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Rolleiflex SL35 camera and Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm lens

Rolleiflex SL35 camera and Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm lens
Asking price: €180 sold
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Christchurch, Dublin
6 months ago
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Rolleiflex SL35 camera and Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm lens


Further price drop for quick sale.

Optics are completely clear of fungus and aperture works smoothly with clearly defined stops. The focus ring is not working smoothy between 2.5metes to infinity however I am certain that a service to lubricate it should resolve this issue. This was not an issue after i had it serviced initially but showed up later after being in storage and out of use.

NOTE: It does not occur all the time while focusing i.e. when the camera is on its back or lens facing down.

Body itself is immaculately clean and comes with leather strap and leather body cover.

This Carl Zeiss Planar 1,4/50 HFT lens is manufactured in Germany and the body from Rollie's Singapore based factory. Since finding the issue with the lens I've decided to sell it as a going concern and drop the price accordingly. Anyone interested is welcome to inspect it.

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Payment: CashPaypal
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jubrux 11 months ago
Beautiful !
ericvk 11 months ago
@jubrux: Thanks. Also comes with pristine user manual.
cameo 10 months ago
Is it a good idea to have it on the Nikon section .I doubt the hft lens will mount to Nikon.Will it ?That would be nice.
ericvk 10 months ago
@cameoThe search browser may have brought you here because the word Nikon appears in the ad description.
Gadgit 10 months ago
It wont fit a Nikon, ridiculous price, you can buy these rolleiflex cameras on ebay for an average price of 150 dollars with the "high fidelity transfer" lens .. most of them were made in Singapore and if its HFT, its made by rollei, it will say that on the lens, I would be interested but its over priced.
Gadgit 10 months ago
sorry , I take back what I said about the lens but its still over priced.
ericvk 10 months ago
@Gadgit: The Singapore models got a bad rap in comparison to the equivalent German made model. The one I am selling is a Singapore model however it is in pristine condition and has no issues. This is in itself rare to find and plus I had them serviced. I am open to offers on this and as it states this is just an asking price. So if your not interested find yourself one elsewhere.
Gadgit 10 months ago
I have two in pristine condition with a 28mm, a 135mm Carl Zeiss and the 50mm which is a planar lens, im watching this add with interest, thank you for your reply ... anyway GLWS ...
x100 guy 9 months ago

This lens might be of interest to someone looking at this its sounds like a steal at that price, just make sure it fits your camera.
ericvk 9 months ago
@x100 guy: Cool. Thanks for the info. If I don't sell this kit in the next month or two I plan to service the lens again and relist the add. I'm pretty sure with lubrication it will be fixed. Cheers again for the link.
bulto 7 months ago
Hi,just wondered if you sold the bicycle...??
ericvk 7 months ago
@bulto: yes the bicycle is gone
bulto 7 months ago
Ok thank you.
teechot 7 months ago
is it sold? what are the issues with the lens?
ericvk 7 months ago
@teechot: it is not moving smoothly when held horizontally. When the lens points down to the ground - vertically - the issue is gone. If you are interested I can meet you in person and show you what I mean.
cameo 6 months ago
would you consider selling the lens on it's own ?
WheresMyCamera? 6 months ago
Hi there.

I know this is probably a much lower offer than you would like but, based on the stiff focusing ring and that’s it’s gonna cost me at least €60 to have that looked at.
ericvk 6 months ago
@WheresMyCamera?: 150 is the lowest I will go. Thanks for your interest.
WheresMyCamera? 6 months ago
Thanks Eric but I can’t go any higher given the work that needs to be done. Camera looks in great shape, it’s a shame about the stiff focusing ring. Good luck with the sale.
ericvk 6 months ago
@WheresMyCamera?: For a quick sale this weekend I will drop the price to 135. My last offer.
WheresMyCamera? 6 months ago
Totally appreciate the flexibility there Eric but I’m an occasional 35mm shooter, more MF than anything, so I’ll stand buy my previous offer. Thanks anyway and best of luck with the sale.
Donalmurph82 5 months ago
ericvk 5 months ago
@Donalmurph82: €130 OFFER ACCEPTED