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22 ct Gold Sovereings coins '1910! - OCCASION OF THE DAY!

22 ct Gold Sovereings coins '1910! - OCCASION OF THE DAY!
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Prosperous, Kildare
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1 week ago
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22 ct Gold Sovereings coins '1910! - OCCASION OF THE DAY!


22 ct Gold Sovereings coins '1910!


TODAY Only 325e or the best offer !

RRP/value this coins (same year) last 1-2 week = ab. 383e ! - ( see picture).


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Shipping: CollectionPost/Courier
Payment: Paypal
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gabbygob1 1 week ago
Hi, can you tell me where it was minted, there should be a letter above the date
AngeloMartini 1 week ago
@gabbygob1: A.P.- this is probably Australia Perth.
gabbygob1 1 week ago
Thanks for the quick reply, was looking for S mintmark, good luck with your sale
AngeloMartini 1 week ago
@gabbygob1: OK, Thx.

AngeloMartini about a day ago
Dear @jonjon11: And you just after ... ca. month you write me such bullshit here? After a month - having with me in the meantime several times contact on priv? And still having the opportunity to handle the matter privately (you have a telephone and the ability to write on PM) - after a month you spoil my very good reputation, when you saw that your coin from this year (which I discovered by accident is much more expensive than you thought)? You have watched and selected all of my signatures and a few rings - you have eyes, so you could check what stamps are there! And I will give my head that 14 ct is minted there! And if not even - where you had your eyes - you had the magnifying glass, and me too! And pesso Mexico are after all 22 ct! And if not, because someone wanted to knock out the cheaper ore - you could have checked it on the spot with royal water, or give it to the jeweler - also give me a try for a few days - and after a month you are complaining? So I do not understand your action! As proof that I act honestly and honestly - and that I have not earned a cent on you - I did this business because I paid for 6e each and I gave you this ring for exactly the same money I paid - you have a link to the announcement I bought it myself and I paid 150e = exactly what I gave it to you! if you wrote to me honestly and humanly = PM, I would certainly give you back - (even after 1 month! - Sic!) those 150e, but you acted like a child or a malicious type - not like a worthy, real trader turning or what be a very risky commodity which is gold - because each time you have to check them at the place of purchase at the time of purchase - exchange as it was in our case! Today, I can also write to you that your coin was cheated - because I am the same from your yearbook - but I'm not a pig and a kid to act like YOU! As proof of my honesty and goodwill - I am sending you a link to the advertisement from which I bought it myself - and see the price - I did not earn a cent or describe it differently than you have in the advertisement - so I am not dishonest or the seller of this signage or and the one who sold it to you, or you yourself did not check something or someone changed something for you - see for yourself:

- and you do not have to apologize to me - I just do not want to have any contact with you anymore because you acted like an unroothed and frivolous kid. I am very sorry because I had you as a serious buyer turning gold - and you turned out to be ... a layman who could not do a simple thing like a trader and a normal man.
AngeloMartini about a day ago
Note: Message for unoriented. - The above I wrote via Google translator because I come from a non-English speaking country - possible content changes and unintentional errors in translation.
AngeloMartini about a day ago

I see, however, that the coin you extracted from the ex-my signature has, however, 22 ct - because you announced it yourself and sold it so - so I do not understand what you write to me ...
Because as I remember correctly - we both watched the signet ring and, as I remember correctly, there was an official stamps 14 ct / 585 probably ... it took a long time over 1 month - but it was so - you checked it very long and exactly and you yourself chose this one just a signet ring from many others! Anyway - do not be ridiculous - because even if this value / rehearsal 14 ct "does not hold the test" - which often happens due to different tolerances in different countries - then it is after all the weight of ca. 4 grams ... funny = cent difference - max. maybe a few euros - because this is the difference now in the price of 9 and 14 ct gold scrap! Why do you make a public shout? In this way, you do not spoil my opinion - or rather you are ridiculing yourself, because you show what layman you are and that you do not know what you are doing! Therefore, fear is from you to buy / exchange etc. Ps. But with a good heart and respect for you and myself, I solemnly promise you that I will pay this disputable 20e to children with Autism - only you stay away from me, because I suspect that your attempt to destroy me very good and hard the opinion we have developed here, unfortunately, results from completely different reasons and reasons ... Sadly, you - I found it quite nice for a man - you get such dirty and dishonorable methods. Nevertheless ... I greet you - be healthy - because the health is much more important than the miserable cents / euros for which you fight me so much. :) Yes, I know that your coin due to my discovery - because it has a very good, rare annual - is much more (about 70-80e) worth than both of us thought before - I know! ;) And what - should it give you too? No kidding! :)

Best regards! ;)
AngeloMartini about a day ago
The last remark - Replacing his coin with my men's signet + mja surcharge we made through DD - and not where this man wrongly attacks me and wants to undermine a very good reputation here developed for a long time ... Scheduled diversionary action of a competitor - or proceedings resulting from the fact that I was smarter and smarter and I discovered a really greater value of his coin - what he did not know because he does not know about the coins and damn it, the blood flooded when he saw an advert with an ex - his coin but about 70- 80e more than he praised it himself ... Pathetic ... Sad and mean... :(