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182-D Peugeot Taxi WAV.
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182-D Peugeot Taxi WAV.

182-D Peugeot Taxi WAV.


Partner Tepee
Partner Tepee
14,000 kms / 8,699 miles
1.6L Diesel
Until Jun 2020

Irish reg - €21.500.
Peugeot Partner HORIZON RS BLUE HDI S/S-1.6 -100 bhp.
Wheelchair accessible taxi 5 seats(or 3+wheelchair).
All electric belts and winch, nothing manual as the local suppliers are selling them!
1.6 diesel-100 bhp, start/stop, manual, A/C, parking sensors, bluetooth/usb/cd, very good on fuel-6l/100km-comparing to caddy- 8l/100km!
First reg 15.12.2018- 5 months old, so 182 reg=€7000 grant on it!
Lovely grey in colour, not white/black or silver!
Have all the paperworks ready to be registered, coc and engineer reports for grant.
Small bit negotiable!
It will get u a pretty much new car for 14 grand, comparing with a brand new one here that is over 20k+vat!
Did buy for myself, but did find the newer shape Horizon in the meantime that i did put a deposit in for...reason for sale!

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Comments & Offers
Viva0714 1 week ago
I past exam but have not get PSV licence yet. If I buy your car, can I get grant? Thanks
Andrew88md 1 week ago
@Viva0714 if u did apply and got approved for it, then yes, u can!
Viva0714 1 week ago
I did apply , but office did not give me any recipe or something like this. So do you have any idea how to get grant. Of course I will buy the car from you. Thanks
Viva0714 1 week ago
Do I need to join the disability training course first, than get the grant? Thanks
Andrew88md 1 week ago
@Viva0714 u get the grant 20 days after the car is on the road, and have the disability training done.
But u can't get the done when and how u want.
U can't go to do any of these, until they will send you confirmations rgds all of the above!
Viva0714 1 week ago
I live in Sandyford, can we meet to talk if it is possible. Thanks
Andrew88md 1 week ago
@Viva0714 not a hope for that price.
U should get a 14-15reg for that price.
Was 17.999 on uk plates, now irish reg for 21.500, its just 6 months old.
Have a check around, they are over 20 grand + registration & + vat.
So goes up easy to nearly 30 grand.
Viva0714 1 week ago
You asking price is 18K, so what price exactly you looking for
Andrew88md 1 week ago
@Viva0714 i don't want nothing from u.
Just read the add properly.
Viva0714 1 week ago
I thought you drop the price from 21.5k to 18k. Sorry about that
Andrew88md 1 week ago
@Viva0714 no.
When i did post the add the car was on uk plates, adn 18.000 on uk reg.
Now irish- 21500 - as i did paid to register it myself.
The add does not allow me to change the price up...
Anyways, u'll get it for 15000 after grant will be refunded to u.
Viva0714 1 week ago
Would you consider 19k? Thanks
Viva0714 1 week ago
Need Technical Assessor full report dated whim the past 60 days, thanks
Andrew88md 1 week ago
@Viva0714 have all the papers ready, the prices is asking only please.
As it's still very good as it is.
Viva0714 1 week ago
If you change your mind , please let me know. Good luck with your sale , Thanks
Andrew88md 1 week ago
@Viva0714 no prob, thanks.