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Honda Bros
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Honda Bros

Honda Bros


77,000 kms / 47,845 miles
400cc Petrol

1200€ delivered to Dublin/Limerick etc. Otherwise, 1100€ collected from Galway

Great bike for starting out. Very light and low centre of gravity. Lots of torque for the weight. Narrow bike, which is ideal for filtering in traffic.

Pretty much every part on Wemoto site has been bought. Every mechanism has been refurbished or replaced. Everything works as if it rolled out of Honda yesterday.

Not trying to sell this bike as mint, as a mint BROS would be in a museum. But it is probably the tidyest, most sorted BROS 400 out there.

List of new parts I can think of during my 3 year ownership. May have forgotten some.

Genuine OEM Honda parts
upper and lower fork bush sliders
lower fork bolts
tank rubbers/anti vibration
tacho and speedo rubbers/anti vibration
vt800 lower temp fan switch
chain slider lower block
rocker cover gaskets
cush drive rubbers
Honda chain adjusting tool

non Honda Parts
chain and sprockets, approx 1 year, but like new (supplied and fitted at E-motos Galway)
Bridgestone Battlax BT090s (supplied and fitted by Steve Mac)
fork oil and seals
front wheel bearings
upper and lower headstock bearings
choke cable
speedo cable
new tacho and speedo capless bulbs as well as warning lights
clutch cable, gasket clutch discs and springs (less than 2 years ago max)
stainless steel 100g bar ends (on order, not arrived yet)
front and rear brake pads and fluid
fuel filter
New battery (approx april/may)
New grips 2 year old but like new as where off bike for months

Unipod air filters and kn breather filter, rejetted to match
BROS MkII raised clip ons, easier on your back
BROS MKII Enkei magnesium 3 spoke wheels. 18" rear, and wider front
BROS battery cover, with solenoid fuse holder, rare
Original fuel tank, almost mint. Rare in itself
Original plastics with all the lugs and brackets intact
Original stanley indicators all round
Will throw in my patented fork seal driver tool, which came second in a recent poll of best home-brew BROS/Hawk tools on the hawkgtforum
PUIG screen

Stuff refurbed:
front brake caliper
front brake master cylinder
front forks
carbs ultrasonic cleaned 2 years ago, regular clean and synchornised 2 months ago when i rejetted her. Running like clockwork
clip ons/bars have complete set of bar inner weights with clips, rubbers etc. Critical component for regular driving often overlooked
Front sprocket is not welded, output shaft is good. Google it if you dont know why its important.
Did the valve gaps when i bought it approx 3 years ago
serviced twice a year regardless of mileage. Always use 10w40 and 50:50 coolant to deionised water only, as we have it in work.
Subframe stripped and resprayed
complete unmolested wiring harness
completely stripped and rebuild cooling system, tested thermostat. very clean radiator with a nice mesh cover which is way nicer than the oem plastic one.
All cables lubed and smooth
Rear sets stripped, cleaned, moving parts polished and greased so nice and smooth

Much much more I cant think of....

More photos on the DoneDeal adverts

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