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70s doctors desks
midsant1974 says 17/11/2013 7:41 am (4 months ago):

@John Mohan hi John I wouldn't be available until 8pm

IPhone 3g 16gb
midsant1974 says 14/08/2013 7:07 pm (8 months ago):

@dohc95coupe offer accepted

3m long charger cable for iPhone
midsant1974 says 14/08/2013 9:29 am (8 months ago):

@manners no it's just a longer lead

Bonsai growing kit
midsant1974 says 13/08/2013 10:47 pm (8 months ago):

@jack lop sorry no. It would cost 5 to post

IPhone 3g 16gb
midsant1974 says 13/08/2013 6:40 pm (8 months ago):

@dohc95coupe was looking for bit more to be honest

Bonsai growing kit
midsant1974 says 13/08/2013 6:34 pm (8 months ago):

@jack lop I've just added a photo of details in box

Grow your own bonsai kit
midsant1974 says 13/08/2013 6:33 pm (8 months ago):

@Glenpatrick sorry never that way

IPhone 3g 16gb
midsant1974 says 13/08/2013 5:56 pm (8 months ago):

@dohc95coupe 6.1.3 and is unlocked

IPhone 3g
midsant1974 says 10/08/2013 11:33 am (8 months ago):

Still Available:

IPhone 4 8gb 12 months old.
midsant1974 says 09/08/2013 7:02 pm (8 months ago):

@dubborn accepted