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Fender Precision Bass vintage 1968 with original Fender case

Fender Precision Bass vintage 1968 with original Fender case
Asking price: €5,500
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Fender Precision Bass vintage 1968 with original Fender case


For sale here is a 1968 Fender Precision bass with the original Fender hard-shell case. This bass was once owned by CF Turner (Fred), bassist with the Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive. For a 1972 St. Patrick's Day gig, Randy Bachman & Fred Turner both brought instruments into Attila's Guitar Shop on Granville St. in Vancouver and had them finished in Green, and at the same time Fred had Attila add the Jazz pickup to this bass. This is the bass that Fred owned brought into Attila's, and the Telecaster that Randy Bachman had has disappeared.
This bass has a huge sound, plays like butter and is hard to put down. I've used it on lots of recordings and it's every sound engineer's favourite. The Jazz pickup is accessed by pulling up on the volume knob.
The logo is broken on the case, but there's a Fender logo from the same time-period supplied with it in case you want to put it on.

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Comments & Offers
coolafancy 8 months ago
great to see old fender bass from 70/s
velledawolf 1 month ago
Do you have the serial number?
Vintage Guitars Ireland 1 month ago
@velledawolf: I do, if you're seriously interested in buying this make me an offer and I'll send it to you in a pm.
Gizmodo 3 weeks ago
Genuine question, why do you require a PM to view the serial number? What's the sense in that?
Vintage Guitars Ireland 3 weeks ago
@Gizmodo Several reasons really. Firstly, unless someone is genuinely interested in buying, there’s really no reason they should ask for it. Secondly, I have a friend who was selling a vintage guitar and left the serial number for all to see, and someone decided that it was stolen at some point and called police, causing a lot of grief in the process as the accusation was totally unfounded. At least, if I give the serial number to someone in a pm I know where it’s gone. Are you interested in buying this yourself? Or would you just like to have it for whatever reason? See what I mean? Would you give a stranger the chassis number of your cat? Of course not. Not to mention the online grief of an open discussion on my ad of the exact year of manufacture (Fender serial numbers of this period can be up the three years off - we have to look for other clues to get it as close as possible). Serial numbers to genuine buyers only, why would anybody else need it?
Hope that answers your question, kind regards, Robert.
velledawolf 3 weeks ago
The serial number was looked for to help verify its vintage, no other reason.
I have the money, and did have the interest. Anyone I've ever asked for further details on an item has not been secretive about it.
Although one guys genuine Rickenbacker turned out to be a Chinese import.
Good luck with the sale.
still syl 3 weeks ago
The serial number dates to 1970/71 according to someone I know who was in touch about this bass. It could be out by a few years but hardly by this much?
Vintage Guitars Ireland 3 weeks ago
@velledawolf I’m not secretive about it. Just private, and the serial number is available by pm to anyone who asks for it. Obviously you didn’t ask…..
Vintage Guitars Ireland 3 weeks ago
@still syl if you take the time to do your own research, lots of it, you can find all the reasons for inconsistencies. There are lots of inconsistencies, including years where the stamp on the underside of the neck is missing (disgruntled employees writing rude messages caused this to be to be discontinued for a while around 1968). Far better to do your own research rather than ask “someone who knows”, and take their word for it, unless that person really has done their research.

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