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NEC Projector VT59G x 1 new for sale

NEC Projector VT59G    x 1 new for sale
Asking price: €350 sold
DaForceCork 29 [29] gold A star A star This user is a verified user of Adverts.ie
10/09/2010 11:01 pm (4 years ago)
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NEC Projector VT59G x 1 new for sale


One NEC VT59G projectors for sale, still in box and original packaging with nothing on the lamp

Bought for project that didnt happen and have been sitting in storage

Complete with carry case,remote control and leads

See review/spec here



Short link: http://www.adverts.ie/228582


  • Collection: Yes
  • Delivery: No
  • Post/Courier: No
  • To be arranged: No

Payment methods

  • Cash/Postal Order: Yes
  • Paypal: No
  • Cheque: No
  • Bank Transfer: No
Shaygrah asked a question 26/05/2010 6:18 pm (4 years ago):
interested in any swaps .. djm mixers laptops etc ..
DaForceCork says 26/05/2010 7:50 pm (4 years ago):
Prefer cash Shay but depends what your trading etc
DaForceCork says 30/05/2010 8:36 am (4 years ago):
One provisionally sold to friend and will confirm tomorrow evening.
korben asked a question 08/06/2010 7:25 am (4 years ago):
DaForceCork says 08/06/2010 8:34 am (4 years ago):
Both still available Korben as mate has to get his wife to approve of purchase!!
korben asked a question 08/06/2010 8:40 am (4 years ago):
as I am based in Dublin, do you consider to ship it?
DaForceCork says 08/06/2010 10:04 am (4 years ago):
Prefer collection Korben, are you interested in both projectors?
korben asked a question 08/06/2010 10:40 am (4 years ago):
can't collect so I am out
DaForceCork says 08/06/2010 11:30 am (4 years ago):
If your prepared to cover shipping costs Korben, think make an offer here
Yrag2E asked a question 08/06/2010 3:22 pm (4 years ago):
interested in trade?

DaForceCork says 08/06/2010 4:31 pm (4 years ago):
Cheers for offer Yrag2e but no thanks
Hartyk87 asked a question 11/06/2010 3:04 am (4 years ago):
Offer of €250.00 if still available.
DaForceCork says 11/06/2010 9:02 am (4 years ago):
Thanks Harty but need closer to asking
Hartyk87 asked a question 11/06/2010 2:21 pm (4 years ago):
€300 on the condition that there is no hours done on the bulb and you can show me it in operation.
DaForceCork says 13/06/2010 9:26 am (4 years ago):
Cheers for offer Harty but going to hold out as paid 550 for them and your more than welcome to view and inspect them with lamp counter.

They are now advertised elsewhere
Hartyk87 asked a question 13/06/2010 11:30 am (4 years ago):
Ok I will meet you half way then, If so PM me tel num n wel talk, €325.00
dublin71 asked a question 21/06/2010 7:21 am (4 years ago):
is it still for sale
DaForceCork says 21/06/2010 7:38 pm (4 years ago):
Yep both available and maybe in Dublin this Wednesday
dublin71 asked a question 21/06/2010 11:31 pm (4 years ago):
i offer 250eur
DaForceCork says 22/06/2010 8:13 am (4 years ago):
No thanks Dublin71! See previous offers posted.
dublin71 asked a question 22/06/2010 10:43 am (4 years ago):
i offer 250eur for one of them
DaForceCork says 22/06/2010 10:51 am (4 years ago):
Thanks for offer Dublin71 but too low
joead3 asked a question 08/07/2010 8:06 pm (4 years ago):
pls i offer 200
DaForceCork says 09/07/2010 5:11 pm (4 years ago):
Too low joead3!!
christopheb asked a question 12/07/2010 2:33 pm (4 years ago):
They were never used, but in the meantime I don't believe they are still commercialized by NEC, hence I offer 280. I am based in Cork btw.

DaForceCork says 13/07/2010 10:21 am (4 years ago):
Thanks Christopheb but too low
DaForceCork says 13/07/2010 10:41 am (4 years ago):
In stock here Christopheb

christopheb asked a question 13/07/2010 12:07 pm (4 years ago):
Thanks for the link. Only 1 left in stock and projector had been available since the 29th June 2007 from Amazon, hence this model is at the end of life cycle. There is still a recession out there...
Good luck with your Sale!
DaForceCork says 13/07/2010 10:14 pm (4 years ago):
No point in flaming my ad Christopheb

It is practically brand new complete with packaging.
christopheb asked a question 31/07/2010 2:13 pm (4 years ago):
DaForceCork, any second thought before I fly over to France next weekend to get either the Acer K11 or Samsung SP-P410 DLP brand new projectors? They may not be as good as what you offer (picture quality), but they are light < 1KG and as well the DLP technology offers 20 000 hours before replacing the lamp. Offer stands @ 280 Euro. Thanks.
DaForceCork says 04/08/2010 9:13 am (4 years ago):
Hi Christopheb

300euro and save you a flight!!
christopheb asked a question 04/08/2010 9:25 am (4 years ago):
I'll send you a PM so, I will still have to go to France though for personal matters :-)
DaForceCork says 04/08/2010 9:38 am (4 years ago):

Will now accept your first offer of 300
DaForceCork says 04/08/2010 6:39 pm (4 years ago):
One now sold and collected from another website where they were advertised also.
DaForceCork says 11/08/2010 7:48 pm (4 years ago):
christopheb has withdrawn his offer (by txt) and no word back from Hartyk87.

Now back for sale!
darragh o meara asked a question 15/08/2010 2:52 pm (4 years ago):
250 and I'll collect
DaForceCork says 15/08/2010 3:12 pm (4 years ago):
Bring another 50 euro with you Darragh and we have a deal!
Goonie1 asked a question 05/09/2010 8:40 pm (4 years ago):
swap for http://www.adverts.ie/283768/other-music-instruments-and-equipment/x1-newmark-ttx-professional-direct-drive-turntable-sale-or-swap/
DaForceCork says 05/09/2010 8:52 pm (4 years ago):
Cheers Goonie for offer but have cdjs
DaForceCork says 12/09/2010 10:44 am (4 years ago):
Buyer coming this evening to view from another site.
DaForceCork says 12/09/2010 7:24 pm (4 years ago):
Now sold and thanks for all the interest