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Man And His Van For Removal And Recycling.

Man And His Van For Removal And Recycling.
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Skerries, Dublin
30/07/2012 6:14 am (2 years ago)
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Man And His Van For Removal And Recycling.

Description (updated on 04/11/2012 at 07:47am):

2 Men and a large van available for moving home ,recycling of your unwanted personal belongings,including garden wastes,all irish areas covered including the united kingdom and the north of ireland,no job too small,fully insured. Driver based in dublin.

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  • Know exactly what you are getting for your money
  • Get quote in writing and ask for references
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baiba.81 asked a question 08/05/2012 8:59 pm (2 years ago):
Can you tell me ,what you are moving and what sort of date ?
baiba.81 asked a question 08/05/2012 9:06 pm (2 years ago):
baiba.81 asked a question 08/05/2012 9:10 pm (2 years ago):
What do you say?
lullaby692000 says 08/05/2012 9:15 pm (2 years ago):
Its 65 Euros,what do you say?
yourshopireland asked a question 10/05/2012 4:32 pm (2 years ago):
how much for 8x4 pool table, rush to dalkey
lullaby692000 says 10/05/2012 7:04 pm (2 years ago):
75 sir.
yourshopireland asked a question 12/05/2012 5:59 pm (2 years ago):
could you do 65?
lullaby692000 says 12/05/2012 6:09 pm (2 years ago):
Ajinka asked a question 18/05/2012 11:03 am (2 years ago):
How much for 2m sofa bed from Oak Drive, Blessington, co Wicklow to Swords, co. Dublin.
lullaby692000 says 18/05/2012 11:25 am (2 years ago):
hi,pls. can you pm me your contact number and ill tell you,I'm new to this site and sometimes don't find pm icon:) like now,hope to hear from you.
poppn101 asked a question 25/05/2012 11:25 pm (2 years ago):
Hi, looking to move a load of pallets fram blanchards town to clontarf
evil.monkey84 asked a question 26/05/2012 9:30 pm (2 years ago):
How much does it cost to move baby room and few boxes (Only one drive) From Tallaght to CityWest?
hooglyboogly asked a question 02/06/2012 8:24 pm (2 years ago):
Hi how much would you charge for collecting a 3seater sofa in skerries and delivering to rush only?? Thx
ELG asked a question 10/06/2012 7:50 am (2 years ago):
Hi, I'm looking for a large item picked up from Walsall in the U.K. dimensions are 74inches high, 23 inches wide and 30 inches depth as for the weight i would assume it would be 70kg.

Need item delivered to Tallaght, Dublin 24. No rush on this job, so whenever you are available.

