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Trabucco Poetica Fishing Rods

Trabucco Poetica Fishing Rods
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10 Available
east coast 9 [9] gold A star This user runs an Adverts.ie shop
Swords, Dublin
21/05/2014 9:39 pm (10 months ago)
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Trabucco Poetica Fishing Rods

Description (updated on 14/06/2013 at 09:18pm):

Condition: New

Here it is the first MN rod (Michael Nardi)! This is an evolution of the rod Poetica, which were made technical amendments to further increase the casting performance. With the powerful version of the actual 250 grams, which were reached by casting performance real-built car, there are two other new models 160 and 200 grams effective. As above, both the two new entries make use of the best of the best materials and construction Trabucco technology pursuing the philosophy of no compromise: the structure of the blank strictly in CX-1 and components at the highest levels, Fuji Gold reel seat and Fuji SiC guides! Tip was further calibrated to achieve greater precision and inspiration to cast.The structure was finished in “Zero Friction”, a process that makes the unassailable blank from moisture and salt air, thus encouraging the flow of the line. At the bottom of the rod has been a good balanced knob that gives maximum stability is in the launch is in fishing. The rod is aimed at a much technique people that uses fine lines in reel and aerodynamic heavy lead. Perfect for use with Maxxis Pro Surf reels 8000 or 10000.

{Fuji SiC Guides}
The Fuji SiC (Silicon Carbide) guides are possibly the best guides you can find on the market. Diamond-polished Silicon Carbide rings are twelve times harder, dissipate heat four times faster, and weigh fifty percent less than standard stainless steel rings. While the stainless steel frame used is ultra resistant to wear and saltwater-proof. As a result the SiC Guides delivers greater casting performance, improved weight and balance, increased accuracy, reduced line twist and with a greater sensitivity.

{Fuji Reel Seat}
On the Poetica MN range, we selected only the best components and as reel seat we used the ultra reliable Fuji Dnps gold label, entirely built by graphite it offers a great strength, ergonomic and designed to last longer.

{Butt Cap}
The butt end cap is a feature that many don’t consider. But in fact it helps all the operations during the casts or when fishing and additionally it has the function to protect the butt end. We’ve designed also special rubber caps also for the inner sections to prevent any damage during the transport.

Price quoted is for the Trabucco Poetica 250gram rod, contact me for prices on on different weight rods.

A lot of the match anglers are getting these rods as a replacement for the famous Grauvell DH. I have been using one for the last 2 months and find them an absolutely brilliant rod. They are well capable of casting an 8oz weight and perfect for fishing in close with maddies.

Short link: http://www.adverts.ie/2451040

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Trabucco Poetica Fishing Rods

Trabucco Poetica Fishing Rods

€340.00 Buy Now
10 Available
  • Cash
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
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Scara asked a question 15/06/2013 8:52 am (1 year ago):
Do you have the 15ft 250g model?
east coast says 15/06/2013 10:02 am (1 year ago):
Yes I have two in stock.....
Sticky5555 asked a question 26/09/2013 2:32 am (1 year ago):
Do you stock the cattura mn 120 x-tra? If so how much tanks
east coast says 27/09/2013 12:29 am (1 year ago):
I dont have one in stock at the moment....I'll get you a price soon...

kerryman100 asked a question 16/11/2013 11:25 am (1 year ago):
Do you have a 250 g model in stock?
east coast says 23/11/2013 10:18 pm (1 year ago):
Contact me at 0-8-6-3-6-5-0-3-2-1
b18kid asked a question 09/02/2014 5:01 pm (1 year ago):
have you the 4.2 250g model in stock?
east coast says 10/02/2014 9:26 pm (1 year ago):
Hi b18kid....Contact me at 0-8-6-3-6-5-0-3-2-1
b18kid asked a question 11/02/2014 12:05 am (1 year ago):
will call you tomorrow just seen this now thanks
ciaran fogarty asked a question 17/02/2014 2:21 pm (1 year ago):
Hi Paul have you still got those rods in stock and what price you doing on them now
ciaran fogarty asked a question 17/02/2014 2:22 pm (1 year ago):
The 2509 4.5 m one
east coast says 17/02/2014 11:25 pm (1 year ago):
Hi ciaran
Call me at 0-8-6-3-6-5-0-3-2-1
ronan.mcnulty.9 asked a question 13/05/2014 9:49 pm (11 months ago):
Do you deliver or post the rods?
east coast says 21/05/2014 9:10 am (10 months ago):
Can you text me @ 0-8-6-3-6-5-0-3-2-1
east coast says 21/05/2014 9:10 am (10 months ago):
@ronan.mcnulty.9: Text me @ 0-8-6-3-6-5-0-3-2-1
Michael monkeyboy asked a question 25/05/2014 8:42 pm (10 months ago):
Hi mate,do you have the 15ft 250g trabucco poetica in stock please and would you be willing to send it to merseyside England. Cheers
Polothermal asked a question 14/08/2014 12:38 pm (8 months ago):
Hi , Do you have second hand rids , are you a supplier ?
east coast says 21/08/2014 12:13 pm (7 months ago):
@Polothermal: Contact me 0-8-6-3-6-5-0-3-2-1.
sanpper asked a question 23/08/2014 7:01 pm (7 months ago):
hi do u still have the poetica in stock thanks mick
east coast says 25/08/2014 1:19 pm (7 months ago):
@sanpper: Hi Mick, Give me a ring or text and ill call you back ..... Text me @ 0-8-6-3-6-5-0-3-2-1
sarah54321 asked a question 02/01/2015 1:23 pm (3 months ago):
Any 14ft 250g models what price can u do them for?
richie327 asked a question 14/04/2015 11:20 pm (3 days ago):
Any these left?? 14ft 250g in stock?

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