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Nitrobolon Energizer 1100g - Orange

Nitrobolon Energizer 1100g - Orange
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Nitrobolon Energizer 1100g - Orange


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Foodstuff for particular nutritional use
intended to meet the expenditure of intense muscular effort, especially for sportsmen

NITROBOLON ENERGIZER is the newest generation multi-component stack of anabolic and energizing effect, designed to maximize strength and speed of muscle contractions, increase endurance and boost the body with energy to enhance workout performance. The product contains exceptionally high doses of components which make the muscles harder and more pumped up, ready to generate more energy and to perform a truly hard workout.
The unique and extremely effective formula of NITROBOLON ENERGIZER is based on components which synergetically support each other, i.e.:
• highly advanced creatine matrix, which shows a strong anabolic effect on the body.
• Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA), Inosine and the most bioavailable forms of Glutamine. These amino acids account for 95% of lean muscle mass, that is why they make quick regeneration of the body possible as early as during the training, and they also enable full recovery of the muscles;
• Boosters of gas hormone – nitric oxide (NO) which increases the supply of blood to the muscle tissue and the supply of oxigen and nutrients to the working muscles;
• energizing and psychoactive components which stimulate the body, increase adrenalin level and prepare the body to cope with maximum wokout load;
• vitamins and minerals improving fat and carbohydrate metabolism, which contributes to increased energy production during workout and to replenishing electrolytes which are indispensable in muscle contraction process, but are lost with sweat during workout;
• a special complex of slow absorption carbohydrates which make it possible to provide an even supply of all NITROBOLON ENERGIZER components to blood stream.
The product is not only designed for professional athletes who deal with strength sports such as bodybuilding or weight-lifting, but can also be successfully applied by speed&strength competitors in e.g. martial arts or light athletics. Thanks to its properties consisting in increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, NITROBOLON ENERGIZER is also recommended in long-term exertion e.g. in mountain biking and road cycling as an excellent ”fuel” for the hard-working muscles.

Caution! During workout muscle vascularisation may occur, which results in an improved outline of veins and increased circumference of the working muscles.
Recommended use:
On workout days: twice a day, 1 serving (28g) on each occasion.
Serving I – 30 minutes before workout
Serving II – directly after workout
On non-workout days:
Serving I (28g) 30 minutes before the first meal.
Take the product on an empty stomach.
Dissolve one dose (28g) of the product in 350 ml of water and drink directly after the serving is prepared.

For best results, you should additionally drink approx. 3 litres of liquid (preferably water) daily.

Avoid combining this product with other products containing proteins in one serving (minimum interval between servings is 30 minutes).

There is a practical scoop inside the package to precisely measure doses of the product (40 cc on the scoop scale equals 28g of Nitrobolon Energizer).

This product may be prone to lumping – it is natural process resulting from the hygroscopic properties of AAKG elements. It doesn’t affect the quality of the product in any way.

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Nitrobolon Energizer 1100g - Orange

Nitrobolon Energizer 1100g - Orange

€49.95 Buy Now
15 Available
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