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Yashica Mat 124g plus extras

Yashica Mat 124g plus extras
Asking price: €300withdrawn
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Dublin 1, Dublin
4 months ago
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Yashica Mat 124g plus extras


Yashica Instruction Booklet is included in addition to 8 x rolls of Ilford FP2 400
Capture all your special moments with this Yashica Mat-124g TLR film camera. It is a reliable piece of equipment that will be a valuable member of any photography lover's collection. Thanks to it's manual focus mode you can capture crisp and clear images of still and moving objects.
This twin lens reflex TLR medium format is in excellent condition with fully functioning light meter. Includes leather case for added protection, The 124g has a four-element, 80mm F3.5 taking lens, of the better "Yashinon" variety. Focusing is via a ground glass screen, with a 3x diopter loupe for critical focusing, as well as a sports finder. The focusing screen is used with the camera at waist-level. The sportsfinder, incorporated in the focusing hood, is operational by pushing the front cover backwards...
The 124g pressure plate slides between 12-exposure and 24-exposure settings. The 124g also features a coupled match-needle exposure meter.

Shipping: To be arranged
Payment: Cash
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Beeker40 11 months ago
@brylek7: I am happy to meet you and you will see camera in mint condition. It is a fabulous TLR and often compared to more expensive Mamiya models.I was asking €340 but I would be prepared to split the difference now and it can be agreed at €290.If you want to meet for a coffee in City Centre we can discuss final price then Thanks Ger.
siobhanisadouche 11 months ago
Can I ask why you're selling?
Beeker40 11 months ago
Certainly Siobhan, I have 2 Nikon digital cameras D80 and D200. Doing mostly digital work. I used to have a darkroom many years ago and thought that I might get back into film and decided to buy this Yashica TLR. However I have not got around to using it and would love to see somebody getting the benefit of this camera. I want to put money towards a new lens. Happy to meet in the City Centre where I work if you want to see it. Ger
danyboy78 9 months ago
Is it still for sale?
Beeker40 9 months ago
@danyboy78 HI yes it is still for sale. Based in City Centre so happy to meet if you want to examine it. Ger
danyboy78 9 months ago
Thanks for replying, I bought mamiya c 220 already
Beeker40 8 months ago
Still for sale.
Rodney Hennigan 8 months ago
Would you take €220? Have seen them go for 150-200 in excellent/mint condition on here
Beeker40 8 months ago
Hi Rodney,
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you as I was away.
The camera is in excellent condition and has detailed instruction book and the 8 rolls to get you started.. I am happy to meet you in City Centre and we can come to a compromise. Was looking for €340 but willing to show you this camera and we can discuss a price happy to both. PM me if interested. Ger
Lzmr 7 months ago
Hi, how much without any film ? I already have more than needed on this side^^
How are shutter, aperture and metering system working ?
Thanks :)
Beeker40 6 months ago
Hi Lzmr would sell for €250 without films shutter aperture and metering working fine. Happy to meet and you can examine as I am based in Dublin City Centre. Sorry for delay as I only saw message now.....Ger
Lzmr 6 months ago
Hi Ger, no bother. Offer so we can PM, and maybe you can send me pictures taken with it ?
Beeker40 6 months ago
Hi Lzmr I will try to take camera out next weekend and try to do a test roll. Ger
Lzmr 6 months ago
That's grand, thanks !
Beeker40 5 months ago
Hi Lzmr have the prints back and happy to meet to discuss camera. Ger
Lzmr 5 months ago
Hi Ger, that's grand. Can you accept my €1 offer so we can exchange email address ? I seldom go to Dublin, it would be perfect if I could have a look at the pictures before coming in ?
Beeker40 5 months ago
carmeloruzzo 5 months ago
Beeker40 5 months ago
Sorry too low..........
kuyadale 4 months ago
Hey there, just wondering if it’s cash only or if you’d be willing to trade for a Sony rx100? thanks :)
Beeker40 4 months ago
Sorry Cash Only and open to offers.
pota2929 1 month ago