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1440p Gaming PC - Intel i5, 16GB, R9 290

1440p Gaming PC - Intel i5, 16GB, R9 290
Asking price: €400withdrawn
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Newbridge, Kildare
2 weeks ago
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1440p Gaming PC - Intel i5, 16GB, R9 290


Make: Other
Monitor: Other
Graphics Card Memory: 2GB or more
Memory (RAM size): 16GB
Hard disk capacity: 1TB or more
Processor: Intel
Operating System: Windows 10

Selling my gaming PC as I don't really play games anymore and it would get much more use out of someone else! If you have noticed the pen in the photos, I will explain it shortly..


CPU - i5 4690K
Great processor has never let me down. Easily overclocked - both the motherboard and cooler make it very easy.

Cooler - Corsair H100i Liquid Cooling Unit
Great unit which works with many different processors. Keeps everything very cool, never had any temp issues.

Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-Z97P-D3
Has everything you need - no description needed really. If you have any questions just ask.

RAM - 16GB DDR3 RAM (4x4GB)
I believe two sticks are 1600Mhz and two are 1333Mhz, but this just leads to all of them running at 1333Mhz.

GPU - AMD R9 290
Small issue with the fan header on the GPU. It's slightly loose and needs pressure or the fans do not work correctly. The pen pictured places enough pressure on the fan header to keep it in place. Honestly, it's probably an extremely easy fix if you want to remove the pen. With the pen in place it works 100%. No performance issues with the GPU at all, just the fan connection. The card has 4GB GDDR5 Memory and a 512bit memory interface which makes it incredible for higher resolutions. I never had any problems playing games at 1440p, and I even managed to play a few at 4k with the settings turned down. If you're playing 1080p this will max out most games.

PSU - Corsair CX600M
Modular power supply. I have removed all the extra wires but I'm fairly sure I still have them and I'll root them out if you need them or are interested in buying. In the unlikely case that I cannot find them I'll knock a bit off the price.

Storage - 1TB HDD and 128GB SSD
I use the HDD for storage and the SSD as a boot drive. Makes loading everything extremely quickly and the PC boots in under 10 seconds.

Case - Corsair
Can't exactly remember which model. Has a windowed side panel and room on the far panel for cable management.


CPU - 90
Cooler - FREE
Mobo - 40
RAM - 60
GPU - 80
PSU - 40
Case - 40
Storage - 50
Corsair Case Fans - FREE
WiFi PCIe Card - FREE
Pen - FREE

Shipping: CollectionDelivery
Payment: Cash
dg1598 3 weeks ago
Still available - open to offers
GavinC15 3 weeks ago
I’m definitely interested in the pc and see you’re also selling the mouse and keyboard. If I were to buy the pc, is there any chance you could throw in the mouse and keyboard/ give me a deal on the pair as well?
dg1598 3 weeks ago
@GavinC15 if you take the PC @ asking price I will give you the mouse and keyboard completely free
jaques.vermaak.5 3 weeks ago
Ill pay full price but would you deliver to kilkenny and also can you explain abit more about the fan? Also, is the keyboard and mouse included
jaques.vermaak.5 3 weeks ago
Add keyboard and mouse.
Deliver to kilkenny???
dg1598 3 weeks ago
@jaques.vermaak.5 keyboard and mouse were included when the price was 450, I dropped it to 400 so no keyboard and mouse. For 450 I can include kb and mouse and deliver. For 400 I can deliver but no kb and mouse. Let me know if this is ok and I'll accept offer.
jaques.vermaak.5 3 weeks ago
Thing is ive only got 400 so if you included some shitty keyboard an mouse itll be fine aswell. Would it be fine if we can continue chatting on whatsapp?
dg1598 3 weeks ago
@jaques.vermaak.5 yeah I'll accept offer to pm number
jaques.vermaak.5 3 weeks ago
Are you going to answer??
dg1598 3 weeks ago
Still Available
keelyn 3 weeks ago
Would you sell without ram or gpu?
dg1598 3 weeks ago
@keelyn I might consider selling CPU & Mobo on their own.