Both addresses are residential.
lullaby692000 says 10/06/2012 8:56 am (2 years ago):
I can't at the moment as I've not made my bookings,I will in about a week ,hope its ok,most important thing is I'm aware you need an item from Walsall and I wont forget that,may I have your contact details so I can stick in the diary.
lullaby692000 says 11/06/2012 6:30 pm (2 years ago):
hi,I did Send you a message ,don't know why you never got it,I will in a couple of days determine my date of travel as I am yet to book it,Will surely be in June,probably towards the end of June,reason is I need to wait on the pick up date for a removal here to England,thank you for your patience.akin.
Eddie241 asked a question 12/06/2012 9:27 am (2 years ago):
Hi. Lookin to collect a table and chairs from mullingar Thursday morning.
Will you be heading out that way or how much will it cost separate?
lullaby692000 says 12/06/2012 10:17 am (2 years ago):
if you can pm me your contact details including how soon you need it done ,I might be able to do something for you,I've a few friends who are couriers that I could ask on your behalf.
ScorpionRs asked a question 17/06/2012 7:37 pm (2 years ago):
we are moving from a one bed apartment in Leopardstown to Drogheda city center.
We have one large bookshelf ( 7ftx 3ft), a chest of drawers ( 5ftx 4ft) plus personal belongings of two people and some kitchen ware.
Let us know what the price will be. Thanks
HouseClearance2012 asked a question 18/06/2012 2:41 pm (2 years ago):
Hi, Could you give me a quote for moving a treadmill from Holywood, Co. Down to Dublin D6w? Date is not important as long as its in the next couple of weeks. It folds in half and the dimensions when folded are approx 6ft x 3ft x 1.5ft; and I think it weighs about 250lb.
Angela04 asked a question 24/06/2012 1:19 pm (2 years ago):
How much to collect 2 pallets of limestone in Dundalk and deliver to Knocklyon and unload in back garden?
gotdaforce asked a question 24/06/2012 10:36 pm (2 years ago):
Seen you interested in an audi check my adds. Cheers
lullaby692000 says 02/07/2012 5:08 pm (2 years ago):
hi,do you still need the job done?
lullaby692000 says 15/07/2012 10:17 am (2 years ago):
hello ,ill be in the UK.on Tuesday and be back to Dublin on Friday,do you want it done still?
31emer asked a question 29/07/2012 11:25 pm (2 years ago):
hi. can you quote me for removal from Dublin to Lincolnshire. van load of household goods around 28 of august. thanks
fluffy asked a question 30/07/2012 10:11 am (2 years ago):
hi can u pm me wit a price to collect a 4 seater corner suite from maynooth to newbridge thank you
ruby_von asked a question 01/08/2012 10:57 am (2 years ago):
Can you pm me about a move from
Haroldscross to Finglas tomorrow evening?
lullaby692000 says 01/08/2012 11:26 am (2 years ago):
you happy with 70 ? what time tomorrow suits?
big daddy asked a question 03/08/2012 12:54 am (2 years ago):
How much would it cost to deliver a sofa from ballyfermot to Kildare town (the curragh)? Cheers
emmylen asked a question 08/08/2012 12:00 am (2 years ago):
Hi could you give me a quote for a house move from Dublin to Galway. It would be 2 x chest of drawers, children's furniture, clothes, small tv unit etc. Thanks
FoxyRoxy asked a question 08/08/2012 12:33 pm (2 years ago):
Looking for a price to remove belongings (boxs and tv) from Balbriggan to Clarehall thanks
Aspirant asked a question 13/08/2012 12:06 am (2 years ago):
Hi, How much will you charge to relocate from Blackrock, Dublin to Athlone town center?
Andycynwa asked a question 13/08/2012 1:14 pm (2 years ago):
How much for sofa and 2 chairs from sandymount to navan?
pleonastication asked a question 13/08/2012 4:07 pm (2 years ago):
Hi, how much would you charge to move belongings from Cork to Manchester? I live in a bedsit, so there isn't that much. Four or five boxes and a couple extra things.
ally_conlon asked a question 30/08/2012 2:34 pm (2 years ago):
Hiya, do you do Ireland to England removals? Looking to get a price on removal from Dublin to south of dublin one man only needed. PM if you do and will give more details Full van load
lullaby692000 says 31/08/2012 2:04 pm (2 years ago):
hi,when exactly do you intend to move them maybe I can come out with a better price? and what's the best quote you got so far?
laurenk asked a question 04/09/2012 3:46 pm (2 years ago):
Hi could you come to bristol uk and pick up 8 storage boxes, a childs electric car, 2black bags and a small cot stil in the box and bring them to ballinasloe, co.galway? How much and when?
feebee12 asked a question 17/09/2012 6:50 pm (2 years ago):
how much for bringing two sofas to the dump in swords, then collecting two sofas in wicklow town, returning them to swords, co dublin? Thanks
lullaby692000 says 17/09/2012 7:25 pm (2 years ago):
hi,I could do them for 90 Euros,if thats ok.
lullaby692000 says 17/09/2012 7:27 pm (2 years ago):
hello Lauren,hope you're good,would you mind leaving me a feedback ,thanks.
lullaby692000 says 17/09/2012 7:51 pm (2 years ago):
hi,hope you're ok with the price.
buster041 asked a question 20/10/2012 7:27 pm (2 years ago):
hi do you still do delivereys?
lullaby692000 says 20/10/2012 7:46 pm (2 years ago):
yes I do.
lullaby692000 says 22/10/2012 9:05 am (2 years ago):
hi , are you still looking to get something done?
xxroisexx asked a question 26/10/2012 12:53 am (2 years ago):
hi can u pm me please wont let me send u a private message
tonybodhran asked a question 06/11/2012 8:25 pm (2 years ago):
What do you charge for an hour and half max move?Our house is in skerries, New House is 5 mins away . Took Large van last time in one move, have1 king size bed, double wardrobe, one large heavy dining table, one large workbench,1 small bookcase, 2 small chest freezer. 2 bed side lockers. Maybe 2 or 3 large boxes., other various small boxes. Bungalow to two story, only bed going upstairs in new house. One man needed, help here on the day.Can you give me a quote. Thanks
ohanrahan asked a question 16/11/2012 8:56 am (2 years ago):
Quotation sought: need to move couch from Fairview Dublin 3 to Ashington (Navan Road) Dublin 7