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  • Best Value Furniture And Flooring

    5 We are a new company retailing in household goods

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  • Betterplants

    5 Better plants is a family run midland based company and 100% Irish. We thought of the name better plants as we believe that you will have better plants after using our seaweed products We set up betterplants.ie in 2012 after trying to find the perfect seaweed extract!!! We have been using seaweed for years in our garden for years, collected from the beach but long term this is not good, so we set out looking for a product both liquid seaweed and a dried that would be as good as the seaweed we were using, what we found both in garden centres and on line were watered down liquid seaweed and others that were heat extracted with a lot of the real goodness boiled out of the liquid seaweed during the extraction process, A lot of the other plant food out there was exactly that just food for the plant but they were doing nothing for the soil so we set about looking for a product that was not only a natural product that would not only feed the plant but also feed the soil as over use of the same soil will result in poorer crop and you will have to use these chemical plant food more often. We came across a company in Donegal OGT who could supply us with a cold process extraction liquid seaweed. This unique extraction process retains the bio-active compounds naturally found in the seaweed. This is done without the need for harmful chemicals or heat. Research has shown that extraction over 40 degrees C can adversely affect and alter the natural composition of the plant and reduce its nutritional goodness. They could also supply us with a dried milled seaweed this product is superb soil conditioner for the garden. So all we had to do is get a website, bottles, tubs and labels and agreements in place and then we were in business. This seaweed is only sold on our web site as we had it in a few garden centres but the prices they wanted to charge for the product was in our opinion was way too much. Buy on our website www.betterplants.ie works out a lot better value for the customer We also supply a range of natural and organic Animal feed. These products are made from 100% organic seaweed. For horses cattle and we do a seaweed pet supplement. Mission Statement “To offer the highest quality, most effective, 100% Organic and 100% Irish Seaweed Products across the gardening, farming and animal breeder’s communities and to exceed expectations every time!"

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  • BGSL

    5 BGSL has been established to meet and service a growing demand within the European marketplace for new and innovative products that can be distributed and sold by a variety of sales channels such as internet, retail and wholesale. We have been selling our innovative products since 2010. Our aim is to bring you quality, innovative products to our customers at great value prices.

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  • Big Mickey

    5 We sell Big Brand Furniture, Bedding and alot more at Massively Discounted Prices.

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  • BigBoy Gadgets

    5 We offer a large range of Gadgets with free worldwide shipping.

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  • Bioheat

    5 With a bioethanol fireplaces you will enjoy the instant pleasure of an inside fire without the disadvantages of a traditional fireplace such as flue, ash, dust, smoke, solid fuel and storage. There no maintenance required and our fires have almost no heat loss. A typical fireplace loses approximately 60-70% of its heat, literally blowing it thru the funnel. Biothanol fireplaces burn with an efficiency of up to 98.6% -AND -they do not need a funnel or chimney. These brings the effectiveness to 100% because there are no emissions and no health hazard. Bioethanol fireplaces are more than simply an elegant and eco-friendly way of heating your house. They are FIRE ART ! Our beautiful burners come in a huge range of shape, size and designs - everything from wallmounted multiburner units to small table top pieces. Not that they only provide a gentle and high efficient heat, they will give the room an amazing ambience too. It's up to you when to light or extinguish it. Simpel to operate with no dirt to clean bioethanol fireplaces are extremely user friendly Health & Safety Information Please read carefully our health and safety advice 1) Please store your biofuel in appropriate distance from any fireplace on a cool and dry place 2) The combustion of bioethanol uses the oxygene in the room. Therefor it is important that you ventilate the room to ensure sufficient supply of oxygene 3) Keep the fuel always away from children 4) Under no circumstances, do not refill the burner chamber with fuel when the fire is still on or immediately after a tank fill has been used. The fuel chamber need to cool down first for a period of 20-30 minutes 5) Do not use Bioethanol indoors if the purity does not meet a degree of 96% and higher 6) Bioethanol fireplaces have a nice and warm ambience and produce in average between 1.5 -3,5 kW of heat, however, bioethanol fireplaces are not supposed to replace your primary heating system, but serve as a complementary source of warmth and ambience 7) Under no circumstances do attempt to estinguish the blaze in your fire place with water. Use either the estinguisher device supplied with your fire place or in case of an accident use powder based fire estinguishers. Bioethanol is lighter than water and the buring fuel will swim on water, hence an attampt to estinguish with water can lead to a greater unwanted spread of the fire, causing severe damage

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  • Bits & Bobs

    5 Here at Bits & Bobs are aim is to provide everyday quality items at low cost prices.

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  • Blackstairs Antiques & Salvage

    5 Trading in : antiques/vintage/modern furniture /salvaged goods ie : building materials /garden furniture / auto parts/ also furniture related products : woodworm treatment / fabrics/ foam /upholstery materials/ leather kits / full upholstery service ie : antiques/ modern / bespoke / motorbike/ car / boat /truck .

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  • Bobi Shoe


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