relating to the StarBox products.

Please note that it's the marketing team that deal with adverts.ie and social media and we wouldnt be able to provide support via this channel but as it would seem you only initially contacted them after 5:30pm - I'd say you'll be getting a reply shortly.

There's absolutely no lies in anything this business provides, we would appreciate our respectful tone in return. We understand it can be difficult to some people when it comes to learning new things but the support platforms are there to help. With some patience, I'm sure you'll be incredibly happy with your product.
GoSmart Ireland 10 months ago
Hi again, just called the support manager and asked him to prioritise any and all tickets from today's shop purchases and they've advised me that they're completely up to date and all support cases are marked as resolved.

Can you elaborate as to what method you used to contact the customer support team?
blanchbuyier 10 months ago
Sorry about the last comment my wife sent that ye I've sent an email to support the setup is just not as straight foward as she thought but hey that's what the tec team is for iam just waiting on reply from the ticket I sent into you guys so waiting on them to get back to me
GoSmart Ireland 10 months ago
@blanchbuyier: Good news, I'm sure you'll be up and running in no time. Have good evening.
blanchbuyier 10 months ago
Hopefully thanks again
scuba1977 9 months ago
Are all your boxes pre loaded with the apps?is the streaming good ?
GoSmart Ireland 9 months ago
@scuba1977: our boxes are excellent streaming also they come loaded with some apps yes
blanchbuyier 9 months ago
Hi I got 1 of your boxes a month ago and it stopped working there is nothing coming up on the screen what so ever it's blank powers up but no picture showing
jonnie.h 8 months ago
Hi is your shop open today on a Saturday I'm looking to buy one of your boxes thxs
GoSmart Ireland 8 months ago
@jonnie.h: Sorry we never got back on Saturday we where very busy in store . We are open Today from 10am to 6 pm thats Monday to Thursday opening hours . We are also open Fridays 1pm to 7pm & Saturdays 11am to 5pm . Thank hope this helped
GoSmart Ireland 8 months ago
@blanchbuyier: if there is a problem with the product contact www.droidstar.com/support they will deal with your problem there we should have you back up and running shortly .
Kubik 8 months ago
Hi. I`ve got an ordinary TV set now. I was thinking of upgrading it to a new Smart TV set in the region of 1000 euro. Now I`ve come across your offers and a question has arisen. I understand that new Smart TVs are able to do certain things similar to your Boxes. Can you clarify, is your most advanced StarBox Titan Blade Android TV Box in any way better (have more features) than just a 1000 euro smart TV?
Mary Collins Murphy 8 months ago
Does using video mix incur a cost from internet prividers?
Pipciu 8 months ago
Hi, I have been trying to find you today but was unsuccessful. I have seen The sign next to power city but your shop is not there. Can you be more specific on your location? Also your phone number is not working!
rockydub 7 months ago
Is Kodi available on the starbox?
Stephen Power 4 months ago
If I sent a postal order for one today and you got it tomorrow would you ship it tomorrow?
gmalebby 3 months ago
Read the whole thing ? Whats on sale what name not all tha mumbo jumbo , wa model dya have
lulu01 3 months ago
Hi, is kodi pre loaded on these? Thanks
GoSmart Ireland 3 months ago
@Stephen Power: We don't accept postal orders I'm afraid!

@gmalebby: Sorry, what information are you looking for?

@lulu01: It's entirely up to you whether you use Kodi or not on our boxes
Cojody 3 months ago
can u give me directions from Tallaght please
A Touch Of Blush 2 months ago
is this still available?
Sparky70 2 months ago
Does it connect directly to the wifi or does it require an ethernet cable connection?
Gorgon 1 month ago
Can i buy 1 of these today? There €45 inc. P&P?
davidclayton 3 weeks ago
I purchased one of these 21 days ago here on Adverts.ie.
I contacted you by private message here, called your shop and submitted the contact form on your website asking when the product would be delivered. I got no response from any of these.

Please contact me with a delivery date within 24 hours or I will be reporting your ad to Adverts.ie
GoSmart Ireland 3 weeks ago
David, please accept our utmost apologies. Management are just now being made aware of an email issue where adverts.ie orders and comments are not being sent through to the team so we've just uncovered a bit of a backlog here. I'm going to private message you and propose a free upgrade solution to one of our premium boxes as way of apology. As you can see from this ad, it's comments and views and of course our feedback - this is not the norm. Rest assured we're determined to make this up to you.
Danielkelly 3 weeks ago
I selected to buy and pay by cash as collection was free I proceeded to go to were the shop was stated a hour away and found out that it's not really a shop and I could not buy there and then and was told there was nothing they could do only try and sell me one for 120 euro
GoSmart Ireland 3 weeks ago
Not entirely sure what you mean by not really a shop, the retail outlet is located next door to power city Blanchardstown. The only reason a member of staff in the shop would have pointed you towards the 120 model would have been stock levels with that being the cheapest available at the time.

This particular model in this ad has not been in Stock for some time. There's been many changes in the business which has led to notifications from the adverts platform not being received. This has now been resolved and we'll be updated the ads accordingly to reflect current stock range.
GoSmart Ireland 3 weeks ago
As a gesture of goodwill for your inconvenience, we will be able to offer you the 120e box for 49.99, if you'd like to take advantage of that please send us a private message. We'll do free delivery to avoid any further travelling on your part.
Danielkelly 3 weeks ago
Well it was no good to me after driving up when your advert page says in stock
Danielkelly 3 weeks ago
I would just prefer to get the 35 Euro box I ordered
RALPHPETE 3 weeks ago
This has me alarmed as I also purchased a 35 euro droidstar box, last Monday. Through Adverts. I have been onto your branch in Coolmine, left my name and number. I've been onto
RALPHPETE 3 weeks ago
Droidstar direct and Conor emailed back but that was last week. Still no box and no reply. All I want is the box I paid for or a refund
GoSmart Ireland 3 weeks ago
@RALPHPETE: We'll sort this out for you, please don't be alarmed. I'll send you a private message shortly.
GoSmart Ireland 3 weeks ago
RALPHPETE 3 weeks ago
I bought the box on the 20th of March 2017. Transaction id number is :


Amount paid was 44.99.

I've given my address to deliver it to, your add said next day delivery.
GoSmart Ireland 3 weeks ago
@RALPHPETE: Hi there, if you could reply to my private message please we'll get this resolved.
RALPHPETE 3 weeks ago
Just received my tv box, thank you. If its good I'll buy another one.


Danielkelly 3 weeks ago
Why can't I buy at price I asked
GoSmart Ireland 3 weeks ago
@Danielkelly: We no longer stock that model unfortunately Daniel. If you wish to send us a PM we can do a discount for you on one of the more expensive models as a gesture of goodwill.
Christopher Gaynor 3 weeks ago
Hi do u repair android boxes.
Johnwilliamoneill 2 weeks ago
Hi, is there somewhere on line I can see the operation of your units, I need something really easy to use, missus won't give up sky unless it's easy to use?

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