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Ise Magnetic Exercise Bike

Ise Magnetic Exercise Bike
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Dundrum, Dublin
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3 months ago
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Ise Magnetic Exercise Bike


Fully assembled. Bought during lockdown for rehab from an Achilles injury. Used max 6 times. Excellent condition.

SE Magnetic Exercise Bike ergometer information: After 4 months of research and testing by 5 volunteers of different sizes and weights, we finally made this exercise bike. The size of the exercise bike is 75 * 49 * 130cm, and the seat has a total of 8 position settings. The distance between the holes for each gear is 1 cm It is suitable for heights from 155 to 180 cm Unlike the general ergometer, the flywheel supports the 2-way ergometric movement.

Appearance Design: The ergometer is made of high-quality silver gray. The resistance adjustment button is located on the right side of the fitness bike so you can easily adjust the resistance while exercising. Our ergometer is a relatively large fitness bike so you will feel very comfortable while riding and it can also be used as a perfect fit in the living room because this ergometer looks very advanced.

Product Information: There are 8 resistance levels. The inertial resistance is about 10 kg, of which level 1-3 1-3 kg, level 4-6 4-6 kg, and level 7-8 7-10 kg. You can adjust the resistance to movement according to your needs. Regardless of whether you are doing sports fitness or rehabilitation, you can choose the level of resistance you want according to your needs, so this cycle ergometer supports people who use fitness and rehabilitation training.

Product advantages: The product has a scroll wheel so that you can easily see the position of the product on the display, large LCD display, distance, calories, heart rate, scan, speed, and time. It can be compact and heavy (29 kg). So you can have fun in the gym in a small space.

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Colin_hudson 5 months ago
What model is this bike? I cannot find any information about it online.
caxer 5 months ago
@Colin_hudson I just googled the name ISE and there are loads of different should have no problem finding it..I have uploaded photos here with full description of the bike. Also just posted a photo of the front page of the instruction manual there so you can see the make.
caxer 5 months ago
@Colin_hudson it's ISE magnetic excercise bike.
Colin_hudson 5 months ago
Thanks for this. It seems to be cheaper to purchase it new so I will leave unless you were willing to drop the price substantially?
caxer 5 months ago
@Colin_hudson I don't see this model any cheaper online than 279.99 myself? That's on Amazon and doesn't include delivery, also it's showing unavailable at the moment. Mine has been used about 5 times and it's fully assembled so saves alot of work for the purchaser.
MC077 5 months ago
Hiya Caxer - Accepting you have a non-negotiable status, I'll give you 200 if you're interested?
caxer 5 months ago
caxer 5 months ago
@MC077 Thanks for the offer but I've already reduced it so 250 is as low as I'm prepared to go.
MC077 4 months ago
This just friendly fire Caxer... You're not going to get quick sale, or any sale mehinks. I get you have a price you don't wanna go below, but lack of offers suggests nobody is applying the same value as yerself. If ya wz in the pup with your mates they'd be teasing that ya'll never move it
caxer 4 months ago
@MC077 I have it down as low as I'm prepared to go which is why I'm not taking an offers below the asking. I paid a good bit more than this and it's hardly used. Not desperate to sell so happy to wait
tforan 3 months ago
Would you except 200
caxer 3 months ago
@tforan no, sorry
tforan 3 months ago
Thanks for getting back reason for offer is they are 280 new. Wish you luck with your sale.
caxer 3 months ago sorry but the bike has already been reduced
derek316 2 months ago