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Modular eurorack clearance

Modular eurorack clearance
Asking price: €50withdrawn
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Dalkey, Dublin
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1 month ago
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Modular eurorack clearance


I have decided to sell off my modular. Here's the bits I have for sale:

Orthogonal devices ER301 SOLD!
Intellijel shapeshifter SOLD!
Mutable Instruments elements (DIY, wooden!)
Make Noise maths v2 SOLD
Befaco joystick SOLD
Mutable Instruments ears SOLD
zvex instant lofi junky SOLD
synthrotek stereo out SOLD
ladik a012 vca SOLD
MDLR 6U Studio Powered black case, 114HP SOLD
ornament and crime SOLD!


4ms rcd PRICE DROP TO €110

dreadbox splash PRICE DROP TO €175 (boxed)

zvex fuzz factory PRICE DROP TO €225 (these cost over 360 new!)

All modules in PWO, very little rack rash if any. All come with power cables and screws.

I am looking for cash only

Shipping: Collection
Payment: Cash
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Nickdx1 2 months ago
Offer asking in the MDLR case.
Nickdx1 2 months ago
Offer asking for two items
MDLR case
Brown 2 months ago
Maths now on hold too
pneumatic 2 months ago
Offer 75 for Ears including shipping to Ennis
Brown 2 months ago
@pneumatic: Hi, thanks for the offer. Let me look into postage this week. If it's reasonable I'll cover postage, if you cover the paypal fees (or do a bank transfer if you prefer). Cheers.
Analogger 2 months ago
Is the case gone?
Brown 2 months ago
@Analogger: Yes, on hold. Aiming to do the deal this weekend.
Analogger 2 months ago
Cool thanks
pneumatic 1 month ago
Brown 1 month ago
Still Available:
divot 1 month ago
Asking for the case if it comes available again.. Thanks!
divot 1 month ago
Sorry I meant can you let me know if the case comes available again? Sorry I didn't type that amazingly well the first time!!
Analogger 1 month ago
Me first!
Brown 1 month ago
Case is due to be collected this evening. Feel free to make offers on the other modules though :)
divot 1 month ago
No probs, I'd better get a case before I buy any modules :) I'll presume its sold and if it falls through I'll politely take my place in the queue in an orderly fashion! Thanks :)
Brown 1 month ago
Case, maths and Befaco sold
Brown 1 month ago
Ears sold.
papercutnoise 1 month ago
Any interest in trading the Lo Fi Junky for a LAL Super Oscillo 88 fuzz plus a little cash? Great Japanese fuzz with multiple feedback and eq switches.
Brown 1 month ago
@papercutnoise: Sorry, not for me
bINNIe23 1 month ago
would you consider part trade for MINT O'Tool+ ? Im considering taking lo-fi + shapeshifter from yas if price is right and *especially if you would take O'Tool off me :-)
bINNIe23 1 month ago
or maybe even filter for filter? i.e. Sisters for lo-fi?
Brown 1 month ago
@bINNIe23 as per ad description I am selling off my modular and have no use for eurorack any longer
bINNIe23 1 month ago
ah sh*t sorry, i was too busy 'lookin' at the mods!
Brown 1 month ago
@bINNIe23 We're all guilty of a little bit of that!
Brown 1 month ago
Price DROPS all round :o
bINNIe23 1 month ago
Can you do any better on the shapeshifter? I know this might sound like, i dunno,,,typical,,,but 425e is short 25 quid for a Rainmaker! (which is currently up for sale on FB modular group). And there's a Shapeshifter going for 350e (on Modulargrid). Obviously buying from ye would make things alot easier as we are both in Ireland. Anyways, just thought id chance my arm ....
Brown 1 month ago
@bINNIe23 I might consider 400 if you cover postage and PayPal fees
Brown 1 month ago
Synthrotek and Ladik sold.
shellac85 1 month ago
Ableton push 2 plus cash for the er 301?
Brown 1 month ago
@shellac85 sorry, already have a push 2
Brown 1 month ago
More price drops on most items
Brown 1 month ago
Final price drop on Er301 before it goes to evilbay next week

Would accept eventide h9 max as trade
Brown 1 month ago
Zxev lofi junky sold, gone to a good home!
Brown 1 month ago
ER301 sold.
Brown 1 month ago
Would consider following possible trades:

an ipad 2017 (5th gen)

small mixer (with aux)

eventide h9 core
Brown 1 month ago
No longer looking for trades

Just good old cash please, so make an offer!
Brown 1 month ago
Prices dropped again
Brown 1 month ago
Shapeshifter sold :)
D_R_G_7 1 month ago
Any interest in a trade for a Mutant BD ?
Brown 1 month ago
@D_R_G_7 thanks but I am selling off my modular gear so cash only.
human.strobe 4 weeks ago
Is the RCD v1 or v2?
Brown 4 weeks ago
@human.strobe: v2
Brown 3 weeks ago
MI Elements sold.

Only a few items left.
Brown 2 weeks ago
O&C sold.

Last 3 modules left for sale
fauna 2 weeks ago
er 301 gone ?
Brown 2 weeks ago
@fauna sold