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Ford Puma 1.7 Black breaking Fiesta compatible bits

Ford Puma 1.7 Black breaking Fiesta compatible bits
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Castleknock, Dublin
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Ford Puma 1.7 Black breaking Fiesta compatible bits


Updated 24/07/2015

Sold or scrapped stuff moved to the bottom, please search before asking if I've still got a bit, I'll ignore your question.

Whole chassis has now been scrapped, only misc bits below are available. If it's not here, it's gone.

Need to get rid of my spare Puma to make way for the next project car, so I'm breaking it.
Most bits will fit a MkIV Fiesta too.

Have Focus bits in another ad:

Car is a '99 1.7l Puma analog dash with 94k miles on the clock, NCT is out since end of Feb, but it was driving when I brought it here 4 months ago. I've had a few bits off it already, but most is available, but at the moment a lot of it is still stuck to the car! Progress will be updated on the front page as the bits come off, or if you're in a rush, let me know and I'll pull it off, if I can.
The garage belongs to a family member and access to the garage is through their property, so I'm afraid browsing isn't possible, you'll have to let me know what bits you're after.

Freebies are at the bottom, and you're welcome to them, though I won't call down to the garage just for free stuff. Priority will be given to anyone buying stuff too.

Gear selector, linkage and rods no gearknob

Engine mount set (3) nearside, offside, bottom gearbox mount; €35 or €15 per piece

Driveshafts, left and right (half shafts) €20 for both, not splitting

Exhaust manifold with oxygen sensor €20

Rear suspension, fork mount, including top mount bushes, mounting bolts €40 for both

Front seat belt powered retractors €5 for both, not splitting

ABS pump & ecu 98FB-2M110-BB €10

Pedals and box €10

Heater fan, thermometer, wiring €20

Bonnet hinges €5 the pair

Speedometer cable €5

Washer reservoir, motor, rear nozzle and 10mm piping €5

Front wiper motor €5

Drivers door locking mech and wiring €5

Electric window motor €5 each side

Door windows €5 each

Radiator €10

Coolant /expansion tank €5

Bonnet release cable and handle €5

Exhaust mounting brackets (5) €5

I have a damaged Connects2iPod interface for the Ford 6000CD (might work with this, I bought this for my later-model Black Edition puma). It plays music, but due to getting caught in the door, it no longer charges the phone/iPod. €25
Video of the day I fit it ... which I found difficult, so I made this

Wipers, front, €5 each

Instrument cluster (analog), 94k €10

Heater controls €20

Airbag module €10

Ash tray and 12V socket €5

Front seat belts €5 each

Door Windows €5 apiece

Winter tyres x4 175/65/15 - pretty high profile, just about go around on a Puma, but only if you're not lowered. 5mm tread on each. €60 the set, photos added.

Spare wheel (not space saver), I've tidied up one small section 15" 4x108 €20 or €30 if I get round to sandblasting and priming it

SOLD or scrapped stuff, please check here before asking!

Interior, seats SCRAPPED
Rear seat belt and boot release gizmos €10 each side.
1.7l Zetec SE engine 125 bhp 99k miles. Comes with sump, bottom end, cylinder head, all internals, Intake manifold, flywheel, P/s pump, HT leads.
Starter motor, gearbox, exhaust manifold, clutch, engine mounts not included. Tensioner pulley gone. Alternator gone.

Airbox and Mass Airflow sensor €SOLD

O/S (drivers) rear light cluster €SOLD
Ford 5000CD RDS radio, tape, with the most of the CD changer loom, but I can't put my hands on the changer at the moment. Code conveniently scrawled on the unit at some point! €sold

Glove box door €SCRAPPED
Console surround €SCRAPPED
Front quarter panels, good nick for their ages SCRAPPED
Full set of 15" 'Propeller' alloy wheels with good tyres, pictures this weekend. Some wear and tear on the alloys. Centre caps included.
Own ad here:
Headlight supporting brackets O/S; €sold N/S sold
Power Steering fluid radiator €scrapped
Boot/rear hatch, with rear screen, wiper inc motor in good nick aside from a 1cm deep dent in the lip where it's been opened too high against an immovable object. Rust has formed but not penetrated around dent. €scrapped
IB5 5 speed gearbox and sensors, can be used in a range of cars €SOLD
Brake master and slave cylinder 96FB-MJ74049747 €SOLD
Fuel tank €SOLD
OMP (unused) rear upper strut brace for Puma/Ka/Fiesta €SOLD
OMP front lower strut brace, 735mm bolt to bolt, used €SOLD
Fuel sensor and pump €SOLD
Radio aerial €SOLD
Rear lights, with bulbs €SOLD
Front driver's side headlight, can supply with 2xHB3, amber indicator bulb and sidelight for €SOLD
Mirrors €SOLD
Fuel sender/pump/gauge and filter €SOLD
Exhaust tip €SOLD
Alarm and Remote controller €SOLD
Original jack and wheelbrace - €SOLD
Full wiring loom €SOLD
Rear wiper motor €SOLD
Ford Puma floor mats with stitched logo (front mats only) not bad condition €SOLD
CD player Ford 6000CD replaced around 2006, fits Focus, Fiesta, Puma, Ka, Transit €SOLD

Wheel well carpets €scrapped
Passenger side headlight upper fixing arm is broken; lens, cover all in good nick €scrapped
Passenger door; handle has been pretty messily ripped out (less window and door card) is free €Scrapped
Door cards free to a good home €Scrapped
Rear seat carpets could do with a hoover, free to good home €Scrapped
Bonnet is bent, free to anyone who fancies reshaping it. €scrapped
Speakers x 4 are free with any bought item €scrapped
Driver door; no electrics €Scrapped
Front, rear windscreens €Scrapped
Interior lights €scrapped
Electric front seats, upholstery is scruffy but adjustment is still good €scrapped

Things I might take as swaps

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