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Used D-D Steriliser 39 Watts

Used D-D Steriliser 39 Watts
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Adamstown, Dublin
3 weeks ago
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Used D-D Steriliser 39 Watts


The use of type C ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) is the most effective way to sterilise water. No chemicals are involved and there is no risk of dangerous overdosing. Long process times are not required as sterilisation is instantaneous.

The highly concentrated UV-C. energy exerts a lethal effect on living organisms. It alters the genetic material (DNA) and inhibits their reproduction capability. The germicidal properties of UV-C radiation are therefore extremely beneficial in destroying bacteria, viruses, protozoa, algae, yeasts and mould spores.

Different types or pathogens or bacteria require different levels of radiation to either kill or to stop them from functioning and multiplying.

D-D U.V. sterilisers are designed to produce a radiation intensity of 33,000 microwatt's/sec/ which is sufficient to destroy most common pathogens in fresh and salt water aquariums however if required the intensity can be increased by decreasing the flow rate through the unit. 

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Comments & Offers
Undercover 6 months ago
@gregc1980 Hi sorry to reply late was on holiday, but your offer is too low
mercedes320 5 months ago
Hi what length is it?
Undercover 5 months ago
@mercedes320 Hi the Dimensions: 920mm x 100mm x 140mm
dnlbrh 1 month ago
what is the lamp? I mean I need to know only the wavelength like 250nm or 270nm, etc
Undercover 1 month ago
@dnlbrh Hi please you can come and view it yourself
dnlbrh 1 month ago
It is really strange and a bit rude. You want me to go to Adamstown just to read from the sticker that it is not what I'm looking for.
Undercover 1 month ago
@dnlbrh Sorry for that, That's not what you asked me to do, you said you need to know the length of the bulb if am right.
Undercover 1 month ago
@dnlbrh 39W Model

Wattage: 39 watts

Flow Rate: 2000 lts/hr

Dimensions: 920mm x 100mm x 140mm 

dnlbrh 1 month ago
The wavelength! not the any other length, the wavelength is the most important property of the UV lamp, it is telling you if this is UV-A, B or C. I'm looking for a UV-C type only withe the WAVELENGTH less then 270 nanometers - if you have less than 200 nm - it would be even perfect and then 100e makes sense for this steriliser.
Undercover 1 month ago
@dnlbrh Where will i get that?
dnlbrh 1 month ago
I'm sorry, I realized that you have no idea about it :) Your lamp is probably 254nm