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Marshall DSL1

Marshall DSL1
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3 weeks ago
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Marshall DSL1


As new condition, including original box.

The Marshall DSL1 is a bona fide tube combo guitar amplifier from the legendary British amp company. Equipped with two channels, selectable with an included footswitch, this 1 watt amp is perfect for bedroom practice or recording. The 1 watt output is reduceable to 0.1 watt for quieter situations, without any loss in sound quality. Built in reverb completes the winning formula.

From bright shimmering clean tones to punchy aggressive gain, the DSL1 combo has the features to provide the sound that suits you. It has the features and Marshall tone that is expected from the DSL series but is compact and portable.


• With an emulated output and power reduction to 0.1w Marshall has specifically engineered the DSL1 for a great sound at low levels.

• Using the two footswitchable gain channels you can go from clean, classic tones to those with added distortion and extra bite.

• Create the music you want using the studio quality reverb, tone shift and FX loop.

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Comments & Offers
Macwin24 9 months ago
Still Available:
Macwin24 9 months ago
Still Available:
Badstermania 9 months ago
Can you deliver?
Macwin24 9 months ago
@Badstermania: Hi. Unfortunately, no I can't deliver. Thanks.
steelytube 7 months ago
Still available ?
Macwin24 7 months ago
@steelytube: Hi, thanks for the enquiry, yes still available.
steelytube 7 months ago
My apologies I see it’s 1 watt. I thought it was 5. I’ll pass
rodrigoireland 7 months ago
I'm trying to find out if it is good for acoustic our eletric guitar but I could not find such info online. Do you know, please?
Macwin24 7 months ago
@rodrigoireland: Hi Rodrigo, I bought it for an electric guitar. John Robson (on YouTube) used it for all his videos for a while. I also plugged in my acoustic and it works fine. Here'a an example online
bee77777 6 months ago
Hi there! Can I ask why you're selling it please?
Macwin24 6 months ago
@bee77777: Hey, thanks for the enquiry. It's simply because my cousin picked up a Marshall JVM410C for me in the UK recently. I have them both beside each other here and can only plug into one. So I'm letting the DSL1 go rather than start hoarding gear.
Duinshleibhe 5 months ago
Anything in mine of interest?
Macwin24 5 months ago
@Duinshleibhe: thanks for the interest but unfortunately nothing there for me.
calzonecombo 5 months ago
Anything in my ads?
Macwin24 5 months ago
@calzonecombo: hi thank you for the interest but unfortunately nothing there I need.
jobr77 5 months ago
Hello. Any interest in a trade from my ads? I’ve a Stratocaster in the Withdrawn list. Thanks.
bee77777 5 months ago
Hi, anything in my ads?
Macwin24 5 months ago
@jobr77: thanks for the interest but unfortunately nothing for me there.
Macwin24 5 months ago
@bee77777: thanks for the interest but I'd prefer a cash sale.
bee77777 5 months ago
No worries.... What year is the amp? Did you buy it new? Cheers!
Macwin24 5 months ago
@bee77777: hi, I got it new in August 2022.
bee77777 5 months ago
Thanks for the info mate!
Macwin24 5 months ago
@bee77777: no worries, cheers
Macwin24 3 months ago
@anto123473 thanks for the offer but no chance.
anto123473 3 months ago
No probs
calzonecombo 2 months ago
Still available?
Macwin24 2 months ago
@calzonecombo: Hi, yes still available.
Macwin24 2 months ago
@calzonecombo: thank you for the offer, if you can up your offer a bit we can do a deal.
calzonecombo 2 months ago
I'll leave it for now!
Macwin24 2 months ago
@calzonecombo: no problem, thanks again.
clinton36 3 days ago
Your playing sounds fantastic

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