Don’t miss out on a bargain! Set up your own email alerts on

Are you looking for tickets to a sold out gig? A specific camera lens  you can’t afford at retail price?

If you feel like you’re always missing out on the good deals, it’s time to use the email alert feature on our site.

What is an email alert?

It is an email sent to you as soon as an ad matching your criteria  is posted on

For example, you can set up an email alert to be notified as soon as an advert is posted in our Free Stuff section. That’s handy!

You can set up alerts for specific items such as Nikon Camera lenses or iPhone 4 covers, etc. You can even select a region and a price bracket.

How do I set up my email alerts?

All you need to do is create a search for the specific item you are looking for.

In the example below, I searched for Nikon lenses under €250.

Click on ” create email alert for this search” (green button on the top right-hand corner) and you will receive an email everytime a new item is posted in that specific category.

Remember: the more specific the better! You could end up receiving too many emails if your email alert is too general.

How do I remove my email alerts?

You can manage your email alerts via  your profile.

You can choose to deactivate them (to reactivate them at a later date) or delete them.

Hope this will help you find the best deals on Adverts!

Happy trading 🙂



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  5. I’m having a problem with alerts. When i click on “manage my alerts”, i can’t scroll down to delete certain alerts. It looks like i have to delete from the top of the list to get to the alert i want.

  6. Hi, I do not get emails any more when comments are posted about adds I am watching or have commented on?

  7. Apologies for possibly asking a silly question, but I’m having awful problems locating the option to de-activate email alerts(more specifically the general free stuff one) – can’t find it on the phone app, nor can i find it while logged online my laptop. any ideas?

    1. Hi Harvey, You can’t currently delete your emails alerts using the app, but if you go to and click on “manage my email alerts you will be able to delete them. I have removed your email alert for free stuff. Hope it helps!

  8. Am having great difficulty applying for jobs. CV not loading, cover note & CV not being forwarded. Very bloody frustrating. Can you help please ?

    1. Hi Sean, It sounds like you could have an ad blocker enabled on the browser that you are using. If so, please disable the ad blocker and try again! If you need further help with this, please send an email and a description of the problem to [email protected]. Thanks, Maria

  9. I keep getting emails about new things that they are selling and I don’t won’t them can you get it to stop

    1. If you click on your username, to open up your profile, you can manage your alerts from the Email Alerts section on the bottom right. There you have the option to deactivate or remove any email alerts that you have set up.

  10. hi how do i stop e-mails being sent to me any time someone comments or makes an offer on one of my adds and id like to stop getting e-mails anytime someone comments on an add i am prefer too check them on the site as i get alot of e-mails and ive allready read the message on ?? thanks…

    1. Hi Stevie. If you go into your notifications, you will see an orange button to the right of the notifications that says “adjust your notification settings”. If you click this button, you will have the option to uncheck emails you no longer wish to receive, including the two you mentioned here; New questions/offers on your ad, and replies to the ads you are watching.

  11. I never signed up for adverts but chose to be alerted about property. I now need to cancel alerts and there is no where on line or on emails i receive to cancel alerts as i didnt sign up for an account please can you can on the above email, or let me know how I can do this regards Abdullah Simsek

    1. Hey Abdullah, every email comes with a link Unsubscribe from this alert, just click that and it will take care of it for you.

  12. i used to get all e.mail alerts about things i was watching or looking out for until i downloaded the adverts app and was getting them on the app on my phone now my phone was stolen and want to get the alerts and notifications back through my e.mails but dont know how to get it done can you/someone help me do this please Mark

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