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In short, DoneDeal is one of Ireland's fastest growing web sites, and we need more great people to keep growing at this speed. There will be lots of learning, lots of growing, and lots of fun. We are Reinventing "Work" And here's how: Get out of Bed Factor: Fun and exciting place to work. Wake up Brain: Educational place to work with lots of opportunities to learn. Big, Big, Bigger: Encourage and support people to grow individually and as part of the company. Happy Endings: Focus on outcome and results. Bright Ideas: Inspiring work environment to encourage innovation. Smarty Pants: We only hire smart people so you can be sure it's a stimulating environment to work in. Expect Respect: Respecting colleagues is a must. We Deal with Real: "To whom it may concern" - that's just not us! All communication is kept informal, even to our clients. Cool Ideas: Got a cool idea, then share it at our "WIBCI" meeting once a month (That's our "Wouldn't it be cool if" meeting) Giving a Helping Hand: Donations to employees chosen charities. & On The Lighter Side of Culture.... Morning Meet: 10:30am everyday, everyone - Tea, coffee and a chat. Fun Days Out: Not for the faint hearted! One trip involved driving tanks - we love the adrenaline rush! Toys for Big Boys & Girls: Games nights are a favourite Music Fridays: A theme for music is chosen and everyone chooses two or three tracks within the theme - results can be interesting Just for Fun: We do it just because we can - “jersey (or favourite sports) t-shirt day”, “favourite band t-shirt day”, halloween dress up or anything else that springs to mind

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