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Beautiful and rare handmade & handpainted ceramic lamp with Peonies (Noritake / Imari Japanese & Chinese artwork) -- Wooden base is repaired

Beautiful and rare handmade & handpainted ceramic lamp with Peonies (Noritake / Imari Japanese & Chinese artwork) -- Wooden base is repaired
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Athy, Kildare
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Beautiful and rare handmade & handpainted ceramic lamp with Peonies (Noritake / Imari Japanese & Chinese artwork) -- Wooden base is repaired


** If you are interested in this rare and amazing artwork, then use your time to read the description in full because I think that it is important to do so and the information provided is quite interesting. **

This stunning handpainted lamp is a really rare and valuable artwork, almost like a treasure. It is a rarity which must be appreciated and looked after really well. Condition is really good with no damages to the lamp itself and comes with a perfectly suiting and well-looking lampshade, however, the wooden base was repaired after a cracking happened, but it will not be seen after placing the lamp with a repair away from the sight. So, this lamp is really worth a view and I will wait for a good, fair buyer with a hope that the lamp will be appreciated, looked after well, and passed-on or gifted or sold to another owner after many years of ownership because it is a timeless artwork which does not and will not lose an interest. In fact, such artworks are becoming more and more appreciated and sought for by collectors, appreciators, and others who like such handcrafted/handpainted items.

The finishing is quite delicate and requires an attentive, gentle care. This lamp is only for a good home. So, a buyer must be suitable and also respectful to the Asian culture because the origin is from the Eastern Asia. Otherwise do not buy and do not comment.

** A new and high-quality wooden base costs about €25 - €35. **

~!~ Manual production and painting or decorating is or can be difficult, challenging, and requires to be very disciplined, talented and skilled, interested, and to make an effort. Especially difficult such work was in the past and that is why many vintage and antique items are so valued and so appreciated despite the cosmetic and/or functional conditions. So, be more understanding and more accepting the [possible] imperfections for as long as you are correct with your opinion(s) and expectation(s). Even in factories many imperfections are happening and will happen because life is life and to make absolutely perfect intricate items is either really very difficult and expensive or is impossible. ~!~

** AGE **

It is probably a vintage item because it looks quite aged and the real age in not known to me, but if you know more, then, I would appreciate if you would send me a message with more information about this or similar lamp, or whatever you think could help or would be interesting to know because I like and appreciate such artworks.


I am not fully sure about the actual origin and noted 'Noritake' and 'Imari' trade words in the advert's title, this lamp could be associated or related to other types of artworks such as: Satsuma, Morimura, Koro, Kutani, or others.

For a general knowledge, I want to add a note that this lamp was made according to the very old Eastern Asia's traditions by very skilled artisans and professional painters who were painting each such lamp using only hands and paintbrushes. To be more precise, the place of production most likely was either in Japan or China. Ironically, despite many people thinking and believing that Imari and Noritake and other craftworks were and are made only in Japan, many were and are made in China because their cultures have a lot in common, and as a historical fact, many designs were often created/made in Japan and then quite many of them were finished by the skilled producers in China and some other countries in the Eastern Asia, as well as in India and especially in Sri Lanka which was often chosen by japanese as a favourable place to carry on with their trades whilst living on an India's island where were and are living many skilled people from the Indian culture as well as many emigrated or migrating skilled or business-minded europeans because histrocially many europeans and people from various other cultures were favouring Sri Lanka and India's region in particular for many centuries, and especially since the Victorian Era, involving England, France, Germany, and even U.S.A. as well as some other countries and cultures.

So, no matter where the artworks were and are produced, the important advice to remember and according to which would be better to base the decision(s) is that all the handmade and/or handpainted artworks in most cases were and are and will be having at least one imperfection, no matter how small, even when made or produced by the most skilled professionals in the world because such work was and will stay to be very difficult and challenging, especially when considering that the orders most often were and are and will be quite many. Therefore, to produce many seemingly identical or identical items without any mistakes or differences always were and always will be extremely difficult. Thus, please be respectful and understanding and either pay for such items a fair amount of money or exchange fairly, or choose something else.

Overall, and as a good advice, remember that if you will find a seemingly really intricate/complex/detailed artwork in a very good or maybe even perfect condition which was handmade/handpainted/handcrafted, then it must be accordingly priced (quite expensive or really expensive) and much more rare. But, in any circumstances, do not expect to find many same or similar handmade/handpainted items because as can be understood, and as I already explained through my writing, it was and is and will always be really difficult to produce many same or similar items through a manual work without imperfections and/or mistakes due to a lot of pressures on each such worker/painter/decorator. Although, ironically, over-demands were are are unavoidable, and so, imperfections and/or mistakes were and are and will continue to be not avoidable. For this reason, please, with all due diligence and considerations, do not expect to find an absolute perfection again and again, especially for a seemingly low price -- even if you do not understand much or anything at all about such artworks -- because, that is and will be simply impossible in most cases (no matter what expectation(s) anyone has or had or will have).


Valuable items are valuable, a difficult work is a difficult work, skills and expertise are skills and expertise, desires and wants are desires and wants, but prices are prices. So, if an item (or items) or a service (or services) is/are really wanted, be fair and choose to pay fairly. That is simple and that's all about this. =)

So, if you like this handpainted lamp and have enough money or intend to save for it, then either buy it as is or send me a message to make an agreement for a viewing. And if you will decide to buy it, but upon viewing will decide not to buy it for any fair reason, that will be okay for as long as my time will be respected and will not happen any problems because I do not want that. Otherwise, I will have to leave a negative feedback as would be appropriate and will also report problems and/or problematic bahaviour to the Customer Services for an unfair behaviour or/and unfair action(s).

I am simple and fair. Therefore, I will not tolerate any unfairness.


** SIZE **

Lamp with a shade cover: 44.5cm (H) x 25cm (W)
Ceramic lamp alone: 30cm (H) x 14cm (W)
Wooden base: 3.5cm (H) x 13.5cm (W)
Lamp's shade: 17cm (H) x 25cm (W)

Lamp's base is 10cm wide.

Bulb is clear, 40W-60W (MAX).
Bulb's type: BC/B22.


If you have any questions, then send me a message and I will reply to you when I will have enough time or when I will be able to reply to you. Usually, I reply the same day or within 3 days.


Shipping: Collection: Free
Payment: PaypalCashCard
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Beautiful and rare handmade & handpainted ceramic lamp with Peonies (Noritake / Imari Japanese & Chinese artwork) -- Wooden base is repaired

Beautiful and rare handmade & handpainted ceramic lamp with Peonies (Noritake / Imari Japanese & Chinese artwork) -- Wooden base is repaired

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beigli 1 month ago
Hi It looks like a Fredrick Cooper lamp.Nice

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