Safe online trading

Trading online is generally a safe and enjoyable experience. being a community website, the vast majority of users is trustworthy and genuine.
However, we always recommend being careful when dealing with someone you don’t know.
Follow our simple steps below to avoid scammers and have safe dealings online.


  • Check the user’s profile and feedback.

Click on the username to access a user’s profile and check their rating and feedback.
Checking the user’s recently sold items is also useful.

  • Read the ad carefully (what’s included, postage costs, expiry date and name on vouchers,etc) before you make an offer.


  • Beware of fake /pirated goods.

These are illegal and not allowed on our site. Please report the ad if you are suspicious (by clicking on the report button)

  • Keep all comments on thread.

Disputes involving PMs before the sale are more difficult to resolve.

  • Never buy / sell to foreign countries.

It often involves a shipping company and foreign money transfer and is a common approach used by scammers.

  • Once a deal is agreed, get a phone number and exact details on how to proceed with the sale.

– Full name
– Full address and postcode (if applicable)
– Telephone number (Landline is better)
– Confirmation of details of the trade
– Payment method
Clearly state your understanding of when you expect the money or goods to be sent
-Preferred and alternative e-mail addresses
-Mobile number(s)

Do not post your personal contact details in any advert.
Print out or make a note on paper of the contact details of the above person. It is not unheard of for people to lose such information stored on a PC due to virus or hard drive problems. Should there be any delay in completion then both parties will have full contact details to hand.


  • Meet in Person – where possible.

Meet face to face, in public places. Of course, this is not always possible as users are based all over the country. The benefits here are that you get to see whatever it is you are purchasing (or ensure the correct amount of money is being given) before committing.Check the item before you part with money.

  • NEVER carry large sums of money with you.

When buying expensive items, we suggest you meet and check the item first, and then arrange to meet again to pay for the item.

  • Use Registered Mail

If meeting up is not an option, we highly recommend using registered mail or insist on it for postage of items. This way, the parcel is both insured and is traceable. For any moderately valued item (€100+, and even below) it is worth paying the extra cash to ensure peace of mind if there is a problem with postage.
We would also advise sellers to include the cost of registered mail in their ad(s)

  • NEVER accept funds via Western Union or other Electronic Fund Transfer services(non-bank, point-to-point cash transfers).

This is the most common payment method used by scammers and is not traceable.

  • Receiving payment by cheque and bankdraft is not 100% secure .

Forged bankdrafts are on the rise. If you receive a bankdraft for more than the amount you asked for, this is a scam, contact us immediately.

  • Paying cash hand in hand (never send cash by post) is the safest payment method.
  • Use PayPal

While there is a charge for the usage of PayPal, it provides a user-friendly interface between you and your credit card company, and is a welcome alternative to giving your credit card number to the seller! In the event of a problem, PayPal can make use of the fraud protection system of your credit card company and get your money back. We recommend that you get a name and landline number on the off chance that a dispute arises.

If you’re having problems contacting the seller / buyer after a deal is done
Once the deal is agreed, make sure both seller and buyer know when to expect a meeting / delivery.
Many unplanned circumstances can cause a delay or break in communication, so try to stay polite and patient when awaiting an answer.
If the seller / buyer is not answering your emails/phone calls, please contact us at [email protected] and we will get involved.
Please remember that 99% of our users and genuine, and most problems between buyers and sellers are due to a lack of communication.

I think someone has tried to scam me. Who should I tell?

  • Report the advert, using the report button, or contact us directly at [email protected] , listing all the details, including any exchanged conversation. We will help you to the best of our abilities and hopefully resolve the situation.
  • If we are unable to help you get a refund etc., contact your local Garda station and give them details of the scam, and we will supply them as much information as we can.


  1. Hi, I recently purchased a Doepfer keyboard controller for 600 euro from DerekC123. I have since discovered that the aftertouch sensor on the white keys is not working and can only be repaired by getting the contact details of the original merchant. I have contacted Derek but to no avail, he has promised to get me some information but has offered nothing. Wherre do I stand in this?, how can I progress this further? Thanks, Steven

    1. Hi Steve, Sorry to hear that. Send an email with your Adverts username and the link to the ad in question to [email protected] and they will be more than happy to offer advice. Hope it helps, Claire

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