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  • E-sellerArt

    5 Thank you for visiting our Adverts.ie shop. We do our best to provide most reasonable price and the best quality . We are genuine Ireland Seller based in Dundalk co louth. Our ultimate goal is to provide best possible quality at reasonable price and looking for 100% Positive feedback with 5 star rating. if any problem. We will provide the best customer services to handle your query and resolve it ASAP, all of your massages will be answered in timely manors. We always try to dispatched the item ASAP, if you like the item to be delivered on different address please update the address before you press the pay button, option is available to change/add new address. We always use Adverts.ie delivery address, so please make sure you have the right address in your Adverts.ie account. If you have any questions about the item or our service, please feel free to contact us via Adverts.ie Messaging system. This is the quickest way to contact us, as many times messages in email will go in junk mail folder and will not reach us. We guarantee you, once you use our services you will always come back.

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  • Earth Mother

    5 Welcome to Earth Mother! The online baby store for natural, pure baby care at affordable prices. Earth Mother is a family-run business started by Siobhan and Chris Elsom, two years after becoming parents and discovering the amazing world of babies. Our mission is straightforward - to provide Irish parents and their children with the best natural eco-friendly products at the lowest possible price. If you find an item cheaper elsewhere, please let us know and we will match that price. We sell the highest quality products for mothers and babies without any hidden, harmful chemicals. We have tried and tested many products as our family has grown and we are happy to be able to share the best and most trusted here. Have you become more conscious of what you put on and in your body while pregnant and caring for your family? I know thats what happened me when I became pregnant for the first time - suddenly my body was a temple (as if it wasn't already :-) ) and I really wanted to make sure there was nothing harmful getting anywhere near my baby. I also became a lot more conscious of my stamp on the environment, now that we were going to have a more direct involvement in its future as our children and hopefully grandchildren grow. It made me look beyond our own lifetime really! I shopped around - mostly on the web - and found that it was difficult to source quality products and useful information in the one place. So we started Earth Mother in order to provide like-minded parents with a one-stop-shop and information portal for all things pure, natural and environmentally-friendly for parents. We endeavour to source all of our products from ethical businesses that produce natural, organic and sustainable products, ensuring a cleaner, greener world for our children and future generations. The most important thing we can do is make sure that you, our customer, is satisfied and we will bend over backwards to ensure you have a great shopping experience with us. Please let us know what we can do for you. The more you shop with Earth Mother - the more we can expand our range and bring you even more fantastic natural baby products at affordable prices.

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  • East Coast Car Parts

    5 East Coast Car Parts is a wholesale automotive parts and supplies business. East Coast car parts business opened in 1980. The business originally occupied a small area of 150 square metres. Today the business is housed in an area of 1200 square metres. Located in Tallaght adjacent to the M50 Motorway East Coast Car Parts is ideally located for easy daily distribution to a nationwide customer base. During the 30+ years the business has been trading East Coast Car Parts has built a strong reputation for both mechanical and body repair products. Our experienced staff are trained to provide expert advice on all requirements and Technical advisors are on hand to assist body repairers solve paint related problems. Site visits can be arranged. East Coast Car Parts is proud to represent the following brands as Irish Distributor, Anest Iwata, Carsystem, Denckermann, Japanparts, K2, Machiba, Mapco, Sofima, Technostart, Veco & Yacco. Anest Iwata, a market leader in spray guns & painting equipment manufacture their product with the professional painter in mind. Guns designed by Italian designer Pininfarina are produced in Japan to exacting standards. Carsystem, the inventors of body filler in 1955, produce a range of over 1200 products for the automotive body repair industry. Carsystem products are developed to make repair jobs easier, faster and more cost effective. All Carsystem products are top quality manufactured to the highest specification. All products are silicone free. Denckermann is a European based company with it’s H.Q. in Warsaw. Products are produced to very high standards and cover a wide range of applications including Shock Absorbers, Waterpumps, and all Brake Components. All Denckermann products carry a 2-Year warranty. Mapco is a long established company developing and providing replacement parts to the German aftermarket. Mapco is renowned for quality with every component carrying a 2-year warranty. East Coast Car Parts carry the Mapco range of Steering & Suspension parts, Ait Flow meters, ABS Sensors and Ignition Coils East Coast Car Parts also represent a number of brands on an exclusive basis including Sofima - filters, Brakeworld - brake components, Technostart - bearings,Anest-Iwata – spray guns and equipment, Yacco Oil, Smirdex - abrasives and Rhutten – chemicals. Together all of the above East Coast also share representation with some brands including 3M, Nexa and MaxMeyer – paints, U-Pol – body refinishing products,Japanparts, Denso spark plugs, Fister wiper blades and Loctite.

