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Alloy Wheels, 16", Honda CR-V, with winter tyres Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6

Alloy Wheels, 16", Honda CR-V, with winter tyres Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6
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An Ri rua
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Portlaoise, Laois
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Alloy Wheels, 16", Honda CR-V, with winter tyres Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6


4 x Honda CR-V 16" alloys. Fitted with 3x Dunlop Grandrek SJ6 and 1 x Barum Polaris. 215 65R 16s.

One of the Grandtreks has very little tread. 2 have good tread, as does the Barum.
Lots of usable tread of proper snow hits, as due to the softer compound, these grip on start, steer and stop. Unlike an all-terrain which mainly only excels on starting in snow.

Bought with winter tyres on them and proved extremely effective on the CRV during Spring 2018.

3 x Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6, 1 x Barum Polaris. One SJ6 is near the limit, pictures 3 and 12. The other 3 tyres have probably 4-5mm. See pictures. Not as good grip as when new obviously but far superior to an unworn summer tyre in a summer compound.

I drove them on daily commutes on motorway and back roads from November to March and they gave great assurance. Car perfectly driveable (and steer and stop!) at usable speeds when larger 4x4s were less able on the wrong tyres.

I've just invested in BF Goodrich Urban Terrain as my main tyre so I'm going to take a chance that I won't need the benefits of winter rubber compound.

Can deliver to sell, not to show, to high feedback users only.

Open to swaps for such items as firewood, inset stove, car trailer etc etc. Try me.

Winter 2019/20 forecast below, courtesy of MTCranium on the Weather forum.

Get yourself some winter tyres.

Quote: M.T. CraniumThis is what I have come up with after the usual process. The mid-November update might be more than just a tweak this time, I could see this going several different ways as there are some unusual synoptics in various regions of the hemisphere. But the emphasis in my research study was on high-energy events. I don't think low pressure areas this winter will be fooling around, they are going to be packed with energy and moisture compared to some winters. Possibly 2013-14 is somewhat of an analogue, although I would say, shifted a bit south of that onslaught of storms. This is copied from my post on Net-weather which explains a Britain and Ireland focus in the wording.

The following is a preliminary long-range forecast for winter 2019-20, If it seems necessary, I will amend or update this forecast in mid-November.

This appears likely to be a season where high energy weather events will be grappling with a fairly robust supply of colder air at high latitudes.

Britain and Ireland can expect a very unsettled winter with frequent low pressure systems steered by a strong jet stream running a little south of its average position.

This favours a split north-south outcome where the south is often on the milder side of the storm track getting strong southwest winds and rain, while the north is more open to snow, ice and easterly winds.

The north-south divide may be enhanced by the likely appearance of strong blocking highs over eastern Scandinavia and western Russia. I don't think these are going to dominate the circulation but they will come into conflict with the zonal regime at times, forcing it to dive southeast around 5-10W and into France and the western Mediterranean. This may be another winter of heavy Alpine snowfalls and frequent severe cold spells in Germany and possibly Belgium and Netherlands into northeast France.

Battleground conditions seem likely at times across southeast England into Wales and central to northern Ireland. Frequent snow events may occur in northern and even central England, and southern Scotland, also Northern Ireland and some adjacent parts of the Republic of Ireland.

Some heavy precipitation is likely in this scenario, heavy rain in most cases in southern England, especially the southwest, and the southern third of Ireland (Munster and south Leinster).

A set-up like this may not remain steady-state, but could fluctuate north-south bringing the milder conditions further north at times, while setting the battleground further south at other times. However, the tendency will be for temperatures to average closer to normal or above in the southwest, and below normal in Scotland.

This pattern could evolve into a colder February or even March if the strong jet stream loses energy, then the blocking may be able to assert more control.

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An Ri rua 7 months ago
@Demo2019 Thanks for the offer. If you can move closer to my asking, I'll meet you in Athy or Monasterevin or somewhere halfway with them
An Ri rua 7 months ago
@Demo2019 Were you planning to collect around Portlaoise for your offer price? If they are no longer of interest, if you could withdraw your offer. If they are and you wish them delivered halfway, Is need closer to asking.

Kind regards
bmw e39 7 months ago
An Ri rua 7 months ago
@bmw e39 What extra details do you feel you need that are not in the ad?
Demo2019 4 months ago
An Ri rua 4 months ago
@Demo2019 I recall that you made an offer on these before. Are you intending to collect them in Portlaoise?
Demo2019 4 months ago
@An Ri Rua Yes i will collect them from Portlaoise for 150
Demo2019 4 months ago
Can i still collect it today?
An Ri rua 4 months ago
@Demo2019 Hi sorry, only seeing your message now.

It will be next weekend if you are still interested. I have them stored in Tullamore.
Demo2019 4 months ago
You did not answer so i went to see different one if i dont buy i Text you thank you
tomuser 4 months ago
Hi there Im only after the alloys .i need size 114.30 PCD
sarah00000 1 week ago
An Ri rua 1 week ago
@sarah00000 Hi thanks, but the lowest I'd go is 150 collected in Mountmellick and 170 delivered to Rathangan.
sarah00000 1 week ago
How much without the tyres as I'm only after the alloys
An Ri rua 1 week ago
@sarah00000 Likely more as I'd have to pay someone to remove the tyres and then sell and deliver the tyres separately. If I sell both to you, you can take off the tyres and resell them and make some money.
As it stands, I'd be spending money to get €100. It's not enough as is.