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Rationel Alu Clad double French doors

Rationel Alu Clad double French doors
Asking price: €1,500
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Ballinteer, Dublin
1 month ago
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Rationel Alu Clad double French doors


Excellent condition.Doors open separately. Only removed because room needed to change into an office and required a window to be installed. Each door measures 86cm width and 206cm height.
Hinges, keys, etc all in tact.

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Comments & Offers
roger m 1 month ago
Hiya, we're very genuinely looking for patio doors right now. Do you have a picture of the inside? Are they wood or pvc? From the inside, does the RHS door open outwards separately, with the LHS door closed? For our new kitchen, we'd want the RHS door to be the main exit from our kitchen opening out from the inside, and the other door to generally be fixed closed, but able to open the two outwards from time to time. There is no handle on the outside, so how does it open from the inside. How does it lock? Thank you. Photos of the inside and the locking mechanism would be great.
mckenzr 1 month ago
@roger m: Hi Roger. I'm going to root around to see if we have any photos from inside and will attach if not now, then shortly. I think they're a treated wood because Alu Clad veer away from PVC - I could be wrong, but if memory serves me correctly, that was my understanding. PVC is always a cheaper offering I think. Yes, the RHS opens out separately with the LHS locked in place unless you want to open it in which case there's a lever on it. In our case we need the RHS as the exit but when both opened onto the garden in summer, it suited our needs. I'll see if I can find a photo of the handle on the inside before it was dismantled: we only added a handle on the outside in case it was ever needed - and it wasn't, so it was a bit stupid really to do that. It's a specific locking system where you pull the inside handle up and the door is already locked or you can double lock it with the key. We have 3 keys for it. We have a similar Rationel Alu Clad double-door on our dining room and recently had the lock easily replaced by DK Windows (who we used for another installation). Let me see what photos I can find now and I'll send them to you separately. The frame didn't come out in tact, Roger, because the French doors were part of a new build extension and so were inset: we've been told it's not a major job to install a new frame but I'm afraid we're not expert in that so you might want to take advice on it first
mckenzr 1 month ago
We've added 2 photos to show doors from inside
roger m 1 month ago
Thank you so much. I will speak to our builder tomorrow to see if they think it is a realistic idea! Re net curtains on the inside, I am guessing you would have drilled into the wood to put the rails up - are the holes major? Would we also be able to take the handle off the outside, or would that compromise the alucladding?
Finally, are the doors in perfect working order, straight, not warped or problematic in their working in any way??? Thanks.
mckenzr 1 month ago
@roger m: The privacy nets were on small bistro rails so small screws were put into the inside of the door and the handle can easily be removed from the outside. The doors posed no problem at all and we only wish we could have afforded to put Aluclad into the replacement window and door. If your builder wants to pop over to Ballinteer to check them out, just PM me and I'll liaise with him over a suitable time for both of us.
roger m 1 month ago
Thanks so much. That's great. I'll speak to them today. Have you an idea of how much they are new? We're going to see today if Rationel can supply just a frame and how much it would be. Talk soon.
mckenzr 1 month ago
@roger m if memory serves then maybe €4k or €5k. Builder supplied them so don't think we got breakdown of costs
roger m 1 month ago
Thanks! Rationel won't supply a frame by itself. When we get to speak to our builder we'll see if there is anything they could do without compromising the doors. BTW how old are they?
mckenzr 1 month ago
The doors are all wrapped up so can't see the date on the glass. The building work took place in 2016/2017
roger m 1 month ago
Really sorry but our builder cannot make that work so we can't buy your lovely patio doors. Rationel are amazing quality, so best of luck with the sale.
mckenzr 1 month ago
@roger m
mckenzr 1 month ago
@roger m Not to worry. Hope all goes well with your work.
roger m 1 month ago
Thank you so much and so sorry it didn't work out...
BernieGD 4 weeks ago
Measurements please
BernieGD 4 weeks ago
Is it still available
mckenzr 4 weeks ago
@BernieGD Apologies for delay, Bernie. Yes. Still available. Just re-measured doors to be sure and each one measures 86cm width and 206cm height

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