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  • East King


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  • East Coast Laptop Spares

    5 Here at east coast laptop spares, we supply almost every part for almost any laptop or netbook on the market!! As we cant advertise everything (because it would take years!!) If you dont see what your looking for in our shop doesnt mean we dont have it!!..You can simply request the item of your choice and we will quickly respond with an unbeatable price that you can pay with ease through paypal and post as soon as you order for super fast delivery. we occasionally sell reconditioned laptops and netbooks so if your interested in buying something second hand to save some money, just leave a message and if we have nothing in your name will go on a list and will be contacted as soon as something comes in. Its as simple as that! We are a computer repair shop and all parts are genuine and original.

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  • East Coast Tackle 

    5 We are totally committed to giving the angler one of the best all round angling experiences they can get. We treat every customer with the respect they deserve whether they are a newcomer to the sport or have been fishing for a number of years. We will always do our best to advise customers on the best tackle to do the job they want at realistic prices.

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  • Easy Fitness 

    5 We promote health & fitness products that are easy to use and will allow you to live a healthier and more enjoyable life. Our concept is based on the foundation that you can’t be fit without being healthy, the fundamentals of which are Exercise, Diet, Relaxation and Qaulity Sleep to promote performance recovery. Exercise: We selectively promote low impact equipment to save on your joints, but now also carry a wider range of exercise gym type machines and weights to meet with demand and your preferred choice of exercise. Diet: Good diet is imperative for healthy lifestyle and athletic performance. In this respect we advocate, cold press juicing, for you to absorb the most live enzyme benefits of all the vitamins from vegetables, particularly the greens. This is not to be confused with a juice made with a high speed centrifigul juicer or blender, where most of the the quality of the enzymes are burnt off through the heat of the speed process. See the juicer comparisons on the video clip on our website in the video gallery on our homepage. Juicing is so beneficial, for our digestive system, leaving us with all that extra energy to engage in life’s run about. Ever wonder why we are so tired after a big meal: well its because your body is burdened with the chore of breaking down all that food in your digestive system and now with all the processed food that’s about, some of which you’d be better off without. So eat wise i.e. know what your eating and juice and you’ll find you’ve loads more energy and better able for the marathon of life and trimmer and faster. Relaxation: Yes, it is so important, but most people are deprived of time out because of our busy lifestyles. 15 Minutes on a chi machine can bring so many benefits Relieve stress –one of the main causes of most illnesses Improve lymphatic circulation – crucial for a healthy gut and cellulair efficiency Many more – check video clip for zen chi or reviber bodywave for more details or avail of a free trial in store Or maybe 20 minutes on a massage chair just to unwind from life stresses. It could be mediation or just time listening to the birds sing – whatever it is do it – it’s your time and it’s food for the soul. Quality Sleep: Never underestimate the importance of a good nights sleep. It’s recharge the battery time and if not done properly we pay by lethargic performance in all walks of life. A good bed – mattress is the most important piece of furniture you’ll buy for your house. It can influence how you feel on a daily basis.

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  • Easy Saver

    5 Why buy from us? ✔ All devices tested - no time wasting ✔ Fast dispatch - same day if payment cleared before 3pm - after 3pm - next business day ✔ 10 Days return policy v Full after sale support

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  • EasyEcoSteps

    5 Easy Eco Steps was established in February 2012 to give focus to renewable and energy conservation aspects of the retro‐fit market. The company’s main objective is to enable the customer to easily establish and understand the most suitable sustainable refurbishment tools and methods for their properties.

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