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go karts
Asking price: €285
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Newbridge, Kildare
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1 month ago
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go karts


Condition: New

Selling fast!
Go Karts! Go Karts! Go Karts!


Heavy duty!
Swing axel for uneven ground
Pneumatic tyres!
Mud Guards with Reflectors!
Closed Chain Cover!
Second seat !

Available in both red and blue these go karts will provide endless fun! And due to the adjustable seat these will suit from the smallest to the tallest of the family, getting them all outside away from there TVs, Phones and IPads!

Secure yours before there gone
Limited stock

Shipping: To be arranged
Payment: To be arranged
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Comments & Offers
Sadie02 6 months ago
Are these as new?? How much for one with 2 seats??
leanne_mccarthy1 6 months ago
@Sadie02 hi Sadie yes there new in the box! Come standard with 2 seats!
decky16 6 months ago
Hi, could you tell me what age range they are for?
What weight can back seat take?
How much for delivery?
leanne_mccarthy1 6 months ago
@decky16 they range from about 8yrs upwards! The back seat weaight completely depends as I can sit on the back as long as there’s a heavier weight on the front! Delivery varies from €10 - €30 depending on where you are located
mags.sheeran 6 months ago
Are these only 8 year up
leanne_mccarthy1 6 months ago
@mags.sheeran completely depends on the child
Gracey2 6 months ago
Have you any 2 seaters go karts left & how much
leanne_mccarthy1 6 months ago
@Gracey2 I have both red and blue available! There €285
decky16 6 months ago
How much for delivery to Tullamore? Do you accept PayPal? Thanks
leanne_mccarthy1 6 months ago
@decky16 yes I accept pay pal and would be €50 as stock is now kept in Dundalk
leanne_mccarthy1 6 months ago
@decky16 I’ll leave delivery at €30 if you want to go ahead
leanne_mccarthy1 6 months ago
Still available:
[deleted] 5 months ago
Still Available?
leanne_mccarthy1 5 months ago
@The Happy Hemp Shop Ireland yes
[deleted] 5 months ago
What colours? and have you more than one
[deleted] 5 months ago
Sorry just saw price non negotiable. GLWS id give €150 for a few
leanne_mccarthy1 5 months ago
@The Happy Hemp Shop Ireland sorry can’t take any less for them
ManDave 4 weeks ago
Hi which colours have you left? and do you have any better pictures of the front spoiler? is delivery free
leanne_mccarthy1 4 weeks ago
@ManDave just uploaded some more pics. I have both red and blue available. Delivery depends on your location
ManDave 4 weeks ago
Thanks for quick reply. Is the blue the same? its for a boy. Im in carlow
ManDave 3 weeks ago
Free Delivery
ManDave 3 weeks ago
Shall i go elsewhere to purchase a go-kart?
leanne_mccarthy1 2 weeks ago
Still available:
ManDave 1 week ago
Any chance of getting the part for the go-kart that was missing? It has been over a week since i asked you for it and the child cant use the kart as the back wheel needs the spacer. Also there was a lot of rust and marks on the frame. I though these were new? I had to do a lot of cleaning up of rust on nuts and the steering shaft before putting it together.
leanne_mccarthy1 1 week ago
@ManDave I’ve sent the spacer. I will resend you another one! These are new karts! You can’t tell by the wheels and If you had a problem with it when I delivered it you should have said. I’ve sold so many of these and ive never ever had the problem of a spacer missing!
ManDave 1 week ago
Well it was when i was putting it together that i noticed the rust and paint so was too late then. I told you last wk about spacer not arriving and did send you a text yesterday about the missing part and you never responded so i posted here instead
leanne_mccarthy1 1 week ago
@ManDave yes and I told you I sent you a spacer. Told u it could take longer because it was posted from NI! It was a Brand new go kart you got delivered. Never had one complaint about them.
leanne_mccarthy1 1 week ago
@ManDave I will get you one posted again tomorrow! Have you tried using something to hold it in place so he Han get a go of it while your waiting?
ManDave 1 week ago
Yea ok. I have a few washers on it but they dont fit right. Hopefully i will get the spacer this time.

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