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Marantz NR1501 Slimline AV Receive

Marantz NR1501 Slimline AV Receive
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Marantz NR1501 Slimline AV Receive


For Sale Marantz NR1501 Slimline AV Receiver

In great condition

The Marantz NR1501 Surround receiver has it where it counts. For example, the system will handle three composite and three component video inputs and upconvert those to its single HDMI output. This means that users with legacy equipment, such as older DVD players and set top boxes, can simply connect these up to the NR1501 and still get that output to their televisions with just a single HDMI cable. For those looking to wall mount a new flat panel display, or with remotely-located equipment, this is a wonderful feature. It also means that you won't have to switch inputs on your television when going from component video to HDMI. These days, convenience gets a lot of weight in home theater product decisions. The NR1501 doesn't scale incoming video, it merely transcodes it. What this means is that if you send a 480i signal in via component video, it will go out the HDMI output at 480i. This is actually a good thing, since we've seen lots of AV receivers do worse jobs at processing video than displays. If you have a great TV, let's let it do something!

In terms of audio the NR1501 has 5-way binding posts for all channels except the Surround Back channels which feature spring clips. With these clips you'll want to stick to using 18 gauge wire or higher (smaller) but we don't see this as particularly troublesome, especially given the space and cost savings. There are three S/PDIF inputs, a sufficient number given that there are four HDMI inputs which also support multi-channel audio (including the uncompressed Dolby TrueHD and dts-HD formats). If you still use analogue sources there are CD and Aux 2 stereo inputs in addition to the audio inputs available for all analogue inputs. The way Marantz handles its inputs is that they are all pretty much assignable, but by design there are fully analogue options for DVD, DSS and DVR and HDMI (without analogue audio options) is fully dedicated to Blu-ray and Game.

The receiver is quite attractive. It's not as tiny and "toy-like" as some of those infamous Class-D receivers that were (are?) popular for those looking to save space and heat. In the case of the Marantz NR1501 it really does seem like they truly are saving space without sacrificing too much. The receiver is a full 2-inches shorter than its elder brother, the SR5004, and an inch less in depth to boot. It maintains that nice rounded front edge that puts a lot of other mainstream AV receivers to shame – the products just looks a high end piece worthy of recognition. We popped open the hood of the NR1501 and found a full-size EI power transformer and a large heat sink that really defied our imaginations of what could fit into such a small container. In addition, all of the channels use dual push pull transistors instead of a chip amp (in fact, no current Marantz receivers use chip amps). Many manufacturers (like Yamaha, for example) are now saving costs by using chip-based amplifiers in their $600 and under receivers. Kudos

.The NR1501 supports Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus and dts-HD formats via HDMI. There are no dedicated 7.1 analogue inputs for legacy DVD-Audio and SACD players, so you won't want to necessarily use this receiver with legacy products that require those high resolution formats be transferred over anything other than HDMI. These days, however, if you're even moderately updated you should be able to grab most of what you need over HDMI audio. The space savings employed by Marantz to bring this receiver down to size make a lot of sense and if it meant giving up analogue audio inputs then I think it was the way to go.

Marantz NR1501 Listening Tests and Conclusion
We placed this receiver into Reference System 2 which uses the RBH Sound Signature SI-760/R speakers placed within a CinemaSITE system. These Signature Series speakers are extremely detailed and transparent and my listening has never been more enjoyable. As it is configured now, the system contains three SI-760/R speakers across the front, a pair of 66-SE dipole surround speakers and a pair of SI-1010P powered subwoofers. With the exception of the dipole surrounds, the Signature in-wall speakers reside within the CinemaSITE structure, which also supports the 92-inch Masquerade projector screen masking system from Carada. Video is shown through an Epson Pro Cinema 1080UB LCD projector and the source is a Lexicon BD-30 Blu-ray player without the external case and aluminum faceplate... oh, and with firmware loaded from the Oppo BDP-83. I am able, when not reviewing receivers, to utilize Audyssey's MultEQ Pro system to aid in smoothing out the bass response from the subwoofers in this room and have treated the room with absorption panels provided by RPG Diffusors. All audio electronics are conditioned and protected by an APC S15 system with additional SBATT. When the power goes out in Central Florida, this home theater can continue to play a movie all the way through the credits.

Listening Tests
Two-Channel Performance
I wanted to know how well the system drove my speakers without wondering how much could be attributed to DSP, so I disengaged M.R.A.C. and focused on listening to the soundstage, dynamics and frequency response of the selected two-channel tracks. While I listened to dozens of tracks over the review period, I spent considerable time documenting a couple of two-channel discs in particular.

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Comments & Offers
frankie2shoes 1 month ago
Hi! Does this amp support EARC?
jambo81 1 month ago
@frankie2shoes The NR1501 does multi channel audio over HDMI but it does not have an Audio return channel via HDMI (ie its HDMI 1.3 spec as opposed to HDMI 1.4 spec ) this means that if you want to use a single connection and get your TV sound through your receiver it wont be possible - however to do this your TV should also be a 1.4 model which most TV's still are not. Alternatively you can connect the NR1501 to the source for your TV (ie a Sky or STB Box) and then onto the TV or of course you can use an optical or Coax cable...
frankie2shoes 1 month ago
Thanks Jambo. My onkyo is the same. I use an optical cable for the sound. My TV is eARC compatible so am looking to upgrade the amp.
Many thanks for your reply. That's a nice neat little amp you're selling, just won't suit my set-up
Softdv 1 month ago
Hi there i have a dvd 4k dvd player i am not getting sound from it this might do the trick i am not sure if it will can i do a video and show you on WhatsApp if possible my number is thanks
jambo81 1 month ago
@Softdv no problem it should work fine yes

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