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Creamware Minimax ASB - Polyphonic Minimoog

Creamware Minimax ASB - Polyphonic Minimoog
Asking price: €500
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Letterkenny, Donegal
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1 week ago
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Creamware Minimax ASB - Polyphonic Minimoog


Finally decided to let one of my favourite synths go.
Reluctant sale but need the funds for something else.
If you are looking for the a polyphonic sounding Minimoog this is your best option.
Nothing can come as close as this unit to the real Classic Minimoog.
And like mentioned above its Polyphonic also.
Might swap for another synth with keys, but depends what.
These units are very very rare to come around especially in this state, because its really like new.
No silly offers these units are just going up more and more in worth.
Is upgraded to latest firmware so its a massive polymoog.

Type: Synth/ module/
Synthesis Type: analog modeling
Max: 12
Typical in use: 6
Multi-timbral (number of parts): 1
Oscillators per Voice :
Min : 1
Max : 3
Controllers : none
Effects :
Number of FX units : 2
Number of different effects : 2
Drum Section :
Number of Drum Kits : 0
Number of Drum sounds : 0
Keyboard :
Number of Keys :
Can send on 1 simultaneous MIDI channels
Responds to :
Sounds can be split by :
Memory :
Patches : 256
Performances : 0
Inputs and Outputs :
Number of Audio Outs (excluding Phones) : 2
Number of Audio Ins : 2
Number of MIDI Outs (excluding Thru) : 1
Number of MIDI Ins : 1
Midi Over USB
Comments about the sounds :
Sweet Minimoog emulation. fat basses, ripping leads just like a real Minimoog. add 12 voice polyphony and chorus/flange-stereo delay and its a dream moog some true.

Shipping: CollectionPost/Courier
Payment: CashBank transfer
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Comments & Offers
KeyHanger 11 months ago
Need cash for a new synth so first come today can lift her for 600 !
manchild1974 11 months ago
Still available?
KeyHanger 11 months ago
@manchild1974 yes
manchild1974 11 months ago
Do you know what Operating System is on it ???
KeyHanger 11 months ago
@manchild1974 it’s updated to the
Latest !
So maximal voices and feedback distortion working
manchild1974 11 months ago
Are u ever over the Kildare/Dublin direction ?
KeyHanger 11 months ago
@manchild1974 no man sorry
KeyHanger 11 months ago
@manchild1974 still interested or ?
manchild1974 11 months ago
Definitely interested ... hard thing to buy without trying or hearing properly ...
KeyHanger 11 months ago
@manchild1974 Some great YouTube video’s on this unit
manchild1974 11 months ago
I had a look ... but none with polyphony etc
KeyHanger 11 months ago
@manchild1974 check out the Sonic Core forum iT has dedicated part for creamware
KeyHanger 11 months ago
Stil available
KeyHanger 10 months ago
Still available will consider swaps for another key synth !
Analogue King 8 months ago
Hi,is the moog still available?
lukawe 7 months ago
Hey I have analog 4 mk1, are u interested?
kalmy 3 weeks ago
Hi! Roland Integra 7???
KeyHanger 2 weeks ago
@kalmy no thanks looking for cash
kalmy 2 weeks ago
Ok. Thank you!!! I wish the best with the sale!!
Bren Sheeran 2 weeks ago
KH75 2 weeks ago
Hi would you trade for the x touch and extenders in my ads?
KeyHanger 2 weeks ago
@KH75 no but I would for the system one and tb and mpc
KH75 2 weeks ago
Hi thanks for your reply, unfortunatly I have just traded the System 1 its a pity because I would have done the deal , thanks again..
KeyHanger 2 weeks ago
Still available: !!
KeyHanger 2 weeks ago
@KH75 ok let’s do the deal for the behringer set!
KH75 2 weeks ago
Yeah I would do a straight trade for the synth..only problem now is finding when and where?
KeyHanger 2 weeks ago
@KH75 make offer so we can om
KeyHanger 2 weeks ago
@KH75 ??
KH75 2 weeks ago
KeyHanger 2 weeks ago
Still Available: still available!!!!
KeyHanger 6 days ago
Price drop !
Need gone
KeyHanger 2 days ago
Final price drop and if not sold before xmas for these little 500 euro I want for it I will put it back in its box and store it away for 15 years.
Analogger 1 day ago
Any use for a Tanzmaus?
Ripley. 1 day ago
Can the tanzmaus sample?
KeyHanger 1 day ago
No swaps please price is already crazy low

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