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Juwel 180 Litre Aquarium

Juwel 180 Litre Aquarium
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Dundalk, Louth
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2 weeks ago
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Juwel 180 Litre Aquarium


Selling my Juwel 180 Litre Dark Wood Aquarium.

I have owed this aquarium from new, and have recently replaced the light unit.

This aquarium is fully cycled and ready for fish. You can add what you like.

What I am selling with the aquarium:

1) Aquarium
2) Cabinet
3) Fluval 206 Canister Filter
4) JBL 300 Watt Heater
5) All wood, live plants and Substrate
6) Breeding pair of Bristlenose Plecos + Breeding Cave
7) 8-10 Rabbit Snails (Also Breeding)
8) 3-5 spare lighting bulbs for the lighting unit
9) Aquarium background

I am NOT selling my rainbow fish (seen in the pictuires) with the tank, they are being rehoused in my new planted aquarium.

Any questions, please let me know.

Shipping: Collection
Payment: CashPaypal
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celticdar 2 months ago
Dimensions please
logik 2 months ago

Tank Size L X W X H: 101 X 41 X 50 cm (207 Litres)
Cabinet Size L X W X H: 101 X 41 X 73 cm
mczandremkt 2 months ago
Still available?
logik 2 months ago
@mczandremkt: yes this is still available.
mczandremkt 2 months ago
I actually don't want the live stock. Does it have any injury? What's the glasses situation? Any scratches?
logik 2 months ago
@mczandremkt: Hi, the tank is not damaged, there are no chips in the glass, the cabinet is not damaged and has all of the shelves. The tank is not leaking and the silicone is ok. There is a very small scratch on the bottom left side of the tank, but it is not noticeable. Please let me know if you are still interested before I accept your offer. Thanks very much.
mczandremkt 2 months ago
Can you send me photos of this particular issue? I don't want to waste your tim moving forward and rolling back later on.
logik 2 months ago
@mczandremkt: Yes, that is no problem at all. I am in work now so I will take a photo later and show you. It is a very light scratch about 7mm long. I never tried to remove or fix it. I will add a photo later today and let you know.
mczandremkt 2 months ago
Great. Thanks for your prompt reply. Have a great day
logik 2 months ago
@mczandremkt: Hi there, I have added 2 more pictures. One shows where on the tank the light scratch is and the second shows the scratch. I had to use the flash to try and get the scratch as it is so light you hardly see it. It is very light.
mczandremkt 2 months ago
Thank you very much for sharing the details. It's much appreciated.
mczandremkt 2 months ago
Can we agree on EUR300? I'm willing to take it. However as I mentioned I'm not in a position to take the live stock as well as the subtract. We can discuss via WhatsApp if you like.
logik 2 months ago
@mczandremkt: we can work something out no problem. Please note though I am not in a position to let it go right now. As mentioned in my advert, I am still cycling my new 400 litre tank but this wont be ready for another 3 weeks. If you are happy to wait, I am happy to hold the tank for you and we can sort the rest out.
mczandremkt 2 months ago
Hi. I'm happy to wait especially because my new apartment isn't ready as well.
logik 1 month ago
Still Available: Tank is for sale again, I have not heard back from the original buyer. It is ready for collection and is still up and running to keep the biological filter alive for the buyer.
odonnghaille 1 month ago
Any chance of getting 2 snails and some vegetation?
logik 1 month ago
@sam751: Hi Sam, you are interested? When would you be looking to collect the tank? Thanks,
logik 1 month ago
@odonnghaille: If the buyer of the tank does not want the snails/plants, you are welcome to them. I will keep you posted.
romarian 4 weeks ago
can you accept 150 ?
Wills123 4 weeks ago
Are the lights led?
logik 3 weeks ago
@romarian: Thank you for the offer. I cant accept 150.
logik 3 weeks ago
@Wills123: They are T5 lights.
sergeooooo 2 weeks ago
What you want to show on picture 5 ?
logik 2 weeks ago
@sergeooooo: Hi, I was just showing a tiny scratch. It is barely noticeable. Thanks.
Fiwo 2 weeks ago
logik 2 weeks ago
@Fiwo: Thanks very much for the offer. I cant let it go for 150.
Danielle25 1 week ago
logik 1 week ago
@Danielle25: €200 OFFER ACCEPTED
Hi, offer accepted.
Danielle25 1 week ago
Could i have the measurements of it please? Thanks
logik 1 week ago
@Danielle25: Tank Size L X W X H: 101 X 41 X 50 cm (207 Litres)
Cabinet Size L X W X H: 101 X 41 X 73 cm
Danielle25 1 week ago
Can i get your number to contact you