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Gaming PC on Ryzen

Gaming PC on Ryzen
Asking price: €950
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Gaming PC on Ryzen


My project, powerful gaming PC.

Motherboard - - MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon AM4 Socket

CPU - - AMD Ryzen 7 5800x 4.38 GHz

CPU Cooler - - CoolerMaster Hyper 212 EVO

GPU - - GIGABYTE Radeon RX VEGA 8Gb 2048-bit High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2)

RAM - - Patriot Viper Gaming DDR4 Extreme Performance Memory 64Gb (4x16)

SSD - - Kingston M.2 256Gb for Win 10 or 11 OS
SSD - - Kingston M.2 512Gb for Data

WiFi - - Ubit AX200 Dual-band up to 2974Mbps + Bluetooth 5.1

Case - - NZXT CA-S340W-W1 White

PSU - - Cooller Master G750M RS-750-AMAA-B1 750W 80 Plus Bronze

Selling a PC, it works perfectly without any interruptions.

Thermal paste changed, cleaned from dust during use.

Used for 3D modeling and games. Most famous games run at maximum settings, for example CS GO on 1920x1080 over 360fps.

VR Ready!

Make: Other
Monitor: Other
Graphics Card Memory: Other
Memory (RAM size): Other
Hard disk capacity: 640GB - 750GB
Processor: AMD
Operating System: Windows 10
Shipping: CollectionTo be arranged
Payment: CashBank transferTo be arranged
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Comments & Offers
BrenoGSoares 3 months ago
Do you only sale the whole machine? I was looking for a processor and maybe the case
CodAle 3 months ago
@BrenoGSoares just all together
Amul_s 3 months ago
Would you sell this without the GPU?
CodAle 3 months ago
@Amul_s I did not count on such an option, but suppose. how much are you willing to offer for a computer without a GPU.
krok 2 months ago
Ah yes didn’t realise the pics were there literally showing the whole kit my bad lol
CodAle 2 months ago
@krok are you interested?
dusty558 2 months ago
Hi man i can offer you €800 without the graphics card if i can go check it out ofc as i have my own card..and Im sure the graphics card be easier to sell with the box u have?
CodAle 2 months ago
@dusty558 sorry, not interested, I want to sell as a set
Colourbomb 2 months ago
Would be quicker to sell the case and the GPU separately mate.
CodAle 2 months ago
@Colourbomb sorry, not interested, I want to sell as a set
CodAle 2 months ago
@Colourbomb you can team up with dusty558 and buy a PC, and then share it however you want.
dusty558 2 months ago
Hahahah ...Doh think he was just making a valid point to my question but na il pass on the sharing haha
Colourbomb 2 months ago
Was thinking to get that GPU for a second build but I guess you have to hold on to your rig a bit longer then. Glws
CodAle 2 months ago
rome92 1 month ago
1000? Quick sale
CodAle 1 month ago
@rome92 offer an amount closer to the requested
rome92 1 month ago
Sorry it's what I can afford at the moment my PC decided to BSOD every couple of hours and either I troubleshoot and buy parts or just get a new one for the time being. I can be there in an hour to pickup?
CodAle 1 month ago
@rome92 make an offer, discuss in private messages
CodAle 1 month ago
@rome92 we can agree on the average
rome92 1 month ago
Sorry, you took some time to respond I'm troubleshooting my PC in the meantime.
Johnyy5566 1 month ago
New gaming laptop plus cash ?? Lenovo Legion 5-17 144hz Ryzen 5 5600H/24GB 3200mhz /512GB RTX3060 130w
CodAle 1 month ago
@Johnyy5566 laptop not interesting, interested in selling for cash
CodAle 1 month ago
any real offer?
fitzgeme 1 month ago
€1,099 OFFERED
Offering 800 wont take less than asking.
CodAle 1 month ago
@fitzgeme for €800 you will not buy a computer with such parameters. I'm willing to give up but not much.
isbittennerfps 1 month ago
How much would you be willing to sell a pc with ryzen 5 5500 and rtx 2060 with 16GB of ram for ?
isbittennerfps 1 month ago
With similar Specs is also fine
CodAle 1 month ago
@isbittennerfps What are you about?
isbittennerfps 1 month ago
Like if you made a pc with ryzen 5 5500 cpu and rtx 2060 (im fine with lower gpu ) with 16 GB ram how much would it cost?
CodAle 1 month ago
@isbittennerfps I can't answer your question. I do not know at what prices you will buy components.
isbittennerfps 1 month ago
I mean, if you were to make one how much would you sell it for approximately because im looking for one right now, if you arent able to, can you list some good places to buy components in dublin?
CodAle 1 month ago
@isbittennerfps make an offer for discussion.
isbittennerfps 1 month ago
€1,050 OFFERED
isbittennerfps 1 month ago
Do you have any other place we can talk ?
CodAle 3 days ago
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