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Marine tank for sale

Marine tank for sale
Asking price: €1,200
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1 day ago
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Marine tank for sale


All corals sold. Selling rest of it. Fish and clam needs to go first. Then Rock and rest of it. Open to offers

Hi selling or breaking down my marine tank due to lack of time looking after it. 3.5 years old tank. all built by myself. Tank, Sump, pipe work

Tank 500 x 500 x 600h (mm)
Total volume around 200l
Bubblemagus curve 5 skimmer
Jebao return pump DCW-3000
3 jebao wavemakers
Jebao doser
UV light
Radion G5 Pro XR15


Large Hammers green and pink
Red Monti
Loads of GSP
Two types of birdsnests
Pink Stylo
few mushroom

Royal Gramma
Clown fish
Pistol shrimp paired with red banded goby
Pygmy red possum wrasse
Pepermint shrimp
Clean up crew: hermit crabs, naussarius snails, etc

Shipping: CollectionTo be arranged
Payment: Cash
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Comments & Offers
A4 1 month ago
How much for corals
makalas 1 month ago

Hey I would like not to frag it but if you want whole coral maybe pm me or text me i can accept your offer
A4 1 month ago
Thomasd1154 1 month ago
Joe_flood22 1 month ago
For PM
Daniel Doherty 2 weeks ago
Hey, if your interested in breaking this up, I’d be love to buy the possum wrasse and royal gramma, aswell as just a small bit of liverock if you have it. Thanks
makalas 2 weeks ago
@Daniel Doherty

Hey that would be fine but i feel corals need to go first otherwise I can't see how can i catch them
A4 2 weeks ago
How much for all corals?
Daniel Doherty 2 weeks ago
makalas 2 weeks ago
@Daniel Doherty: €1 OFFER ACCEPTED
jcanusa 1 week ago
Let me know if you are selling the light separately. Thanks
makalas 1 week ago
@jcanusa i will eventually when livestock goes
faragonque about a day ago
Hi, how much for the clam?
makalas about a day ago

100 eur

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