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New Aquario Blue Professional Co2 Set With Bottle 2-7l

New Aquario  Blue  Professional Co2 Set With Bottle 2-7l
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Blanchardstown, Dublin
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10 months ago
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New Aquario Blue Professional Co2 Set With Bottle 2-7l


Condition: New

Brand new, unused product.
Reducer CO2 Aquario BLUE Professional with solenoid valve
SET with 2L bottle (full) - €152
SET with 5L bottle (full) - €199
SET with 7L bottle (full) - €235
Please comment the bottle capacity when making an offer

General information
The BLUE Professional set is a complete CO2 system with a solenoid valve that is ready to use almost immediately after being removed from the box. The heart of the set is a compact reducer designed for aquariums, equipped with an integrated solenoid valve, metal bubble counter and precision valve

More information
Aquario Professional reducer is the highest quality product, especially created for the needs of aquariums. It is characterized by the unusual precision of CO2 dosing and the design using proven solutions in practice. The reducer has built-in: bubble counter, precision valve, non-return valve and solenoid valve, i.e. the most important elements of the CO2 set. Two clocks indicate the key CO2 system parameters: cylinder pressure and regulator working pressure. This makes it easy to predict the gas consumption in the cylinder and read the level of pressure reduction. The reducer is made of a metal alloy that meets the highest technical requirements, while guaranteeing high durability and reliability of its components. Thanks to this, the device ensures 100% tightness and high precision of gas dosage.

The solenoid valve connected to the timer / computer pH will automatically switch CO2 feeding on / off. The dosage set in this way ensures the safe level of CO2 in the water - mainly at night, when the plants do not take carbon and the pH itself drops.

Aquario Drop Checker (glass solid Co2 test) that we place in the aquarium, which constantly monitors the level of carbon dioxide in the water and indicates this by appropriate coloring.

Glass Nano CO2 diffuser made of high quality laboratory glass, with ceramic sintered. Thanks to the use of microporous sintered ceramic, it enables extremely efficient dissolution of carbon dioxide in aquarium water. Unlike diffusors on the market, diffusers spray gas with their entire surface, which translates into better dissolution of carbon dioxide in water and lower losses.

In the box you will also find a handy wrench with which you can easily tighten the CO2 cylinder reducer.

In the box with the set you will find:

Co2 reducer BLUE Aquario with solenoid valve
Co2 diffuser
Drop Checker
PU hose (3m)
Wrench to screw on the reducer
Installation and commissioning instructions PL, CZ, EN, DE, ES, RU

Shipping: CollectionPost/Courier
Payment: CashBank transfer
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Comments & Offers
xgtdec 10 months ago
Hi, does it come with full instructions? Would 2l do for 180 liter tank? Does it have Irish plug on solenoid?
lkuzmaa 10 months ago
@xgtdec: Includes instructions
is new and has a 10-year legalization in the EU
the plug is not Irish is included adapter included in the set
5l is a minimum of 180l tank
2l will end after about 2-3 months
xgtdec 10 months ago
Tanks for the Info, is the plug 2 pin European? Reason I ask is I’ve not a lot of room on socketstrip.
lkuzmaa 10 months ago
@xgtdec: 4x4cm
lungwai 7 months ago
I am looking for a 2l CO2 professional set.Does it come with the CO 2 diffuser,the Drop checker and the hose ?
lkuzmaa 7 months ago
@lungwai: Yes it is a full set
The composition of the set
In the box with the set you will find:

Co2 BLUE Aquario reducer with solenoid valve
Co2 diffuser
Drop Checker
Hose (3m)
Co2 cylinder
The key to screw the reducer
lungwai 7 months ago
Will you show me how to set up ?
lungwai 7 months ago
2l set
Debrush 1 month ago
Still available?
lkuzmaa 1 month ago
@Debrush: yes
Adam Kis 3 weeks ago
Hi , the bottle can be re-full again? Is this set can be ajusting over night?
Thank you
lkuzmaa 3 weeks ago
@Adam Kis: Sets are always sold with full bottles
if you want to fill it, text to me
I will give you the address where it can be filled.
Adam Kis 3 weeks ago
Perfect I have 240 l aquarium with fishes, sorry for question s but this will be my first Co2....
How manage that over night to do not kill my fish what is the ideal Co2 for my and 2l bottle will be for how long?
Thank you
lkuzmaa 3 weeks ago
@Adam Kis: make an offer 1€
because that's the only way I can text to you
private message
Adam Kis 3 weeks ago
lkuzmaa 3 weeks ago
Ajacied 1 week ago
Does it have End of Tank Dump protection?
lkuzmaa 1 week ago
@Ajacied: the description is already corrected
has a built-in non-return valve

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