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NitroBolon II Limited Edition powder 550g

NitroBolon II Limited Edition powder 550g
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NitroBolon II Limited Edition powder 550g


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NitroBolon II powder 550 g LIMITED EDITION
A proprietary powder formula that increases nitric oxide production

What is NitroBolon?
NitroBolon is a product based on a formula that increases nitric oxide (NO) production in the human body. The formula was patented in 1998 and awarded with the Nobel Prize in medicine.

How does NitroBolon work?
The ingredients in NitroBolon such as Diarginine Malate and Arginine Alpha Keto-Glurate are the precursors of nitric oxide (NO) production in a human body; the compound is responsible for the speed of communication between cells. Increasing nitric oxide production results in relaxation of blood vessel walls and preventing platelet aggregation, which leads to an increased rate and amount of blood flow in vessels and muscles. Consequently, a muscle cell is supplied with more oxygen and nutrients transported with blood. This contributes to the effect of significant tension and pumping of muscles, which can translates to significant muscle mass and strength gain.

Why is NitroBolon an unbeatable product?
A unique combination of the strongest acting arginine precursors (diarginine malate and arginine alpha keto-glutarate), which are the best at converting from arginine to nitric oxide (NO) are not the only secret of this product. The addition of Citruline Malate, which utilizes endotoxins thus making it possible to fully utilize the production of nitric oxide is another secret of the product. What are endotoxins? Endotoxins are toxic substances generated during an intense workout, such as lactic acid or ammonia, which poison the body and hinder nitric oxide production.

Remember! If you do not remove endotoxins form the system, the production of nitric oxide will be stopped. That is why products which only contain substances increasing NO production are not effective.

Another important function of citruline malate is intensifying the production of ATP (a molecule responsible for muscle contraction rate and strength), which is in significantly more demand when nitric oxide is being generated.

NitroBolon also contains the newest formula of creatine in the form of ester (creatine ethyl ester HCI), which offers 100% absorbency (better than regular creatine monohydrate). That is why it is enough to apply small doses of the compound in combination with nitric oxide to obtain amazing anabolic effects.

What can we achieve thanks to NitroBolon?
Nitric oxide increases both the efficiency of red muscle fibres, which contract at a large pace and force (they are the muscle fibres that work when you have a shot at a barbell press record) and white fibres responsible for endurance during long-term workout. How does it translate into results?

Using NitroBolon lets you exceed your workout limits, which otherwise would only be possible with the use of dangerous anabolic steroids. Muscles become more supple and pumped-up, ready to generate more energy and to work out really hard.

P.S.: When you look at your reflection in the mirror after a workout, you know what your pumped-up body looks like. If you want this effect to last for a number of days, use NitroBolon.

Is it safe to apply NitroBolon?
Our body naturally generates nitric oxide during workout. NitroBolon increases the production of the substance, which is completely safe for the body. 5 years of research and trials have not indicated any lasting adverse reactions of the body to increased nitric oxide production.

Is NitroBolon an anabolic steroid?
No, it is not!!! Steroids are synthetic prescription drugs which are only available from pharmacies. They act quickly, but they also cause a number of adverse reactions in the body. Although NitroBolon can be compared to anabolic steroids for its strong effects on muscle mass and strength gain, it belongs to the category of food products for particular nutritional purposes which are completely safe, as long as you follow the manufacturer's guidelines on recommended use.

When does NitroBolon start working?
The first effects can be observed as soon as after first 2-3 days of product application. It is then that the effect of considerable increase in muscle volume occurs during workout. Those who apply NitroBolon claim that it is difficult to complete the workout due to too intense muscle „pump-up”. Between day 5 and 8 NO concentration is at the maximum level, which is manifested by significant increase in strength accompanied by increased muscle circumference. Steady increase in strength lasts until the end of the NitroBolon cycle, and around day 14 it is accompanied by improvement in endurance. After 20 days muscles become hard and the effect of post-workout pump-up sustains for a number of days.

What dose of NitroBolon should you take to take maximum advantage of the product?
Tolerance to an increase in nitric oxide production can vary. Therefore it is difficult to determine what dose is to be taken. Insufficient NitroBolon intake may not offer the desired results, and a dose that is too big may cause short-term headaches and nausea. That is why we recommend you start with the smallest suggested dose, then observe the benefits you obtain from supplementation. Then increase the dose by one serving daily until you get maximum benefits with minimum side effects.

How can maximum advantage be taken of the strength of NitroBolon effects?
Due to intensified metabolism of the body caused by NitroBolon, the demand for liquids increases considerably. In order to fully utilize its effects, drink at least 4.5 litres of liquid daily.

Avoid combining NitroBolon in one serving with products containing proteins (the minimum interval between servings is 30 minutes).

How long can you take NitroBolon?
For best results use the product in a 6-weeks' cycle, after which an interval is recommended in taking the product. During the interval, which should ideally last for approximately 3 weeks, decrease workout intensity and load. Too strenuous exercises during the interval can contribute to a rapid deterioration of performance achieved earlier during NitroBolon application.

Which supplements can you combine NitroBolon for a lasting effect?
Remember that NitroBolon is a strong anabolic which stimulates the body to grow larger. It increased the rate of nutrient transport, which the body needs to obtain from an appropriately balanced diet, which should ideally be enhanced with:
Gainer type carbohydrate and protein products, e.g. Mass XXL or Magnum 5000
Protein products : NitroProgen, Perfect Whey Protein or 3D Protein, and
Amino acids: Anabolic BCAA System, BCAA POWDER, G-Force, Glutamine T6,
Amino Whey System or Amino 4500

Who should use NitroBolon?
Everyone needs NO, because it is used in a number of vital processes which help you achieve your top performance. It is body-builders, however, who should pay special attention to it, because intensified blood flow means that nutrients indispensable for quick regeneration and growth are delivered.

Recommended use:
On workout days:
Three times a day, 1 full scoop on each occasion.
Serving I – 30 minutes before the first meal
Serving II – 30 minutes before workout
Serving II – directly after workout

On non-workout days:
Twice a day, 1 full scoop on each occasion.
Serving I - 30 minutes before the first meal.
Serving II – 5 hours later, approx. 30 minutes before the first meal.

Flavours: Orange, Tropical

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NitroBolon II Limited Edition powder 550g

NitroBolon II Limited Edition powder 550g

€24.95 Buy Now
13 Available
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