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female dog

female dog
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Blanchardstown, Dublin
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3 months ago
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female dog


Age: 5+ Years

Very friendly dog nutured and chipped need a loving home that can give her the attention she needs

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mustardspice 3 months ago
Hi Gillian. is she inside or outside dog.spayed & what s she like with kids? Lost a very good dog (14 yrs old) recently her pup is pining for a mate.
gillian.kirwan.1 3 months ago
Hiye ye she’s an inside and outside dog no issues with children she’s so friendly
gillian.kirwan.1 3 months ago
@mustardspice yes she is spayed she just needs t lose a bit of weight she’s not getting enuf excercise she eats too much but is very obedient can trust her off a lead and she won’t run off just doesn’t like cats
mustardspice 3 months ago
I won't make song & dance about it .had a j.r. bitch for 15 years.had to put her asleep .8 weeks ago .her son is devastated.moaning.whining.&just lies about.we walk our dogs 5 miles daily.has a secure enclosure of half acre in daytime ,in the garage on a sofa at nite.would be interested in taking her as a mate for 5 year old Casper.good home guaranteed.vindications from local vet if required.
gillian.kirwan.1 3 months ago
@mustardspice sounds great hope they will get on
gillian.kirwan.1 3 months ago
@mustardspice can u contact me to arrange collection etc
mustardspice 3 months ago
I work every day in the City.could I take a look mon or Tues eve?
gillian.kirwan.1 3 months ago
@mustardspice can u pm me plz
mustardspice 3 months ago
For pm purpose .
gillian.kirwan.1 3 months ago
@mustardspice: REQUEST ACCEPTED.
lowcash1 2 months ago
hi,is she still available
gillian.kirwan.1 2 months ago
@lowcash1 yes she is