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Pit bull/ staff cross

Pit bull/ staff cross
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11 months ago
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Pit bull/ staff cross


Age: 3 Years

This is Amy, it’s with a heavy heart that we are placing her up for adoption.

She’s a 3 year old pit bull / staff cross.
She’s the friendliest dog in the world and she’s very calm.

She needs lots of walks and a ball!
We have kids as young as 10 months and she is great around them!

The reason for adoption is, we live in a 2 bed apartment and she just isn’t getting out as much as she should be. She is starting to seem very down in herself.

The ideal home for her is somewhere with a garden and someone who likes to walk a lot. She’s very protective too. Also a second dog would be great!

She won’t be going to just anyone, we would like to meet her new owner and see if she is ok with them. Then when everyone is happy we can proceed.
Like I said this is very hard for us as a family, but she needs to be happy too!

So please don’t request if you are not willing to comply with the terms.

**We will 100% be getting her a new home, unfortunately dogs like Amy wouldn’t make it through a pound, due to her breed.**

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  • Meet with the Adverts user before agreeing to the adoption
  • Check the pet is old enough for adoption
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From sellers around the web:
Anne Maguire2 11 months ago
Did you find a home for your dog ?
Anne Maguire2 11 months ago
tamarakearns 11 months ago
@Anne Maguire2 not yet, still looking
tamarakearns 11 months ago
Il send a pm
Tara Fitzgerald1 11 months ago
Is she still looking for a new a home?
tamarakearns 11 months ago
@Tara Fitzgerald1 hi we’ve just contacted the lady in comments below. Waiting to see how things go. I can keep you posted if you like?
Winchester 11 months ago
So sorry to hear that you have to give this stunning dog up. Can I suggest Dog Trust very close too. These buy and sell sites are known to allow some dodgy types who seek dogs for fighting breeding and blooding in other dogs. Sometimes you can tell the honest ones by their posts and ratings. Whilst there are many lovely people out there and here it’s always safer to go with the likes of Dogs Trust. Hoping something can get sorted.
bmxkid2014 11 months ago
How would she get on with an American bully
mollyk 11 months ago
There’s s simple solution if you really wanted to keep your dog. “Make time and walk them” if you can’t , get someone else to do it for you
tamarakearns 11 months ago
@Winchester I’m just afraid that she will be put down. I will be meeting with whom ever she may go to beforehand. If I don’t find someone she is happy and safe with, we will just hold onto her. She just needs a lot of walks. She’s a stunning dog and we love her very much.
Thanks for your comment!
tamarakearns 11 months ago
@mollyk not that it’s any of your business but, life is extremely busy and has been for a while now and will continue to be in the future. We don’t want to let her go but, she is extremely bored and needs a lot of attention and walks.
It’s better for her to go to someone with the time for her.
tamarakearns 11 months ago
@bmxkid2014 I’m sure she’s be fine but, we’d have to meet with them and make sure. However, I’m already talking to someone about her at the moment. I will keep you posted.
Winchester 11 months ago
Dogs Trust never put. a dog down. Costs nothing and could mean a secure trusted and happy life for your dog
Manunited Chick 11 months ago
Winchester I have adopted my 3 beautiful dogs, from adverts. Not everyone is what your claiming, show abit of respect. Amy is such a beautiful dog please keep us updated hope she gets rehomed
Winchester 11 months ago
Not directed at the person giving the dog away but the person below:

9 months ago you said to someone not to give it to anyone on adverts when you were enquiring about one dog from someone else, why then and not not I wonder!

I never said everyone was bad and question why you feel defensive about this!!.

Dog lovers know that leaving loved dogs into charities gives them the best possible chances for a long and safe life. Giving a dog away here is a gamble no matter how diligent you are, would you not agree as you seemed too before. And adopting 3 dogs from Adverts yet saying something different in your comments from 9/10 months ago seems strange to me.

I will happily collect and leave this dog into Dogs Trust or Dogs in Distress if travel is an issue. I live in Swords and will cover any costs if there are any to ensure this beauty gets a safe loving home.
tamarakearns 11 months ago
@Manunited Chick thank you! She's will be going to her new home on Tuesday. She got on amazing with her and will have a lovely family to go to.
Freddiethecat 11 months ago
How is she with cats?
Manunited Chick 11 months ago
I'm delighted you took your time to research my history, to inform you I was very disrespectful at the time until a woman corrected me just like i was you. Many people are on here looking for a dog for so much more reasons than I used to think and what you think now, its 1 percent yes only 1 percent are cruel enough to ask to adopt to harm, research shows they steal dogs from houses no paper trail. So to answer your question I think the person I was 9months ago was very uneducated. Its 2019 you can take a photo of someone Id and ask to be informed about the dog your rehoming and if not followed up contact gaurda, every dog deserves a home and a family shelter isnt always the best place
Manunited Chick 11 months ago
So happy your dog is getting rehomed, just in time for Christmas. Thanks for the update amy is a beautiful dog you minded her well
barkerl32 11 months ago
Hi is she still available? She would get a lovely home with us?
Hk100 11 months ago
Hi id love to take her i have a year old bully and lookn for a friend to keep him company
Hk100 11 months ago
barkerl32 11 months ago